Title: Power Struggle
Rating: M
Pairing: Shizaya
Warnings: MalexMale Relationships, Smut, Abuse, Bondage

Prompt from DRRR! Kink Meme: So... this might be cliche but it's always a good example to use. I request something like the house fight/sex scene from Mr. and Mrs. Smith. A lot of fighting, a lot of aggressive groping, making out, etc., etc., anything that leads to hot, kinky smut.

Rays of light filtered through opaque curtains to leave a soft glow on the bed where two bodies laid. The blonde had the raven haired mans back pressed against his chest and his one arm underneath the smaller man and the other arm draped over the body in a gently, yet protective manor. Shizuo and Izaya's fingers were loosely laced together as the bigger hand laid on top of the informants. The two was pressed so tightly together, their bodies almost looked like one being entirely. Soft sounds of breathing was the only sound that was heard through the room as both the males slept peacefully. The peaceful and romantic image was the complete opposite of the events that occurred to get the two strongest men in Ikebukuro in bed together.

The illumination of the light caused the famous informant brokers eyes to slowly drift open. He blinked a few times to get his eyes to focus. The red orbs flickered down to his and the former bartenders hands. The corner of the raven's mouth started to pull back as he stared at the entwined appendages. He flipped his hand over so that his and Shizuo's palms were pressed together and fingers were tightly knit. His smile grew wider as he took in the sight. Their hands fit so perfectly, like that was where they belonged.

Izaya pulled his hand out from under the blondes and turned around in his grasp so that the two of them were facing each other. The informant found himself staring at the sleeping brute. He loved being able to watch Shizuo sleep, especially as of lately since the two of them argued frequently. Izaya brought his hand up to caress the bodyguards cheek softly before pressing his lips against the sleeping mans.

"Shizu-chan." He said softly, trying to wake the man of his sleep. Shizuo's eyes tightened together but didn't open. Izaya kissed him again on the lips before moving his lips to the blonde's ear. "Shizu-chan, its time to wake up." Eyelids slowly drift open to reveal caramel colored eyes. Caramel met garnet before a small made its way on Shizuo's face. He tightened his grasp around the informant and pulled their bodies even close. Their lips were pressed together in a gentle, loving manor.

"Morning flea." The bodyguard said before allowing his eyes to drift closed once again.

"Ne, ne…Is Shizu-chan going back to sleep?" The informant teased while poking the blonde's cheek.

"Maybe…" Izaya frowned and leaned forward to press his lips against Shizuo's in a more demanding manor. He flicked his tongue out and licked the sleepy mans lips. Entrance was granted as caramel eyes opened again to pull the informant more into him. Their tongues met and a battle began. Izaya twisted his wet muscle to try and escape from the one that was attempting to pin him. He finally gave in and let the blonde take control for a moment before pulling their lips apart.

"I have to get up." Izaya said smiling while brushing his lips against Shizuo's tauntingly. The former bartender frowned and let out a groan before letting go of the small body.

"Fine…" He said reluctantly. Izaya kissed Shizuo quickly before jumping out of bed and slipping on some a pair of boxers. He opened his bedroom door and walked out towards his kitchen to put on a pot of coffee. Items were scattered about and knocked over as he moved through the house. Blood stains ran across the walls, but he knew this wasn't the worst of the rooms. Stepping into the kitchen, the raven pulled out his can off coffee and place it in the clean filter. He closed the top and filled up a cup of water to pour it into the back of the machine. The coffee maker flickered to life and started to make crackling sounds as drops of bitter brown liquid started to fill a pot.

After he saw the coffee starting to brew, he made his way towards his living room. It looked like something right out of a horror film; books were lying around partially opened, streaks of blood run down walls, indentations and holes were also in the wall, the couch was up right but crooked, glass was all over the floor from the shattered coffee table and lamp.

"Namie is going to have one hell of a day~" The informant said to himself, chuckling at his own humor. His intentions were to clean up the mess himself before his secretary come to work, but after seeing how big the mess really was…Well, he paid her right? Looking down, his eyes fell on the picture frame that he smashed against the blonde to get him off. He kneeled down and gently grabbed the frame, shards of glass falling as it moved. The frame had blood on it and parts of the picture inside were ruined, but that didn't matter to Izaya. He knew exactly what the picture was. It was a photo taken when Shizuo and Izaya had first become a couple.

They had went to an amusement park and a worker stopped them on their way in asking to take their picture. Shizuo didn't want to bother with it, but Izaya insisted. The informant had a thing for pictures and jumped at the opportunity immediately. The informant had has arm wrapped around Shizuo's neck, while the taller had his hands placed on the raven's waist. Izaya had his chest pressed up against Shizuo's arm and smiled brightly at the camera while the body guard smiled but his eyes were downcast to look at the smaller man. The photo was a close up shot. The backdrop of the image was roller coasters and brightly colored shops, the whole lighting of the photo was very bright and vibrant. Overall, it was a very upbeat and beautiful shot.

They were truly happy at that time. Not saying that they weren't happy now, actually…Izaya wasn't sure what he felt about their relationship. He truly loved the blonde, but lately he kept accusing him of cheating due to random text messages the blonde had been receiving. The informant may be a snake and lie frequently in order to get his way, but he would never cheat nor lie about something so deep and personal. Tenderly running his finger tips across the torn and battered image, the dark haired man bit his lip as he felt emotions stir inside of him. He pressed his back up against the wall and stared at the picture.

"We've changed so much Shizu-chan…"

"You talking to yourself flea?" The informant turned his head to see his blonde boyfriend walking towards him while stretching…completely nude. Izaya watched as the naked man walked towards him, captivated by the sight.

"Do you have any decency to put on clothes?" The blonde shrugged.

"Why should I?" He questioned, now hovering over the informant. Izaya rolled his eyes and Shizuo plopped down next to the sitting male to look at what he was holding. "Seems so long ago that we first got together…"

"Yeah…" They fell into quiet as both of them were debating to ignore the fight they had last night or talk about it. Shizuo decided to break the silence.

"Tell me their not true Izaya…" He mumbled under his breath. Izaya looked at the ground before responding.

"I already told you their not Shizu-chan, why don't you believe me?" The blonde shifted into a more comfortable position.

"You haven't really been the most honest person Izaya." He replied before looking over to the other. "It's just…my emotions get the best of me sometimes, you know? I can't stand the thought of you in the arms of another man." He said sincerely.

"Don't worry, alright?" The informant said, turning to look at the naked man. "I will never do that to you…" He said and the naked man smiled at his response. Izaya put the picture down and leaned forward to place kiss on his lover's lips. Shizuo chuckled and grabbed Izaya by the back of the head and started to pull him in for a kiss, only to stop when the sound of books and documents falling meet his ears. Both men turned to see Izaya's secretary standing in the room, with books and documents laying at her feet and a shocked expression. A smirk spread across Izaya's face as he drank in Namie's shock.

"Namie-san! Your early~" Namie looked over to the informant and Shizuo and blushed at the sight of them. The smirk on Izaya's face grew more. "I know I'm sexy and all, but the expression on your face is so ugly~" He said playfully. The secretary glared at him and crossed her arms.

"I'm not cleaning this." She said sternly while turning sharply on her heel to head into the kitchen.

"Paycheck Namie, paycheck!" Shizuo got up and started to walk towards Izaya's bedroom. He passed by Namie, in all his naked glory, on the way to the room; not caring that the woman just saw his birthday suit. The secretary couldn't believe that the body guard felt no shame in walking around in the nude, but found herself looking over his body in curiosity.

"Keep your eyes to yourself." Izaya said while standing up and walking over to the secretary. His eyes drifted to the toned ass of his lover as he went into the informants room and closed the door. "He's mine~"

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