M. Sonic was on the phone talking to the doctor.

"Well you see doc, mini-me has this.. problem.. He's been eating a lot and I can't seem to get him to stop.."

A nod was seen as the 21 year old listened to the doctor.

"Alright. I'll bring him in.."

C. Sonic sat on the floor, his black eyes glued to the TV in front of him as he watched TV.

"Hey, Mini-me.."

The 10 year old turned around to see his older-self standing at the door-way of the room. The younger hedgehog looked up at the older one in wonder.

"It's time for a check-up.."

A look of horror came across the light-blue hedgehog's face. He let out a silent scream before running away. The 21 year old sighed and ran after him. He caught him and began dragging him out the door.

"You are going to the doctor weather you like it or not, mini-me!"

No! I don't wanna go! Tears started for form in the little hedgehog's eyes. Please don't make me go!

"Sorry mini-me. You're going!"

It took M. Sonic a good hour before he finally got the little hedgehog to the doctor's. C. Sonic was screaming quietly for help, but people just gave him weird looks. M. Sonic sighed, shaking his head, pissed off. He dragged the little hedgehog in and put him on a table. He locked the door so the little one couldn't get away.

"Okay, so you said on the phone younger-you has put on a little weight.." the doctor said.

M. Sonic nodded. "Yeah."

C. Sonic frowned.

"Let's take a look.."

The doctor listened to the little hedgehog's heart, then belly, then weighed him.

"Oh dear.."


"He's over the weight he should. 110. He should be less than 50 of that."

C. Sonic frowned again and looked at his belly. I'm not fat... I'm just round and awesome!

"Of cause you are." The doctor smiled. "This should help with his eating problem.."

He got out a needle...

C. Sonic's eyes widen when he saw it and he let out a quiet scream and jumped off the table and ran for the door. He began clawing at it, trying his best to get out. M. Sonic sighed, grabbed him, dragged him back to the table, put him on it, and held him down. The doctor put the needle slowly into the young hedgehog's belly. Tears started to fall from C. Sonic's eyes as it went deeper into his soft round belly. The doctor pulled it out and put something on the wound.

"THere, that should help with his eating. Give this two him twice a day in the belly, okay?"

M. Sonic nodded and took the machine the doc gave him. C. Sonic sniffed and set up, tears still falling from his eyes as he rubbed his wound. The doctor smiled and gave him some candy. The little hedgehog took it, and the two went home.