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AN: Just a little oneshot in where the Careers are showing who belongs to who. Is a lot better than it sounds. :)

Cato grabbed Clove and pushed her against a tree and kissed her roughly,a smirk on his lips. Clove looked from Glimmer to Cato,then slid a finger across her neck as her gaze lingered on Glimmer,as if to say,"You touch him,you're dead." Cato smirked and put his arm around Clove and whispered,"Atta girl." She giggled and glared coldly at Glimmer.

You could tell Glimmer was jealous,and she grabbed Marvel and pulled him up against her lips. Glimmer was surprised when a thought arose in her head as she and Marvel were kissing,which was,"He's actually a good kisser." Marvel smirked and mouthed,"Can you do better than that,pretty boy?" to Cato.

Cato rolled his eyes and mouthed,"You bet." And he pulled Clove hard against him,their lips crashing together,and she knotted her hands in his blonde hair. Clove smirked and when they had finished,Cato smirked too. The District 2's both knew good and well that this wasn't acting,unlike Glimmer and Marvel's.

Marvel seemed to have backed off,but Glimmer wouldn't seem to back off with her competition with Clove. Clove calmly said,"Give up yet?" Glimmer sighed and nodded.

Clove smirked,"Now...for the grand finale." Clove pushed her body against Cato's and wrapped her legs around his waist,then she grabbed a knife out of her jacket and threw, her knife whizzing past Glimmer's face. Glimmer was startled and Clove untangled herself from Cato,saying,"See if you can kiss with your lips on the ground." Then,the two from District 2 just started laughing their heads off.

Glimmer was now convinvced that the pair from two were off the deep end. And who knows,maybe they were.

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