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It was funny how quickly things came together. Quite honestly, Peter hadn't been thinking about it until he woke up. He did think it was strange when the FBI agent vaporized and he didn't, but he was more focused on making that computer work.

And even after he woke up, it took him a minute to piece things together. At first he was just happy to see Olivia, but then he realized that he wasn't dead.

And the surge of hate that ran through him when he asked Walter and his expression just confirmed everything…that was big. He wanted to scream and throw things, but the doctors would probably just sedate him and blame his outburst on PTSD.

Hot, pure and unfiltered rage wouldn't work.

So he went for the cold approach. Distant look, eye contact, slight sneer and hard words, that was the way to go. Peter had mastered all the forms of anger a few years before, but never had he felt quite like he did in that moment.

Can you imagine learning your entire life was a lie? That your parents, while almost exact copies of your real parents, weren't actually related to you? That maybe, just maybe your entire life would have worked out the right way if your fake father hadn't interfered?

Peter certainly couldn't have. But then everything happened, everything just came rushing into place far too suddenly. He didn't have time to prepare, and he wasn't about to let Walter explain.

One of the best tricks of cold anger: The 'I'd like to be alone now'. When it's hot and unfiltered, you just yell 'Get out', but with cold you just make your tone distant and rather dangerous. You have to let the anger show without making it obvious. Peter had practiced it so many times but never really had the opportunity to use it before.

When Walter left, he took the time to think about everything. Maybe in the alternate universe, Walter never went to St. Claire's. Maybe Peter would have actually been successful instead of being a criminal. Maybe his mother was still alive, not having felt guilt every time she looked at her son.

Maybe Peter Bishop would have had a perfect life.

Maybe if his other father had never taken him…

So many possibilities.

But he had to leave. He couldn't look at Walter anymore, at least not for a good long time. He didn't really want to leave Olivia, but there was a good chance she was in on it too, that she hadn't told him. Maybe that's why she was being so awkward.

Hell, Astrid probably knew if Olivia did. It wasn't far out of the realm of possibility that Gene knew, too.

And yet none of them told him a thing. No one gave him a heads up, no one said 'oh, Peter, by the way, you're from the alternate universe'. No one even said 'your world is going to be completely shattered in a few days'.

He couldn't take all of that at once.

He needed to sleep. He would leave in the morning, never saying goodbye to anyone. That was the way to leave, another thing he'd learned over the years. Goodbyes make people want to stop you. No, he wanted to go uninterrupted.

He didn't know where, but that didn't really matter. Preferably somewhere where the name 'Peter Bishop' held no meaning at all.

That took out Iraq and most of the US.

He would figure it out. He always figured things out. That was his nature, right? Just…picking up the pieces of whatever life changing event had just happened.

That was what he'd always done, and this…this wasn't going to stop him.

He would just carry on with his life until he could find a way home.

His real home was definitely his ultimate destination.

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