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Misaki waved to her friend while walking out of the class door saying:" Good luck with studying for mid-terms"

Mika:"Ah sure, for you too"

At the corner of that class..

Ichiro who was watching Misaki from the corner of the class:"Misaki sure gives the most cheerful smile at worst times. Isn't it?"

"Then why do i see pain in her eyes?" Asked usui who seemed to stare at where Misaki stood moments ago.


"Nothing. Let's go"

Mid-terms were over. It was the day before the results day when Misaki remembered her best friend's birthday is soon to come. She wanted to give her a nice hand made gift, so she stayed up all night carefully decorating a cup putting all her heart into it. With the last touch, the clock on the night-stand rang. It was morning already, which means it's time for school. She looked at the calendar and a shiver went down her spine. It was "results" day.

At that moment her mother came in and hugged her tightly.

Mother:"Sweety, i know you was sick through exams days, but don't worry if you scored bad, he won't touch you"

Misaki broke the hug and smiled cheerfully saying:"Don't worry. I'll be fine. Now i want to get ready not to be late" But she couldn't really stop her worry, and it was even harder to stop her fear.

At school..

Once Misaki got her report paper, her eyes widened and her heart started racing in fear of what may happen the moment she arrives home. Her thoughts were interrupted by:

"Oh! You got the highest score in class! "

"Really? congratulations Misaki"

The whole class started to rain her with congratulations. She thanked them all with her usual smile. A forced smile, but it didn't matter wether it was real or not. Nobody noticed anyways, or that's what she thought. No bit of her mind was into thanking the classmates around her. She was just focusing on trying to calm herself behind that smile.

Usui:"As expected from class president, and the one i admire. Our children will be so smart"

Misaki was taken aback. Usui was the only one who could distract her from her worry. It was crazy how his out of mind comments made her forget about things. Even if that was for a bit. They were just 'that' irritating.

" Ch..chi..What? This isn't really the time for your teasing. Don't say that!"

Usui:"Say what?"

Misaki blushed:"What you said just now!"

"Ah, You mean 'i admire you' part?"

Misaki blushing harder:" Nevermind"

" It's true. I admire you"

Misaki pouted :"Whatever you say. Class is starting"

At the lunch break..

Mika:"I must work harder. Just like you. You spent every moment studying and sacrificed everything. It must had been tough for you"

Misaki smiled weakly at her words and nodded. Then she said:" Mika, i can be my true self around you, right?"

Mika:"Sure, we're best friends"

Misaki looked away. Sadness filling her face. Then she uttered:" I.. i lost five marks. Of course i'm glad i got the highest marks, but i lost five marks! I..."

Mika looked at her in disbelief:"You're... upset because of five marks?"

"I.." Misaki tried to talk but she was interrupted again. This time it was something she never expected to be the reason to interrupt her. It was a slap. A surprising one!

Misaki held her stinging cheek and looked at Mika, too shocked to breath. Mika looked like someone else. Her face was filled with anger.

Mika:"Shut up! You're looking like it's the end of the world when it's only five marks! How about me who lost 30? How about people who totally fail? You should be grateful. I thought you were different. I simply hate people like you. Go cry over your five marks. I'm out of here! "

Misaki had tears in her eyes but refused to let them fall . She uttered:"W..wait"

But Mika was already gone.

The rest of the day went awkwardly

'I simply hate people like you'

Those words echoed in the back of Misaki's mind the whole classes time. By the end of the day Misaki catch up to Mika on their way back home since their houses were on the same direction, but Mika just quickened her steps giving Misaki the message of 'leave me alone'

So misaki just walked few steps behind her. The minutes walking back home felt so heavy. although there was only few steps between them. Misaki just felt alone.

She got home and went upstairs to her room. She found her father sitting on bed

Misaki smiling:" I've got the highest scores!"

Her father smiled back and said:"Show me the report card"

She gave it to him nervously. He took a look then said:"I see, i couldn't help but notice this cup. Did you decorate it by yourself?"


Father:"In exams' days?"

"No, it's yesterday. In exams' days i was so sick so..."

The father punched her so hard to make her fall on floor with a cut on her lip. He yelled:"Don't lie! Five?! Lose some more marks and you'll never make it to that university!"

Then his cell rang. He answered it. They needed him at work so he left, but before he could leave, he didn't forget to break the cup she spent all night decorating and ordered:"Focus on studying only"

From the other side of the house her mother hung up. She was the one who called her husband claiming it's the work in order to save her daughter. She knew he doesn't bother to check the caller id before picking up.

Once he left she rushed into the room checking on Misaki, but misaki just smiled when she saw the worried look on her mother's face. She didn't want to worry her more so she said:"It's just a small cut. I'll do better in exams next time" Little did she know that the fact she never complained worried her mother even more.

At the night, Misaki spent the whole night making another gift. Mika's birthday was only few hours apart. Despite the awkward state between them. She really wished things would turn alright and she'd give her the gift.

Mika walked past Misaki without bothering to greet her or even look at her. That was a mental slap for Misaki, but she still waited for the suitable chance to go talk to her. When the chance finally came she took the gift that costed her two nights without sleep. Not that she hated that. She stood in front of Mika and started talking nervously


Mika:"I thought i made it clear that i hate you" And she left with out bothering to know Misaki's response might be.

Misaki didn't feel like attending the next class. For the first time in her life she pretended to be sick and walked out of the class but not to infirmary. She just went to a silent empty place in school and sat hugging her knees, but that silence didn't last long. A girl called Erica sat next to her and said:"What's keeping your mind busy?"


Erica :"It's ok you can tell. Don't fake a smile"

"It's my friend's birthday. I don't know how to congratulate her when we're in an argument" She didn't even know why she's saying that to a stranger.

Erica :"Come with me"

They went to closets hall. Erica :"Put it in her closet. She'll get it anyways"

Misaki:"Oh, okay thanks"

Misaki placed the gift then turned around to see Erica smiling at her.

Erica :"You're so nice, cheerful and so true to your friends. I always admired that"

Misaki nervously:"Thank you" She couldn't help but feel comfortable with her, although she was from another class and they didn't really know each other well. The girl seemed to know a lot about her. Afterall, Misaki was the class president.

"See you later" Erica said and walked ahead.

"Careful! Your shoe lace.." Misaki said as she noticed Erica's shoe lace wasn't tied, but it was too late. She already tripped and fell. Misaki catched up with her. Just when she was about to bent down and help her up, a teacher came and saw misaki standing while Erica was on ground.

Teacher:"Misaki, Erica, come with me to the staff's room"

Teacher:"How dare you Misaki bully another girl?"

Erica :"But she wasn't..."

Teacher:"Shut up. Even if she's threatening you. You can't defend her. I heard she bully a lot of others from a trusted source"

Misaki:"Eh? I never did such a thing"

Teacher:"Oh, surely you'll say that. I'll call your parents"

Misaki freaked out:"Don't call the house number! I'll give you mother's number"

Teacher:"You're not the one to decide that"

The teacher dialled the number that was written in the file in front of her making misaki terrified. Just why did the teacher decide to call while the phone is on full-speaker? With each *peep* voice, she prayed her mom will pick up. Her hope crashed into billion pieces when she heard her father's voice on the other end of the line. It took 10 minutes for her parents to arrive.

Misaki saw the fake smiles on her father's face which made her fear grow. They made her apology for something she didn't do. She was just helping the girl out! But she still refused to admit she bullied others.

Her mother:" Teacher, if you'll excuse me, i have something to discuss with misaki. Maybe that'll make her confess whatever she did"

'whatever i did? even you mom?' Misaki thought in disbelief

Teacher:"Sure, take her out. We'll wait"

Outside the room

Mother:"Listen Misaki, i know you didn't do wrong. Even if you did wrong, i'm sure it's for a good reason. Get out of here and don't come back home tonight 'till your father calms down. Stay at your friend's house"

Misaki:"What about the teacher?"

Mother:"I'll figure out something. Now go"

"Okay mom. I love you" She said with tears in her eyes.

"I love you too sweety"

On her way to get out of school..

"There you are. I went to the infirmary but couldn't find you, and you are sneaking out?"

Misaki got angry but tried to stay calm by sighing:"Usui, why'd you go to infiramy at first place?"

Usui:"To check on you. You didn't seem well, or let's say you acted that way. So not like you. I want to know why"

"You went there to check on me? Please just stop teasing me and i'll be fine. I must go now"

He held her wrist in oder to stop her.. " Means i'm right. You are not fine. Please , what's wrong?" He said in a calm voice but more like pleading

She removed his hand not looking at him and walked away. She didn't want him to see the tears that were willing to fall any moment.

" If you ever need me, i'm here" He said in disappointment at her action.

His words stopped her. She mumbled: "Don't be too full of yourself" And she continued on walking

Right after Misaki got away. She kept thinking of who could help her at such a time. She realized the only person she knows the address to, was mika. She shook the idea off and went to a park. Many kids were playing football. She thought that'll cheer her up so she joined them.

A cute child:"Onii-chan, teach me how to kick the ball. I always fall"

Misaki smiled:"Focus your sight on the ball, then..."

Those kids were so pure. She forgot about the world for a moment. Then one by one was taken by his parents as the dark came. Now she seriously needed to go home. Her feet took her to Mika's house. She knocked at the door

Mika from behind the door:"Who's there?"

"I'm Misaki.."

"What do you want?"

"Will you open the door?"

"No need to"

"Can i stay over tonight? Please! I need you"

"Go away"

"I'm sorry if i ever made you upset"

"I said go away!"

Misaki felt the urge to cry and walked back. Then something catched her sight. In a garbage can next to Mika's house, was the cup she made for Mika. She walked in despair, tears filling her eyes. There was no other place for her but... home.

Reaching her house she knocked the door

Her mom opened:"What are you doing here? He's angry. Go!"

But soon her father showed before she could leave pulling her from her hair along the stairs and throwing her at the room's floor harshly. Then he closed the door behind them.

'Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about'

"Randy Pausch"