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"I never imagined that Eiji-san of all people would ground you, Amelia," Yuuya remarked with a smirk as they filed into choir class together after the weekend ended. Next to him, the bleached blond held a scowl on her face as she looked up at her boyfriend, messy hair flipping into her face.

"Well, I'm sorry for getting caught, twice, almost having sex with my boyfriend." She crossed her arms over her chest, and suddenly hit Yuuya in the stomach, making him wince. "Dude. Look. Isn't that Lylith? Who's that guy with her?"

Ruki had earlier brought Lylith to her choir class, since he had a free study period, and was currently smoothing his thumb against the back of her hand, which worried Amelia considerably. Her younger sister was still having trouble getting over Gackt, so why was she being so familiar with this kid? Their hands were laced together and they sat extremely close, shoulders brushing each other and Amelia could swear she saw the guy's hand on her sister's thigh. Taking Yuuya's hand, she speed walked over to the pair, smiling with her eyes closed to Lylith wouldn't see the pain reflecting in them. "Hey, Lyl!" the brunette turned to her and smiled. "Who's the cutie?" An elbow met with her stomach. She glared at Yuuya.

"This is Ruki. My boyfriend."

Amelia raised an eyebrow and shot her sister a look. They were going to have to talk later. Sure, he looked alright, but with Lylith still a little upset over the fact that she got dumped just about a week before, she couldn't trust anyone. With a huff, the blonde walked over to her seat on the other side of the room, leaving Yuuya with a brief kiss. Her sister looked at her worryingly, turning to lean back against Ruki, and Amelia watched as he kissed the top of her head, meeting the blond's eyes. Green clashed with amber. Anger met amusement. This kid didn't have good intentions.

Amelia's fists clenched on her desk and Gackt decided to walk into his classroom, happily greeting the class. He locked eyes with the blond in the back of the class and noticed her glare. He introduced the lesson to the glass and then beckoned Amelia forward, taking her out of the classroom. "What's going on? You seem upset."

"Lylith is dating some guy, and I don't like it," she explained, leaning against the wall. She refused to meet her teacher's eyes. "She isn't even over the fact that apparently you dumped her ass on the ground. Good job by the way." She flashed him a smile.

"How did you know I rejected her?" Gackt asked, flipping his blond hair from in front of his face.

Amelia grimaced. "When she's all peppy one day, talks to you the next and comes home depressed, then I can only assume, am I right?" she stared into his eyes, which were an ice blue today. "You were the reason she refused to go to school for about two weeks, you know."

He looked away, clicking his tongue. "Like I care, it's illegal to be in a relationship with a student when I'm a teacher."

"You didn't think about that when you kissed her in our library, did you?" she shot back, and his head turned faster than she'd think it could. "I'm her twin, Gackt. Don't think that I can't see it. You had some sort of feelings for her, but you were scared. Scared of what, is what I'm wondering."

"In the past, I've had relationships that never worked out, whether it be that I got tired of sex or the couple thing itself. Lylith is totally different, she's pure, and I don't want to hurt her," he said carefully, bowing his head. Amelia listened intently. "It's true; I had a serious crush on her, but after what happened in the library I was forced to face the facts. When I saw how scared she was, I was afraid to even look at her."

"That doesn't mean that you have the right to just throw her onto the ground like you did," Amelia fought, her voice getting louder. "You led her on for the longest time; punishing me more than you did her. You couldn't stand to get mad at her and yet you just had no problem to let your anger out at me. Back when you were a singer, you were her absolute favorite; she admired you more than I've seen her admire anyone else. Now, I don't want to see her get hurt by someone else because of what you had done to her." She stood up straight. "You're honestly one of the luckiest people in the world right now, Gackt. You're a teacher and as a student I would get in loads of trouble from the school and from my sister if I punched you in the face right now. But in no way does that make me any less intent on doing it in the future." She started walking down the hall.

"Amelia, what about class?"

"I'm too pissed off to listen to your annoying voice," she said over her shoulder, stopping for a mere second. "If Yuuya wonders anything, just tell him that I didn't feel well. If it's Lylith, I don't care what you tell her anymore."

She stalked off, leaving the blond teacher to drown himself in his own thoughts. What the girl had said was stabbing him in the heart, and he had no idea how to react when he saw the brunette's face if he walked back into class. He opened the door and all talking ceased. "Sensei, what are we doing today?"

"Free study," he replied automatically, not meeting any of his student's faces and walking to the back room, shutting himself from the rest of the world. He sat in his chair and spun around, putting a hand to his head. How could a mere student see past him like he was nothing but a glass window? Now he had both of the siblings to deal with, and he just didn't know how to take care of things anymore. The door softly opened and he growled out, "What?". He thought he had locked the goddamn thing.

"Gackt, is everything okay? Where's nee-san?" The soft voice that belonged to Lylith only broke his heart more and he looked up.

"Get out," he growled, not caring if some students would perk up. So he was familiar with a student, who cares. But Lylith stood her ground, even opened the door a little wider.

"I'm not leaving until you tell me what's wrong." Half the class was looking in their direction.

"I said get out." His voice was steadily getting louder.

"No." Her's was too.

"God fucking dammit, Lylith! Leave me the fuck alone!" he screamed, throwing the nearest thing, which happened to be a music binder, knocking her back and onto the floor. He went up and shut the door loudly, putting his back against it and feeling reluctant tears stream down his face. He couldn't remember the last time he cried, but why did it have to be now of all times? The entire class was now talking, worriedly, getting closer and closer to the door and to where he knew Lylith was laying, hand covering where the binder had hit her—right at the area of her right hip, just above the bone, he remembered—probably staring in shock at the door, almost in tears. It killed him inside to know so much about the girl. He covered his mouth to muffle the sounds he made as he slid down, locking the door with his free hand. "I love you," he whispered to himself. "But I'm too stupid and dirty for someone like you..."

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