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Lylith happily made her way back inside the house to take out some snacks for the guests. The expression on her sister's face upon hearing the news had simply been priceless. She left a wet trail behind her as she walked in the kitchen but didn't care; she was way too amused at the moment to give a shit.

She hadn't even noticed she had started humming to a tune until a deep, smooth voice said, "Why so happy?"

The smile never left her face as she turned around to meet a curious Gackt Camui. She was just too happy to remember she was supposed to be mad him. "What makes you think I'm happy?"

"You're smiling." He paused. "And you didn't frown or glare at me as soon as you saw me."

Ouch… "I didn't glare at you."

"But you did frown."

"I did no such thing."

He gave an exasperated sigh. "Whatever floats your boat, Lylith."

He'd been expecting many reactions from the girl when he used her first name. He'd expected her to get mad, glare at him like she had kept doing for the past week, maybe even actually hit him. He'd expected her to ignore him and keep doing whatever she had been doing before he had decided to butt into her business.

But he'd never expected her grin to widen—a smile that would make the Cheshire cat feel ashamed—and her eyes to darken, making her look even sexier than she already looked in that swimsuit.

Talking about her swimsuit...

That excuse for a bikini she was wearing should have been illegal. How did she even possess something like that was beyond his understanding. How could Eiji, their so-called overprotective guardian, allow such a thing? The way the black material clung to her body was sinful, wrapping around the curves of her chest and rear like a second skin. The blue hibiscus flower printed on her left breast suddenly seemed very interesting...

"Do you want to know what really floats my boat?" she asked, her voice low and seductive; a tempting whisper that had him unconsciously take a step closer to her.

He gulped, unable to stop his wondering eyes from following a droplet of water run down her neck and disappear into her top piece. "W-What?" He hated himself for stuttering.


And just like that, the moment was gone.

Lylith didn't even look at him as she went back out in the backyard with her snacks, and he groaned.

Of course, he thought, rolling his eyes. Of course she'd do that! Shaking his head, he followed her in the swimming pool.

"Hey, Lylith, what's wrong with your sister?" Eiji asked once the petite brunette sat next to him.

The smile automatically returned on her face. "I don't know. Why do you ask?"

Eiji didn't seem to notice the knowing look on Lylith's face. "She seems a bit...shocked. And Yuuya-kun is acting strange, as well. He can't stop grinning." He nodded towards the couple swimming around.

Amelia had a light blush on her cheeks, as did Yuuya, and he wasn't taking his eyes off her, either.

Lylith shrugged, trying to act indifferent. "They look fine to me."



"Maybe I'm getting old," the man mumbled, "and I'm just imagining things."

Lylith chuckled. "Maybe."

Eiji smiled as well, sighing happily. "Today is such a wonderful day! It's nice to have people around the house."

The fifteen-year-old nodded in agreement, sipping her lemonade. "Yeah...it's been a while since we last held a party like this, hasn't it?"

"Yup! I'm starting to think Matsushita-kun should save Amelia from danger more often."


"So we can invite him over again to thank him."

Lylith laughed wholeheartedly, throwing her head back. "Only you could come up with some crazy shit like that, Eiji."

"Language, young lady. You keep forgetting I'm you guardian; I can't let you say such words around adults like that," the effeminate man huffed, waving a finger in front of her face.

The brunette girl grinned. "A bit too late for that, don't you think?"

He sighed, but smiled nonetheless. "Maybe." He glanced over to where Gackt was sitting, silently listening to their conversation while drinking his cocktail. "Gackt-san, are you okay?"

The blond man turned his full attention to the other male. "Yes, I'm perfectly fine. Why do you ask?"

"You're very quiet."

"I was lost in thoughts, sorry."

"No need to apologize," Lylith said, smiling despite herself.

"You say that, Gackt-san, but you look bored," Eiji commented. "What do you usually do in your free time?"

Besides fucking around with women? Gackt thought, biting his tongue so the words wouldn't slip past his lips. "I enjoy reading, actually."

The twins' guardian brightened. "Perfect! Then maybe you could take a look at the family's library; it has a huge variety of books, from fiction to novels, as well as historical and scientific books."

Lylith's eyes widened, and her heart skipped a beat.

No one had been in the library since her parents' death. No one.

"If it's not an inconvenience...then I'd love to go take a look," the blond teacher replied.

"Great. Lylith sweetie, would you mind showing sensei around?"

"I...I g-guess..."

Gackt didn't miss the hesitation in her voice.

Standing up from their chairs, the brunette lead her Choir teacher inside the mansion. They walked towards the entrance hall and walked up the stairs, to the second floor. They took a a turn to the left and kept walking down the long hallway until they reached what Gackt presumed was the library.

But that's where they stopped. Lylith made no move to open the doors, she simply stared at them as if they were aliens.

"Is everything okay, Sakurai-san?" he quietly asked, tilting his head to the side.

"I...yeah, kind of. It's just...no one has ever entered the library since our parents died, and I'm kind of scared..." It was barely a whisper, but he heard.

He softly touched her shoulder and squeezed lightly, trying to comfort her. "It's okay, you don't have to do it if you don't want to. We could always go back outside."

She looked up at him, and as their eyes met, he thought she looked very much like a lost kitty he had once found in front of his house on a rainy day. He had been a teenager in high school back then, but he still remembered the scared, sad expression on the black kitty's face.

He had the sudden urge to wrap his arms around her and pull her against him in a comforting and loving hug. His heart throbbed, his body ached to move, but he held his place and waited for her to make the first move.

She smiled at him, tentatively at first, then gratefully, and whispered a "thank you".

Lylith took a deep breath, closed her eyes for a brief second, and reopened them as she exhaled. She touched the cherry wood with her fingertips, smiling, and flung the doors open.

"Welcome to our most treasured room," she said as she entered, Gackt following right behind her. "You have thousands of books you can look at and read to your heart's content."

The library was by far the biggest room in the whole mansion, possibly the same size as the school's theater. Huge bookshelves stood tall all around them, full of books of every size, color, and thickness. Besides a few lamps around the room, a giant ceiling window was the only other source of light. The walls were of a pure white, the floor of a light-colored wood, and in the middle of the room was a table with a few books on top, a lamp, and a chair. Dust particles floated in the air, visible thanks to the sun rays hitting them just right. To say Gackt was at a loss of words would be an understatement. He was shocked, pleasantly so, to see so many books in such a big place. His own house was pretty damn amazing, but what he was witnessing at the moment was beyond beautiful. Everything about that library screamed 'antique', and he loved it.

"This is...gorgeous," he found himself whisper, looking around him in sheer amazement. He noticed boxes lying on top of some of the shelves, but thought nothing of it.

"Isn't it? I used to come here all the time when I was a kid. Unlike my sister, my favorite way to kill time was by reading books. Dad even gave me a spare key to the library, but after the accident, we didn't bother to lock the doors, anymore." Her eyes glanced around the room slowly, and stopped over an antique red couch. A huge smile broke on her face, and she pointed at it. "That's where I used to sit."

He whistled in appreciation. "Nice."

Excitement crept over Lylith as she started recognizing more and more things. It had been such a long time since she'd last seen the library, all the memories from her childhood flooded her mind. "That section over there has fictional novels, while that one is full of scientific crap," she continued explaining, pointing at different shelves. "We also have a few mangas, since I've always been a big fan of anime, in case you're interested."

Gackt laughed softly, enjoying the smile on Lylith's face. "Manga?"

"Yes! I want to become a mangaka when I grow up. Didn't I tell you that?"

"Nope. This is the first time I've ever heard of such a thing."

"Oh...well, now you know." Her radiant smile made his heart race. She grabbed his hand in both of hers and pulled, silently telling him to follow her. "C'mon, I'll show my hiding spot!"

"Hiding spot?"

"Yup! Amelia and I used to play hide and seek in here. We both have a secret place, so I want to show you mine."

"I see..."

He let her lead him through more shelves, eventually stopping here and there to point something out, until they finally reached a set of small stairs that lead downstairs. It was well-hidden behind two big bookshelves, and if she hadn't showed him he would have probably never guessed there could be something behind them.

"Stairs?" he wondered out loud.

"Yup. Dad had seen this in a movie, though I don't remember the name of it. Part of the library is downstairs, though you can only access it through here. He used to keep his most treasured things down there, so nobody would find them."

"Huh. That was very smart of your father," he commented, nodding.

"I think it's very confusing." She shrugged. "Let's go!"

He was even more shocked to see that the part of the library downstairs was considerably small in comparison to the one upstairs. There were no windows, just a few table lamps. He also noticed the walls were of a dark red, and the floor was of a dark brown, almost black. There were fewer books, and more boxes. A rocking chair stood in the far corner of the room, with an old teddy bear sitting on top.

"This is where you hid?" he asked, looking around with curious eyes.

"In between the treasure chest over there and the rocking chair." He raised his eyebrows at her. "What? I was pretty small back then, you know? I was so short and skinny that I was even able to hide in the cupboard in the kitchen."

He laughed at that, trying to imagine the brunette in such a state. "I'd like to see that sometime."

For some reason, the way he said those words sounded dirty to her ears. With a faint blush—that he didn't miss—she walked over to the treasure chest. The rust on the lock made it hard to open, but with Gackt's help, she managed to swing the lid open.

He'd been expecting to see old maps and jewels, like in those pirate movies he loved to watch, but instead the box was full of stuffed animals, clothes, and other accessories. The blond man turned to look at his student with a question in his expression, but all she did was smile a sad, yet happy, smile.

"These belong to me and Amelia," she explained. "We put them here after Mom and Dad died, to remind us of them." Picking up a gray bunny she said, "This belongs to Am. Dad had given it to her for her sixth birthday. While this," she continued, picking up a baby pink bear, "is mine. I received it from Mom on my sixth birthday."

"They're cute," he said, smiling. That's when he saw a pair of ballet shoes in the chest. They were almost completely covered by what looked like a red dress, but they were there. White, shiny velvet and long strings. He carefully picked them up. "And these?"

Lylith met his eyes and blushed. "Ah...those are mine. I used to do ballet, but stopped after I got a knee surgery."

"Knee surgery?"

"Yeah...I was pretty clumsy, that's why my parents put me in ballet; they thought it would make me more graceful and with greater coordination. But someone had spilled some water in the studio that day, and I so happened to be the unfortunate victim to slip and fall. I banged my knee hard against the hardwood floor, and fractured it. I had to get a knee surgery, but I couldn't dance anymore after that."

He sighed, not liking the idea of Lylith getting hurt. "At least you're fine, and that's all that matters. Does your knee still hurt?"

"Oh, no, not at all. Actually, if I want to, I could continue with ballet, but I decided not to. My bones are much stronger now than they were back then, but still. It was pretty traumatizing, considering I was only a child then."

"Maybe you could dance for me sometime," he murmured. He hadn't expect her to hear them, but she had.

"Maybe," she replied, smiling. "Oh, I almost forgot!" She stood up and walked towards some cardboard boxes near the door. "These are full of books; Dad's favorites. Do you like mysteries, sensei?"

"I love them."

"Then you're most definitely gonna enjoy reading these." She hooked her fingers underneath one of the boxes and picked it up. Using her knee for leverage, she wrapped her arms around the box to get a firmer grip. It was heavier than she remembered.

Gackt seemed to notice the same thing. "Do you need help with that?"

"No, not really. I'm fine, thank you. But could you grab the other box? This way we won't have to come down here twice."


Grabbing the other box, he followed her back up the stairs. It wasn't until they walked through what she had called the 'science section' that he noticed how she had to look around the box to see where she was walking.

"Do you want me to take that box for you, Sakurai-san? The one I'm carrying is smaller, so it won't block your sight." He didn't want her to trip and kill herself.

She looked behind her and smiled, a drop of sweat falling down the side of her face. "It's okay, I'm fine."

"Are you sure?"

"Yup! No problem at a—shit!"

Exactly what he feared.

Not paying attention to where she was going, she hadn't noticed the book lying on the floor in front of her, so she tripped over it and started falling. Letting go of the box didn't even cross her mind at the moment, and maybe if she had, she wouldn't have wobbled like she did, and she wouldn't have fallen backwards like she did.

Maybe she wouldn't have hit the bookshelf behind her, and maybe the box that was lying on top of it wouldn't have tipped over the edge and onto her.

"Lylith, watch out!" she heard Gackt yell. Her head snapped up, and the only things she saw were the box and a few books falling towards her before she closed her eyes tightly shut, waiting for the impact.

But it never came.

Or, rather, it did come, but not from the direction she expected it to. She felt the weight of something—or someone—harshly push her to the ground, followed by a loud thud! and then silence.
Her breath was ragged, her heart was beating at a thousand miles per hour, and her hands were shaking. She refused to open her eyes yet, but she clearly felt the same weight from before on top of her, as well as a labored breath against her ear.

"Are you okay?" Gackt's deep voice asked, and her eyes snapped open, meeting his blue contacts.

She decided, in that moment, that he was waaaay too close for her liking, but despite that, she found herself unable to move.

Maybe her body had frozen from the shock, or maybe it was his close presence, but it wouldn't follow the orders her mind was screaming.

Still, she managed to stutter a strangled, "Y-yes..."

Gackt, on the other side, still couldn't believe his student had almost gotten hurt in front of his eyes.

Unforgivable, he thought, frowning.

He surely did not look happy.

"S-Sensei?" Lylith whispered, noticing his expression. He almost looked...mad.

"Be more careful, damn it!" he hissed, pressing his body closer to her. Their chest touched, his legs were entangled with hers, and his arms were around her waist. His whole body created a cage to protect her.

The brunette flinched, not expecting the outburst. "G-Gomenasai!"

"Sorry is not enough!" he snapped. "Do you know how scared I was just now? I thought you were gonna die right in front of my eyes."

She gulped, trying to push him away, but he just held her closer. His spiky hair tickled her forehead. "I-I am very sorry! I didn't mean to...I just..." She was panicking, and his glare did not help her situation. If sorry wasn't enough than what was she supposed to do to make him forgive her? She figured asking would be the best answer. "W-What can I do to be forgi—mmph!"

But she couldn't finish her sentence, because his lips were on hers in the next second.

Her whole body stiffened as his mouth moved against hers, demanding a response, and before she knew what was going on, she was kissing him back.

Pushing, pulling, biting—it was the kind of desperate kiss that would have anyone melt, and somewhere in the back of her mind she wondered how she hadn't turned into goo, already.

And then she stopped thinking altogether when she felt his tongue against her lips, asking for permission. Her body relaxed, her eyes closed, and she opened her mouth with a soft moan. He grunted in reply, and it soon turned into a low growl when he felt her shy tongue coyly play with his own. She was so innocent, so inexperienced...she turned him on more than any of the women he'd slept with ever had.

Lylith's lungs burnt with the need for oxygen, and she pushed against his shoulders to make pull back, but he didn't budge. If anything, he deepened the kiss even more, pulling her to him with a hand behind her neck.

"S-Sensei," she gasped, trying unsuccessfully to detach her lips from his. "I can't b-breathe...!"

Gackt's slow mind was trying to process that information, but his desire was overpowering, he was surprised he was still able to remember his own name.

...wait, what was his name again?

"G-Gackt...! I can't breathe!"

Oh, right... 'Gackt I can't breathe'.

Wait, that doesn't right...

Oh, shit!

He felt as if someone had bitch-slapped him in the face with a hand made of ice.

His eyes widened as far as they could go, and he instantly yanked himself off of her, as if she was made of fire and had burnt him.

Lylith gasped for air the second their lips parted, the noise sounding more like a moan than anything else. With the back of her hand she wiped away the thin trail of saliva dripping down the side of her mouth. Whether it was hers or his, she wasn't sure.

They both lay panting on the ground, flushed like tomatoes, surrounded by books and cardboard boxes, and at a loss of words.

Not that they had the energy to say anything, anyway.

And just as the silence between them started to get awkward, they heard footsteps.

Eiji walked in the library with Amelia and Yuuya in tow, looking concerned. "Are you guys okay? We heard a loud noise and got scared."

Lylith was the first to recover. "Y-Yes, we're fine. I accidentally bumped against a bookshelf and some boxes fell." She laughed awkwardly, scratching the back of her neck.

"I see..." Amelia murmured, raising an eyebrow. She was not convinced one bit by Lylith's story, but she figured she'd interrogate her later. And if she'd refuse to answer, she'd tie her up to a chair and point a flashlight at her face, like all detectives did in movies.

Yuuya was planning to do the same with Gackt.

"Well, it's good that no one got hurt. You can leave the books like that for now, we'll fix them later. Come back outside, okay?" Eiji said, ignorant of the whole situation.

"Of course," Lylith replied, smiling. "We'll be right there."

The three people left, and the awkward couple was left alone again.

Gackt was still shocked, unable to process all the information in his mind.

Had he just...? To a student? And...it was Lylith? And she...she did, didn't she?

He looked up at her with a confused and questioning look on his face, and she looked down.

Her mouth opened to say something, but closed again. With nothing else to do, she ran out of the room, leaving him on the floor, lost.

What was he gonna do now? He had kissed her. Like, fucking ate her mouth out. How was he gonna face her? How were things going to be between them?

But most importantly, he wondered, looking down at his pants with a fierce glare. Where the fuck is the bathroom?

Well then...