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Amelia's thoughts jumped around in her head and she turned quickly to stare at the young man who was floating a few feet away from her. A blush stained his cheeks but it was faint; she had to squint really well in order to see. She turned back to try to talk to her sister but the brunette had walked away, probably to have some fun with Gackt. Amelia hit her fist against the water and swam back to Yuuya. He refused to make eye contact with her, and was fiddling with his fingers. The blond let out a loose sigh. "Yes, I know you kissed me." He tensed up some more. "You don't have to be so uptight about it."

"I did it without asking how you felt about it," he said sheepishly, and Amelia took his head to swim away to the other side of the pool where Eiji wouldn't hear word of their conversation. Once there, she wrapped herself in his arms, getting somewhat of a protest but it faded rather quickly. "How can you not be mad?"

"To be honest," she said carefully. "I didn't feel too much of it before it ended. You're a rather quick man, Yuuya."

"Oh?" His nervous side went away as he cocked an eyebrow up. Amelia's heart began to race painfully. Yuuya leaned in to closer to the girl, their noses barely touching and their breaths mingling. "I apologize for breaking away from you so quickly. Trust me, it wasn't at all my intention."

"Prove it," the blond whispered against his lips in a split second before he crushed his against hers', kissing her with as much force as he could muster. Their lips molded together perfectly, emitting a moan from her mouth. She felt his arms wrap around her slim waist as she gripped at his biceps. She could have sworn that the water got much hotter the longer that they kissed, and at the same time she noticed that her stomach began to coil with pleasure. Amelia pulled away slightly. "Wait…Eiji's there…"

Not letting go of her body, Yuuya backed away, going under water, and lifted her on his shoulders. She let out a short screech and held onto a few locks of his hair. Eiji looked up from his book and smiled, watching as the two clearly flirted in front of him without a single care in the world. He had pretended not to notice that they had made out—very hotly—on the other side of the pool, but even that had left him a little aroused. He was a serious pervert and he admitted it. Getting turned on at the sight of his 'daughter' and her friend just kissing. He let out a soft sigh.

Eiji knew he was going to hell for this. But he wasn't complaining. Now, what were Lylith and Gackt doing…?

"Hey, you two!" The couple turned around to face him. "Amelia, your sister has been taking a while, let's go find her."

Yuuya leaned down and kissed Amelia one last time before taking her hand and helping her out of the pool. They quickly dried off and entered the house, where a loud crash echoed through the halls. All three began running through the house to the library, where Eiji had sent the two. When the doors opened, both Lylith and Gackt were on the ground, blushing and panting. "Are you guys okay? We heard a loud noise and got scared."

Scratching the back of her head, Lylith chuckled, "Y-Yes, we're fine. I accidentally bumped against a bookshelf and some boxes fell."

"I see…" Amelia didn't believe it. How could she? When both of these two were flushed on the floor? She was going to interrogate this silly sister of hers like in those detective movies. And Yuuya would do the same with Gackt.

"Well, it's good that no one got hurt. You can leave the books like that for now, we'll fix them later. Come back outside, okay?" Was he stupid? Either way, it would be better to talk later.

"Of course," the brunette said. "We'll be right there."

And the three left the two alone. "Eiji, can you go on ahead? Yuuya and I will meet you there." Amelia asked, tightening her grip on Yuuya's hand. "I just need to talk to him."

Eiji nodded and left the two. Amelia practically dragged him over to the kitchen, letting go of his hand and jumping up onto the counter. "I can't believe Eiji didn't see that. They obviously got hot in that library."

He smirked, looking at her bathing suit clothed body. "And now we're about to get hot in the kitchen." As he said that, he pressed up against her, making a moan erupt from her throat. So this was what he was wanted…

Ever so slowly, he began grinding against her, lifting her legs to wrap them around his waist. He kissed her hard, sliding his tongue into her mouth. He had to admit that it was her fault for wearing such a revealing swimsuit to begin with. He reached behind her to untie the top when the sound of a throat being cleared made him freeze. "Amelia Hanatsu." Crap. Eiji.

"You did what?" Lylith screeched.

Eiji had kicked both Gackt and Yuuya from the house after he caught the blond and the singer, meaning that the questioning would have to wait. He scolded Amelia for doing something like that in the kitchen of all places. "You heard me, Yuuya seduced me in the kitchen."

"Oh god," the brunette mumbled. "Lucky!"

"Like I'm the only one. What did you and Gackt do?"

She blushed and looked away. "There was a box about to fall on me, he saved me, overreacted, and kissed me."

"Kissed you?"

"It got really hot."

Amelia smirked. "So what's your relationship status now? Taken? Complicated? Fuck buddies?"

"Amelia! It's not funny! What am I gonna do? I ran out of there as soon as I could!"

"Just fuck him already. Make an excuse to see him tomorrow. Try being friends with benefits."

"But I love him!"

"Well, too bad."


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