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25: Trouble Lurking

Harold Finch stared at the number and profile information on the screen before him in astounded shock and silence. John Reese was elsewhere in the library awaiting more information, but he was a man who knew that Finch liked his privacy. Finch however was too shocked to move except to breathe and blink at the information in front of him.

Half-brother. He had a half-brother that he'd never even known about through his mother, she'd abandoned him when he was an infant because she couldn't care for him at the time.

"Mr. Reese," he called blankly, and John was soon walking towards him. "I-I can't…"

"You know him?" Reese asked, and Harold blinked shocked at him. "Who is he?"

"I-My mother's other son, she-she abandoned him," Finch said appalled and quietly, and Reese's normally emotionless mask was destroyed as his eyebrows shot up and his eyes lit up in astonishment. "I didn't even know he existed until just now, John…."

"I'll protect him and keep him out of trouble as best I can, Finch," Reese promised, "Can you dig up anything else? Any nieces and nephews of yours I need to be aware of?"

"One niece and two nephews," Finch read, "I'm pulling up their files now. Ages twenty-four, twenty-seven and twenty-eight, they ran away when she was fourteen for unknown reasons and haven't been seen or heard of since then, not even for taxes or jobs…"

"Good god," Reese said looking over Finch's shoulder, who turned slightly and glared until the ex-CIA stood up and backed off. "Sorry. Any ideas where the three kids are?"

"No, but my half-brother went missing a few months ago, about the time I hired you…" Finch said curiously, "He disappeared from the Military base at Quantico, Nevada, and went entirely AWOL with no signs of honorable discharge in his future."

"Well, that's most certainly an interesting case," Reese said narrowing his eyes. "Shall I get Carter and Fusco in on this?"

"To look for the children, yes, that would be wise," Finch said recalling something. "If they ran away, they were likely being abused, yes?"

"Either that or they wanted to join the Military, but I'm vouching for the former," Reese said swinging a gun over his shoulder and another into the holster on his right thigh. "Which one should I look for first?"

"I'm not sure, keep an eye open for all four, if you could, please, Mr. Reese," Finch said in a tone that John hadn't heard in a long time. "Perhaps another set of eyes and ears would be useful right about now in this case…"

"Hey, I'm not letting a partner on the team unless I'm for certain they can handle fighting me," Reese snapped, "I'm not having an untrained partner be my backup."

"That is for me to decide, thank you," Finch said shooting him a look that said to get going. "Now please do your job and let me do mine, Mr. Reese. I'd have told you if I needed to be told how to do my job when I hired you. I was actually referring to the detectives."

Reese picked up the four photographs with SSN's on the back and headed out of the Library. He couldn't help but stare at the picture of Finch's niece. Why the hell did she look so damn familiar to him?


Detective Fusco looked at his phone to find the unknown number calling. Joy, he knew who that meant.

"Hello?" he said picking up his cell phone.

"Hello, Lionel," Reese said, "I need your – and Detective Carter's - help following a person or two while I have my hands full."

"And what would that have to do with anything?" he asked glancing up at Carter.

"I'll be sending you the two photographs of the ones we need followed shortly, Detective," Finch cut in, and Lionel scowled.

"Hello to you, too," he remarked, "How old?"

Within moments, he received the email, though, and he blinked in surprise.

"Okay, I'm on it," he said sensing a promotion if he found two or three of the ones missing.

"Thank you, Lionel," Reese said calmly, "I'm glad I can count on you for this."

"You're welcome, I'll see what I can do," he said just before hanging up. "Hey, Joss, we got a case of three missing kids. Siblings, been missing for about ten years. Rumored to have been seen in the city, but unsure as of yet. Want to come?"

"If it'll get me out of here, then yes," she hissed glancing at Mark Snow, whose eyes narrowed dangerously at her. "I'm going to help him on a case, what's wrong with that?"

"Get to your own case," Snow snapped. "I'll come and help."

"But Carter and I were specifically requested," Fusco protested, "Not that I have anything against the Feds."

"Watch where you step, chubby," Snow snarled dangerously.

From around the corner, a brunette glared at the CIA agent and murmured, "I think it's best that you watch where you step, Agent Snow, or I might have to poison you by degrees…"

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