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The sky was a dark gray, filled with black storm clouds moving closer and closer to the school. Thunder could be heard, along with the occasional lightning, but no rain was in sight. The wind was unusually vicious, whistling between tree branches, and forming ripples on the water's surface of the puddles left from the previous night's downpour.

Lylith sighed for what seemed to be the millionth time that evening as she watched a couple birds fly around aimlessly, probably looking for shelter from the oncoming storm. Looking back at the sketchbook in her lap, the brunette groaned when she saw that the smooth lines of the pencil looked nothing like the landscape outside the window.

Dejected, she picked up her pencil and added shading to the picture. A light gray on the side of the face, a darker shade on the creases of the nose and mouth, at the junction of the neck and jawline, inside the ear, both inside and outside the eyes to make them look real, on the lips, and finally to the hair. When she was content with the shading, she smudged over the pencil with her finger, to make it look nice and smooth. Content with her work, she held her sketchbook at arms' length...and promptly frowned.

It looked too much like him, but at the same time it looked like a stranger. Something was missing, but she didn't know what.

Amelia decided that was the perfect time to make her grand entrance.

"Hiya, Lyl!" she exclaimed, grinning like a mad woman.

Said brunette looked over her shoulder at her sister with a raised eyebrow. "Someone looks happy."

"I saw Yuuya today."

Lylith sighed, returning her attention at Gackt's portrait. "You see Yuuya every day, Amelia, we're in the same Choir class, and you have you chemistry with him." When she was her sister open her mouth, a playful glint in her eyes, the brunette added, "Chemistry as in science, not relationship-wise, Am."

The older twin laughed wholeheartedly, dropping her bookbag on the floor by her bed and walking over to Lylith. "What are you drawing?"

"The same thing I've been drawing for the past week and a half."

"Yeah, I can see that..." Amelia murmured as she busied herself admiring her sister's talent. "It looks like a photograph, Lyl; it's amazing."


The blonde gave her a side glance. "But?"

Lylith sighed, taking her glasses off to rub her eyes before putting them back on. "But I'm not a hundred percent happy with it."

"Why, what's wrong with it?"

"It's missing something, but I don't know what."

"Um...color, maybe?"

The brunette flashed her sibling a lopsided grin. "Nice try, but no."

"Well, maybe if you actually show up in class to see him, you'll realize what's wrong." Amelia gave Lylith a pointed look as she spoke.

"It's not my fault I'm sick and—"

"Oh, please, Lylith, you're not that good a liar and I'm not that stupid. We both know you've already recovered."

The brunette glared at her sister. "Are you implying I'm a liar?"

"I'm implying you're running away from Gackt when all you should be doing at this moment is fucking like rabbits in the janitor's closet."

The younger sibling gave the blonde a disturbed look. "Why the janitor's closet?"

"Fine, then, the Nurse's Office."

"And risk walking in on him and Eiji getting acquainted? No thanks."

"Point taken," Amelia agreed, "but I'm serious, Lyl. You guys need to talk about your relationship."

"There is no relationship to talk about, Am," Lylith sighed, walking over her bead and flopping down on it like a dead body, with her head stuffed in the pillow.

"Well, then, that's the problem." the brunette groaned in reply, the sound muffled. "Have you talked to him since you came back?"


"And why not?"

Lylith picked her head up from the pillow and glared at Amelia. "Did you seriously just ask me why?"

The older twin raised her arms in defense. "Hey, I'm just trying to help."

"Well, you're not."

"Well, maybe you should fix things yourself, then," Amelia replied, annoyed with her sister's snappy behavior.

Lylith growled in frustration and picked herself up again, now sitting on her bed. "Things don't need to be fixed, Amelia! There is nothing to talk about between Gackt-sensei and me, so just drop all this insanity."

"If that's the case, then why haven't you been going to class for the past two weeks?" Amelia challenged.

Lylith had come down with a high fever after the weekend spend with the boys, but she had recovered after the fourth day. The only reason why she had skipped school for a whole entire week was because she didn't want to encounter Gackt.

"One week and a half," Lylith corrected, "and it's because I was sick, I already told you that."

"Bullshit!" The blonde threw her hands in the air in exasperation and disbelief. Not wanting to deal anymore with her sister's hotheadedness, she decided that leaving the room for a while was the better choice. "Fine, do as you please. I'm going to eat dinner. Would you like me to fetch you a hot soup for your cold?" she asked sarcastically, not even waiting for a reply as she exited the room and slammed the door behind her.

Lylith seriously didn't understand why her sister had to be so hard to deal with at times. Just because she had a wonderful, lovey-dovey relationship with Yuuya didn't mean she had to force one on her, as well. What if she didn't want to be romantically involved with her teacher? What if she preferred to not be romantically involved with anyone, period? The pain of losing their parents had already taken a huge toll on her, she didn't need any more emotional distress. And Gackt would bring a lot of emotional distress, she just knew it.

Not only was he a teacher, ten years older than her, but he had also been an idol. God knew how many women were after him and how many more were to come. She didn't need all that. She didn't want to fight for the man she loved. She didn't want to feel jealous of other women.
She didn't want to feel anything for him.

Skipping dinner was not one of Lylith Sakurai's best ideas, and her growling stomach seemed to love reminding her of that.

Tossing and turning in her bed, the brunette tried her best not to think about how hungry she was; it had worked pretty well for the first twenty minutes after she woke up at two in the morning, but as soon as the cramps made themselves known, she decided to deal with her problem.

She glanced over at Amelia, who was sleeping safe and sound in her bed, snoring lightly. Lylith didn't really need to worry about making too much noise, because Amelia was the kind of person who'd sleep through an atomic bomb or zombie apocalypse—that's how heavy of a sleeper she was.

The brunette's pajamas consisted of a pair of navy, flannel, shorts and a black tanktop. Too lazy to change into something more decent, Lylith simply threw on a large, black, hoodie that was at least three sizes bigger than petite form and headed for the door.
I kind of feel like Tom Cruise in 'Mission Impossible', she thought with a small grin. I'm breaking all the school's rules by doing this...I can't even begin to imagine the trouble I'd get in if I got caught.

Stealthy and agile like a feline, Lylith made her way to the only place she knew she'd find food at any time; Eiji's room.

I wonder what he's reaction will be when he sees me. He'll probably be shocked, no doubt. I can definitely see Amelia doing something sneaky like this, but not me. I'm supposed to be the 'Little Angel' between the two of us. She scoffed and rolled her eyes at her last thought. "An angel with a mouth dirtier than a sailor's." She burst into a quiet fit of giggles at her comment.

Her giggles died in her throat, however, the moment she saw lights in the Nurse's Office. Panic immediately set in, her whole body locking up at the thought of the nurse suddenly walking out and seeing her standing there. Frantically, Lylith looked around for a hiding spot, but was unlucky in that aspect, too. Why are the hallways so empty at night? she thought. Shit, what do I do, what do I do, what I—


Lylith's thoughts instantly came to a rather violent halt as the name—his name—reached her ears.

There were lights in the infirmary. At two in the morning. Gackt was in there. A woman called his name. At two in the fucking morning.

Different scenarios played in the brunette's mind, all of them unpleasant ones that made her blood freeze in her veins and goose bumbps appear on her skin.

W-What the hell is he doing in there at this hour? Why is there a woman with him?! What the fuck are they doing, why did she sound! And then another thought flooded her overworking mind. Wait...'sensei'? He's in there with...a s-student?

Gulping heavily, Lylith took a few shaky steps closer to the door, wanting to find out more about the situation. There was a small crack in which she would be able to peep through, but she hesitated. What if she didn't like what she saw? What if...what if he was...doing that?

"That is enough, Shizuka," came the reply from a deeper voice; Gackt.

Shizuka? Where have I heard that name before...?

"But, sensei, why? Why won't you accept me? I don't get it!"

Ah, so it's a love quarrel? A wave of relief washed over Lylith as she listened in, all the disturbing scenarios soon leaving her mind. As she got closer to the door, she looked through the crack, but only managed to see a few things.

The first being Gackt, in all his glory, standing by the window across from the door, leaning again the wall with what seemed an annoyed look on his beautiful features. Oh, how Lylith had missed seeing the teacher's dishevelled, wild, hair and contacts—They're purple, tonight.

The second thing she noticed was the girl standing in front of him. Though her back faced the brunette, Lylith immediately recognized the shoulder-long, red hair of the female; Shizuka Kirie, the Junior she had met a couple months ago at the infirmary the day Amelia almost drowned in the swimming pool.

"There is nothing to accept, Shizuka," Gackt complained, a frown scrunching up his face. "I don't date students."

"That's a lie!" Shizuka almost screamed, taking a step forward and towards the teacher.

"Sssh!" the blond man chastied, briefly glancing towards the door and—

—Lylith held her breath when their eyes met. She saw Gackt's eyes widen slightly with recognition, while hers widened with shame at being caught peeping.

"Don't tell me to shut up!" Shizuka hissed when she saw Gackt wasn't paying attention to her.

That made him turn back towards her, but not without glancing at the door once more. "You're gonna get us caught if you keep screaming, and I don't wanna deal with the trouble you'll get in."

"Why?" The redhead's tone was now tempting—or attempting to be seductive. "Are you scared people will take this little meeting the wrong way?"

"No, I just don't wanna loose my job because of a snobby and bratty attention-whore like you."

This time, both Lylith and Shizuka gasped at the teacher's comment, the brunette barely able to hold in her giggles. Oh, snap! she gleefully thought. She moved away from the door and leaned against the wall right beside it, covering her mouth with both hands.

Back in the infirmary, Shizuka raised her hand to slap Gackt, but he caught her wrist right before the impact. "If you even dare think about hitting your sensei again, I will make sure you'll get punished. If you misbehave one more time, Miss Kirie, I will make sure you'll be expelled from this school. Our prestigious Academy can work just fine without problematic students such as you, thank you very much."

"You're such a jerk! I can't believe I loved you!"

"You never loved me, Kirie-san, which is why I never played along with your nasty games. You were in love with the idea of dating an older man, former world-known singer, and the thrill of meeting up in secret with a teacher. You only wanted to show off to your little group of friends, and that was it." His voice was stern as he spoke, cold and deadly, to the point that it made Lylith almost feel sorry for Shizuka—almost. "Besides," he added," you're my freaking niece! What makes you think I would ever date a relative!"

"Whoa, WHAT."

The words left Lylith's mouth before she could even process the thoughts, but it didn't really matter at that point. Gackt knew she was there, and Shizuka surely didn't frighten her.

Both people in the infirmary turned to look at the brunette, who was now standing in front of the wide-open door with a look of utter, unadulterated shock on her face. "She's your fucking niece?!"

Gackt's amused, violet eyes drank in the student's expression, loving the small flush on her cheeks and the way those beautiful aquamarine eyes widened. She had decided to keep her hair down, and he loved the way the soft, brown waves cascaded down her waist. Shifting his eyes downwards, he couldn't help but appreciate her choice of clothing, too, though he would have preferred she had worn at least a pair of socks—it was a chilly night, he didn't want her to get sick.

Shizuka, on the other side, was completely outraged at being interrupted and seen in such a shameful attire. "You!" she barked, pointing an accusing finger at Lylith. "What the hell are you doing up at this hour? Do you know I could report you for being up this late after curfew?" A sadistic, victorious grin spread on her lips.

Lylith, having never liked people like Shizuka (and Shizuka in particular), replied the only way she could think of at such a time; Lylith Style. She pointed her own finger at the redhead and mimicked her position exactly; legs slightly spread apart, the other hand on her hips, and body titling forward a bit. "You!" she said in a high-pitched voice, a horrible attempt at imitating Shizuka's soprano. She dropped the act when she spoke her next words, however, a smirk of her own making itself known—Gackt thought smirks suited Lylith better than they ever did Shizuka. "First of all, don't you fucking point your finger at me like that, bitch." She was delighted by the shocked gasp that left Shizuka's lips. "Second of all, I don't see how the reason why I am up at this hour is any of your damn business. And last but not least, I can report you for the same exact reasons, so don't pull that shit on me."

Shizuka fumed with rage at the brunette's audacity. How dare she treat me like this?! I'm her senpai! "Why, you little—"

"Shizuka." Gackt's strict voice made both students turn to look at him. He had a calm expression on, but that only mad he was starting to really get pissed off. "One more word, and I will suspend you for a week. Now go back to your room."

"But, Gackt—"

"Now, Shizuka." He pinted at the door with his index finger and raised an eyebrow at the redhead, as if daring her to object.

Shizuka clenched her fists at her sides and lowered her head. "Yes, sensei," she replied through gritted teeth. "Good night." She turned towards the door to leave, and on her way there she glared at Lylith one last time.

The brunette and the blond man were left alone in the infirmary, standing in front of each other but not making eye contact. An awkward silence surrounded the two, the only sound heard being the rain the window and the wind.

Lylith shuffled on her feet uncomfortably, hands stuffed in the hoodie's pockets. What now? "Sooo..." she croaked, looking up at her teacher through her eyelashes, never really raising her head. When she earned the blond's attention, she cleared her throat and asked, "Your niece, huh?"

Gackt smiled briefly and nodded. " sister's daughter. She's had an obsession with me since she was a kid."

"You wouldn't say." The sarcasm in Lylith's voice made the older man snicker.

"While I do not appreciate the way she talked to you, I do have to admit she had a point, Miss Sakurai," Gackt said, immediately switching into teacher-mode. "What are you doing up this late at night?"

The girl shrugged. "I skipped dinner, so now I'm really hungry. I was hoping to go get some food at Eiji's, but then I saw lights in the Nurse's know the rest."

Gackt nodded at the girl's explanation and took a few steps towards her. "If that's how it is, then come with me."

Lylith's head immediately snapped up. "Huh?"

"You're hungry, right? Let's go, then, I'll feed you."

"W-What? I can just go to Eiji's room..."

"Why would you disrupt his sleep?"

"Why would I disrupt you?"

"I'm wide awake."

"You shouldn't be."

"Neither should you."
Lylith pressed her lips together into a thin line. "Touché."

At the three o' clock in the morning, Lylith Sakurai was eating spaghetti.

Made by Gackt, and, holy shit, could he cook.

The teacher's room was completely different from hers. As soon as she entered the room, she saw a door on the left side of the room and a door on the right side of the room—the bathroom and bedroom. Just like in her own room, a giant window decorated the wall right across from the entrance, and underneath it was a decent-sized TV, which in turn was facing a red-leather love-seat and armchair. The kitchen area was separated from the living room by a half wall, where the dining table stood. It was a small, round, wooden table with two chairs on either side of it, and that's where Gackt made Lylith sit. It wasn't anything fancy, but it had a cozy feeling to it, and she liked it. She felt safe.

Gackt sat in front of the brunette and silently watched her eat, one elbow propped on the table's surface and his chin resting on the back of his hand. He was fascinated by the girl's manners, his eyes following every one of her graceful gestures as she brought the last forkful of spaghetti to her lips. For a brief moment, he wondered how she could fit such a alarge amount of food in her small mouth without looking like a pig.

Once the brunette was finished, she wiped her mouth with a napkin and sat back in the chair. Now that her stomach was full, it was easier for her to think.
And realize in what kind of situation she was in.

She was in her teacher's room at now three in the morning. The same teacher she had "tongue-fucked", as Amelia had so kindly put it one day, at her parents' house. The same teacher she had a crush on—she refused to call it love—and pined for. The same teacher she had avoided by feigning sick for almost two weeks. She was in Gackt's room, sitting at his table, eating the food he prepared for her.

She could feel his eyes on her, but she was too scared to look up at him and face him. She hadn't really wanted to come to his room in the first place, but she had been too hungry to really complain.

I guess it had to happen at some point or another...I couldn't just avoid him for all eternity, after all. Might as well listen to Amelia and use this chance to figure where we stand...

Seeming to have sensed her uneasiness, Gackt cleared his throat, gaining Lylith's attention. "So,'s your cold?"

The brunette visibly cringed at his words. "I'm fine now. I...uh...I took the day off today just for precaution. I'll be attending classes regularly starting tomorrow, so..." Not that she had any other choice, really. Now that he saw she was fine, she couldn't possibly fake another illness just to avoid him again. It'd be foolish and childish.

"I'm glad to know that," the teacher sighed, smiling gently. "You really got us all worried, you know." He was half-joking, she could tell, but there was also concern in his voice. She took a deep breath. "We thought you died of some incurable disease or—"

"Sensei, what are we?" The words left her mouth in a rush, all the air in her lungs leaving all at once. She raised her head to meet his eyes, and she was proud to say she didn't flinch at the shocked expression on the former idol's face.

Whatever Gackt had to say about the girl's absence immediately died in his throat. The question had left him unprepared, both because he hadn't expected such a bold move from the teenager, but also because he really didn't have an answer.

Seriously, what were they?