My first collab story!

I'm not used to writing semi-original stories with real characters, but I'm sure that PattyBHana will be able to help out just a bit.



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"Dude," the blond mumbled to the brunette sitting on the bed, sketching something on a simple sheet of paper. "I don't like—no, I hate this uniform."

The other grunted in response. She was already dressed, ready even though she knew that they were obviously about an hour early. Just leave it to an older sister to wake up so early when you're not even adjusted properly to a new time zone all because she wants to try on the school uniform. "Am, most Japanese schools have uniforms. It's not whether a transfer student likes them or not; it's just necessary."

Amelia twirled around and stared deep into her sister's emerald eyes that matched her own. The only trait they shared. Last names were different. Hair color was different. Were they really twins? They were half-Japanese, half-American, spoke very fluent Japanese.

Despite the looks and personality, Amelia Hanatsu was older, taking her father's last name after he and his wife died a few winters ago. Her platinum dyed blond hair reached her shoulders, and her bangs usually covered her entire face, but she usually liked splitting them in the middle. Her green eyes were innocent and playful, capable of showing any and all emotion without a single problem. Ever since a young age, she adored singing and acting in front of crowds, despite her raging selective mutism that only seemed to get worse as the years went on by. Gym was her strong point; her muscles never faltered, her breath was never lost.

Lylith Sakurai, the younger sibling, was much different. She shared the green eye color but it was just a few shades darker, making it a mysterious emerald, full of wisdom and hope. Her brown hair practically waved down to her hips bones, accenting her slim figure perfectly. Wherever she was, she was sketching. Whether it be a tree or a person—for example, her sketch pad had some pages full of her sister—she would be drawing. She more than not kept to herself, concealing all secrets and feelings inside her mind. Her voice was soft, so singing came easily to her, just like drawing did. Sometimes she swore that she was born to be an artist.

Sometimes she swore that her older sister was actually younger and they were just lied to all their lives.

"Amelia," Lylith said, using the blond's full name, causing her to turn around. "If we don't hurry, Eiji will be worried sick that we're not going to see him before the opening ceremony."

"That old coot is always worried," Amelia mumbled, "he cares about us more than he does himself."

The brunette sighed, smoothing out Amelia's skirt. "That's because we're his family. Now let's get going. I'm sure he has something to give to us."

"It better not be what I'm thinking…"

"Welcome to Sakura Academy girls," a tender voice called as the twins stepped into the school's clinic. The girls smiled at their guardian, Eiji, who had moved to Japan with them to make sure that they would still be in his care. The school knew of their situation and thought it was best for them. "Amelia, I missed you." He dove and hugged her tightly, squeezing any type of oxygen out of her.

Awkwardly, she pat his head. "Pops, I appreciate the gesture but you said you needed to see us for something?"

He cleared his throat and sat back, his mind jumping at the thought that the blond had called him 'Pops' instead of some other useless nickname she gave him. He was a young man, about twenty, with brown, spiky hair and matching eyes. He hid the fact that he preferred men over women, and only the girls really knew. "As you know, today is your first day in Sakura—"

"Here we go again," Amelia mumbled, sliding down in her chair and tuning him out as her sister paid close attention. It was no doubt that the older sibling was rebellious and rude, but eventually, people had to learn to put up with her. She caught some words that piqued her interest (guys, sex, dates), but never bothered to say anything. Eiji took a short glance at the clock and hit the blond's knee, forcing a joint reflex which caused her to wake up from her daydream in pain. He handed them both a box. "Take these. Heaven knows that you will need them."

"Thank you, Eiji. It means a lot," Lylith said, while Amelia opened the flap to examine what was in the plain white package. She smirked and let out a chuckle, causing the others to look at her. She stuffed it into her bag, saying, "I dunno what Lyl thinks about 'em, but thanks, old man."

Shortly after the opening ceremony, while all the other students were taking their time walking around, Amelia and Lylith found their way to the music room, and gaped at the sheer size of it. "To think that if we didn't get a scholarship, we wouldn't see this room," Amelia muttered to her sister as they walked in.

The brunette let out a small 'ah!' and pointed to the corner where a small violin sat. "Don't you know how to play?"

The blond nodded, and walked over to it, setting her bag down on a nearby chair. She took the instrument and examined it. "This thing is pretty old and it looks like it hasn't been played in years." Taking the bow, she lightly drew it across the strings, playing a horrid sound. "Ugh, it's not even tuned. Lyl, do me a favor—" she pointed to a nearby piano, "—play me an E."

The younger sibling did as she was told; hitting the key as her sister carefully began tuning her own instrument. When she finished, Lylith found herself playing a soft melody, fingers gliding over ivory keys swiftly, and Amelia began to play the violin, making a harmony. The twins were very experienced players, and playing the Japanese pop songs they had learned to love just always put them at ease. Lylith played the piano, while Amelia was practically like a walking band; she played guitar, piano, violin, and drums.

The song came to a slow finish as Lylith lifted her hands off the black and white keys and smiled at her older sister, who was busy putting the violin into its case. The sound of clapping caused both girls to whip their heads to the door, where they saw two men, or, one man, one teenager, standing, broad smiles on their faces. "That was amazing, girls," the older one said, walking up to the small desk. "Probably one of the best performances I've heard on this campus in all my years of teaching." He stuck his hand out, as if knowing that they weren't really Japanese, but only spoke the language fluently. "Camui Gackt. I'm the music teacher here in Sakura. Pleasure to meet you."

Lylith shook his hand first, and Amelia could see the faint blush on her cheeks. The teacher had bleached blond hair, and piercings, why was he even teaching in this school? He was obviously as rebellious as Amelia probably was, if not worse. "Did you two take a music class this year?"

Both girls nodded, and Amelia glanced around the room, finally taking in all the details. Letting her eyes settle on a guitar case, she left the three and went over to it, unclasping the hard case. She heard the murmur of the so-called teacher. "How many instruments can that young girl play?"

"Four," Lylith muttered back, and Amelia—even with her eyes turned away—could practically feel Gackt's eyes pop out of their sockets and his jaw drop. "And she's only fifteen," her younger sister added.

The blond slowly began strumming, the guitar filling the silence of the room. The three spectators listened to her, watched her, felt the music she was playing. "She's been playing that one melody for years. It's been on her personal checklist to make lyrics for it, but for some reason, she can't," Lylith explained, as Amelia turned her back on them and kept playing, her mind trying to process the music so that lyrics could be made. It never hit her. Not a single word ever fit the song. A small tap on her shoulder woke her up, and she hit the strings so hard that one actually snapped and hit her knuckles. She winced and looked up at the other boy that came in. His black hair fascinated her, as well as his small earrings at the bottom of his earlobes. He smiled. "I'm Matsushita Yuuya. It's really nice to meet you."

And the twins fell in love.