"No one can stop me now," said Popoie, excited about his newly gained powers. He marched proudly out of Undine's chamber in search of a fresh victim.

Espying three Ifffish in the mouth of the cave, he summons Undine.

"Acid Storm all," shouted Popoie.

Acid rained down from the ceiling of the cave and slightly damaged the fish.

"Ooh," said Randi and Purim.

Popoie summoned her again, "Freeze all!"

Small ice boulders pummeled the Iffish three, splashing up some water in the process.

"Aah," said Randi and Purim.

"Energy Absorb one!"

The life was drained from the Iffish and added to that of Popoie. The Iffish then burst into droplets of water and joined the puddle of the cave.

"One down, two to go," said Purim.

"Undine, how about some more of that Acid Storm," asked Popoie.

Undine shook her head and said, "Not enough Mana."

One of the two remaining Iffish bounced over and bit Popoie.

"No one, except a dying fish," said Randi.

Popoie fumed.