Aurelia's Point of View:

Kick. Strike. Jump. Avoid fist. Throw my own punch. Knock him down. He's out.

I finished the match quickly and precisely not wasting any time with him. As I stood above the sweaty and bleeding boy on the ground I call out to the people who have gathered in a circle around us, "Whose next?" They back up. "Figured so." A smirk that my Aunt Isabelle says is exactly like my father's finds its way onto my face as I move through the crowd who parts for me like the Red Sea.

Fighting commences in the center of the room as I move to the outskirts. Mistake on my part really. I feel the hand clamp onto my shoulder and I automatically know whose it is. Dad's.

"A nice display, young lady." He seemed relaxed, calm even. I knew though just with one look at him that once we were out of this room and in our apartment on the top floor he would flip.

"Thanks. I thought it was pretty amazing myself." I quipped lightly.

His hand still hadn't left my shoulder as he began leading me from the room. Not good. At least no one noticed since all of the other Shadow Hunter children were wrapped up in the next fight, which was quite poorly fought in my opinion. I attempted to shrug his hand off but in vain. "Dad, let go." He said nothing. More pissy than usual I take it. Lovely.

He didn't speak until we were alone in our apartment. Well, really it's just the top floor of the Institution but since he and the Lightwood's still run it we scored a floor of our own. Once the final tone of a slamming door filled the empty abode he rounded on me. "Aurelia Lightwood!" As if shouting my name explained all my wrongdoings of the day.

"Yes, daddy?" My tone sugary sweet and fake as can be. He hated that.

"I told you no fighting! No hunting! I told you not to go anywhere near that training room, little girl, and this is what I get? You fighting one boy then daring the rest to try?"

"Well it was a damn good fight, just thought someone else might want a challenge." I came off as blasé even though inside I was quietly shaking and berating myself for not obeying.

He just glared at me, the same gold eyes that I inherited burning with anger. "Aurelia Ariel Lightwood you will never set foot in that training room again. You will never attempt to hunt, train, or fight again. So help me if I have to put locking ruins on our bedroom door and deliver food through a slit in the wall I will."

It was moments like this when I hated him. I wanted to round off and punch him, fight like all of my training taught me to, but I knew I couldn't. Besides I would never win, that was the fact that stopped me more than him being my father really. "I hate you." It came out quietly and before I could even register it. "I hate you." He almost moved back in shock but he stopped himself and came off with something like 'that may be but you still have to follow such and such rule'. I didn't even listen, just stumbled down the hallway to my room. I regretted those words more with every step I took. I wanted to run back to him. Hug him. Apologize; tell him I loved him because I do.

Jace's Point of View:

She didn't even look back when she left the room. She's too much like me. Clary would have been fiery mad for minutes before relaxing. Acted like me but was a young replica of Clary. Flame red curly hair that hung in a mess all the way to her mid back. Pale skin that was covered in freckles that she complained about constantly while begging me to let her wear concealer (never going to happen). And then there was her tiny stature that made her look as fragile as could be even though I know she isn't. That was why I didn't want her hunting or even fighting the other kids that hung around the Institution. She's my last piece of Clary. My beautiful Clary who was killed in a hunt that she insisted going on and wouldn't let me go since someone needed to watch baby Aurelia.

I decided to calm down before trying to talk to her. I knew once I was calm if I added a good hour or so onto that then so would my Aurelia. I knew at fourteen she carried even more of a temper than I did. Clary would have loved her.

Aurelia's Point of View:

I worked quickly. I pulled a rucksack from the top shelf of my closet all the while shoving clothes and various other necessities into it. The last object to go in was my mother's stele. Still in its box that I had found it in, in the back corner of the hall closet. Something my dad had obviously thought was too painful of a reminder of her.

Lastly I pulled on the all black shadow hunter gear that I scored from Aunt Isabelle's old room. It was baggy and a little long but it would serve its purpose.

I walked to the window. I'm a good four stories from the ground, but there's a tree next to my window and I inherited my father's agility, thankfully. I opened the window slowly in case of any creaks. Sitting on the window sill I looked back towards the door and muttered, "Love you, daddy. I'll be fine and I'll be back soon." Hopefully, I added on silently before swinging out onto the nearest limb and climbing down with only the grace my father and I have mastered.

One last glance at the window before running off into the shadows of the night. I will hunt. I will be a fighter and a Shadowhunter. I will make my dad proud, because even though he's too scared of me getting hurt I like to believe that if I could just hunt once successfully then he would know I'm not fragile. He would be proud to call me his daughter even though I'm the reason he couldn't be there to protect mom. I just hope I can get through this to tell him and after the anger simmers off, to see the pride in his eyes.

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