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"You asked him... what you were?"

"Jesus, nee-san, you make it sound like I was referring to myself like an animal."

"But you never ask a guy that when you want to talk about your relationship," Amelia said, placing a hand on her hip. "It's the worst thing possible. What did he say afterward?"

Lylith hesitated, biting her lip before responding, "I'd rather not say."

The blond whistled as she ran a hand through her hair. "That bad?" She chuckled as she shook her head.

The brunette blushed and slapped Amelia's arm, making the girl yelp and whine a bit. For the past thirty minutes, Lylith was trying her hardest to explain to her sister what had went on the night before. And like every emotional teenager, she had, once again, skipped school, further angering her older sister. Really, with the way Amelia acted, you'd think that she hated school with a raging passion, and it was like that for a very long time until Yuuya came into her life. But now, since the rebel was head over heels in love, she had nothing better to do than see her boyfriend. "I won't say whether it was good or bad, but it's personal, alright."

"I'm your twin. We tell each other everything." A hurt look crossed on the blond's features. "Lyl..."

The younger girl glanced over at her bed where her portrait, still not complete, lay. "I'm sorry."

She wasn't about to cry.

Ever since she and Yuuya had started dating, the two have had a little more than a few heated moments after the one in the kitchen. Sex was probably on both of their minds, but they refused to acknowledge it out loud. They had wanted to take their relationship very slowly, and kissing in school was even taboo to them. Only a few students knew that they were dating after about a month, and the number hasn't changed much. Christmas was slowly coming near and the entire school was well on their way in preparation.

At Sakura Academy, it was normal for people to bring in presents to school for their friends before they leave to see their families back home. It helped when people needed to keep something to remember during the week or two away from each other. With their popularity already high, the twins were sure to get a lot of presents, meaning they needed to buy a lot too. But honestly, what would a hormonal teenager possibly want to get her boyfriend after already a month of dating? Obviously the best sexual experience of their life. Even the virgins would probably do it.

But of course, Amelia had to think, how would she do such a thing? Would she just go up to him and say, "Let's fuck?" or give him subtle hints and wait for him to get what she actually is talking about. As she stood outside her chemistry classroom the day of a lab experiment, she waited for him, her plan all written out in her head. A blush blossomed on her face as she saw him down the hallway, chatting with that cute boy—Nishii Yukito, was it? God, she couldn't remember anymore—and she all of a sudden had the thought of fucking him. Jesus, she thought quickly, looking away. I'm dating Yuuya! I barely know that other kid! Stop thinking like that! The pair walked up to her, where Yuuya said goodbye to his friend and walked his girlfriend into the classroom and to their seats. "Ready for the lab?" he asked her, and she nodded.

"Of course! It'll be a piece of cake!" Not. Amelia always sucked at anything hands-on when it came to school. If she didn't spill it, she caused an explosion. A big explosion, at times bigger than the experiment itself, which always shocked the teachers. But today, she told herself, I'll make the best out of working with Yuuya!

"...Hanatsu-kun, don't mix that in just yet—!"


"...Hanatsu-kun and Matsushita-kun, to the nurse's office. Get some new clothes."


"You assured me that you were good at chemistry."

"And you believed me."

"Well, of course," Yuuya replied as the two walked into the nurse's office. "We're dating, so I trust you. Hello? Sensei?"

"Eiji's out," Amelia simply said, sitting on a bed and taking one of the nearby hand mirrors. "Shit, I'm going to have to cut some of my hair. It's a little burned—Yuuya?" the girl managed to squeak out when the boy walked over to her, arms placed on the mattress on either side of her hips, face directly in front of hers. Their breaths mingled as a blush blossomed on her face. "Is there something wrong?" she asked, trying her best not to stutter.

Then he whispered the words she'd thought she'd never hear come out of his mouth. She was praying to ask this same question at a later time, but now, at the moment, she honestly didn't care. "Fuck me?" he breathed into her ear, making shivers go down her spine. Now afraid to talk, she nodded, and he kissed her in an absolute frenzy to feel her. His hands began wandering; against her hips, on her thighs, hovering over her chest, gently touching her face. It felt as though he was afraid that she might break. He lifted her shirt over the beige bra she was wearing and gave her a short glance. Blushing at the fact that her chest certainly left more to be imagined, Amelia just looked away, pouting a bit as Yuuya began leaving open mouth kisses all over her skin. "What's wrong?" he asked, causing shivers to go down her spine. "You're beautiful."

Just as he was about to slide his hand up her skirt, the door burst open and an overly happy Eiji walked in with some lunch under his arm. His smile morphed into a scowl once he saw his beloved 'daughter' caught under Yuuya, trapped like an animal. "Fucking hell," he muttered.

"Motherfucking Jesus..." Amelia groaned out, grabbing her shirt and covering herself up. "Why does it always have to be you?"

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