Author's Note: And here we go with the epilogue. I know it's kinda short, but to make up for that, I can tell you that the next fic about our favourite duo is already written and I will start posting it here soon. Until then, I hope you enjoyed this story! :)

The bright sunshine was the first thing which registered in Haruka's tired mind, and she nearly cursed – before she realized that she laid fully naked in Michiru's bed, the aqua haired girl in her arms, just as naked, still slumbering soundly, obviously more tired out from the activities of the previous afternoon and night than Haruka was.

Smiling to herself, the blonde thought of those activities, the area between her legs tingling at the mere memory; it still astounded her how much stamina Michiru and she had shown – and how quickly they had figured out what the other one liked, how they had to touch each other to keep up and even increase their arousal.

What stunned her even more though was how much she loved the aqua haired girl, a feeling she felt each time she merely looked at her; and the lovemaking of the previous day and night only had increased those feelings, giving them an intensity she never had experienced before in her life.

Way to go, Haruka, she thought to herself, rolling her eyes, all your life, you preferred one night stands with no meaning and no obligations, and now, with the first real relationship you have, you're in head over heels.

For a second, she wondered what would happen to her, should Michiru change her mind and break up with her; then, she forcefully pushed those thoughts aside, telling herself that surely, the aqua haired girl would do no such thing – after all, they were destined to fight together, and it almost seemed to her as if the same fate which had chosen them as Sailor Senshi also had decided that they were supposed to be together.

Briefly, she wasn't sure what to think of this, if she liked the thought that she had a destined partner in this life and had been found by her, or if she despised the idea that her life had been so pre-programmed without her knowledge; and then, Michiru stirred in her embrace and opened her eyes, and the moment her gaze met the violinist's, all those thoughts were forgotten, the love she felt for the smaller woman suddenly so strong that it nearly choked her.

"Good morning", she somehow managed to say anyway, and immediately, Michiru smiled, lighting up Haruka's world with her smile; she sleepily returned the words, then craned her neck to kiss the blonde, a tender and slow kiss, showing how much deeper their connection went after the previous night.

"Slept well?" Michiru wanted to know after the kiss, lazily drawing invisible circles on the blonde's stomach as she spoke; nodding, Haruka smirked, her moment of mushiness forgotten as she replied with the exact words the violinist had been expecting. "How could I not have, after what we did all night?"

"I'm glad to hear that", the smaller woman giggled, "because I slept just as well, for the same reasons. That was an amazing night…"

At once, Haruka nodded, for once not having a smartass comment; the two smiled at each other for another moment, then Michiru asked her partner if she was up for breakfast already, earning yet another nod in response.

Together, the couple got out of bed and got dressed, then made their way into the kitchen; there, Haruka started the coffee machine, explaining that she needed her morning portion of the "life elixir", as she referred to it, making the violinist giggle with her words, the sound warming the blonde's heart, while Michiru raided the fridge for things they could eat for breakfast, soon having a nice selection of food on the table.

"So", Haruka smirked the moment the aqua haired girl had put the last item down, moving up to her and hugging her from behind, "now that we've had our first time in your bed, is the table still off limits?"

"As long as there's food on it, yes", Michiru told her, turning in her embrace so she could look up at her, giggling when she saw the overly theatrical sad face Haruka was making; she shook her head, then pulled the taller woman down for another tender kiss, a small sigh escaping her when it deepened, the racer caressing her back tenderly through the t-shirt she had pulled on after getting up.

"I love you", the blonde breathed after they had pulled apart once more, then her eyes went wide, as if she was surprised at her own words; before she could say anything else though, maybe try to weaken the wonderful declaration she just had made, Michiru quickly reached up and placed one finger on her lips, her eyes sparkling when she replied. "Don't you dare say anything else now. And I love you too."

For a few more seconds, Haruka just kept staring, her mind still reeling at those three small words she just had blurted out – before she finally recovered and smiled, then pulled the aqua haired girl close for yet another kiss, suddenly sure that she had found the one who'd been meant for her and that she'd done the right thing when she had accepted her duty all those weeks ago.