The story must be a full story no one shots.

Harry Potter dies along with Voldemort in the final Battle of Hogwarts. Hermione regrets not telling him how much she loved him when he finds a picture of them together on one side of Slytherin's locket and the words "HG/HP Forever". She finds a way to go back in time and returns at the end of second year. (hint: you can use petrification awakening scene for this).

Hermione cannot tell Harry that she is back from the future.

Harry Potter must compete in the Tri-Wizard tournament.

Must be rated M - but smut/slash/lemons are optional not mandatory. I just want developed stories and not just fantasies.

Hermione and Harry must be animagus.

No soul bond but they should be able to communicate telepathically maybe even complete each other's sentences like Fred and George

Weasley bashing Optional

Manipulative Dumbledore optional

Suggested Pairings

Harry/Hermione Ron/Lavender Neville/Luna Remus/Tonks Dan(Mr. Granger)/Emma(Mrs. Granger)


(A/N) Right Okay, I've planned out the whole story and I can't meet all those requirements, sorry.

The story is rated T as Harry and Hermione are much too young for smut.

Hermione can and will tell Harry that she has travelled in time however it causes her pain to do so.

There will be no telepathic communication between the pair.

Slight Ron bashing at the beginning that stops about 10 chapters in.

Molly, Ginny and Dumbledore bashing all the way through.

Pairings: Harry/Hermione, slight Neville/Luna, slight Sirius/Siren (mostly flirting), slight Siren/ Remus (one date), Dan/Emma (mentioned but only seen once or twice).

Harry and Hermione will become Animagi.


This was it, it was all over. Harry Potter was dead. The lifeless body of The-Boy-Who-Lived was placed in the centre of the great hall, in a place of honour. People were gathered around him, wizards and witches that had fought in the Final Battle but the closest were his friends and family: the Weasleys, all except Fred who had died in the battle; Neville; Luna and most importantly Hermione Granger.

The tall brunette was kneeling at Harry's head gently stroking his hair out of his face. She was muttering under her breath as others in the hall came forward to talk to the remains of the Golden Trio.

"Harry there's so much I wish I could have told you," tears trailed off her face and dripped on to the motionless, Boy-Who-Lived-Only-To-Die, "remember after Ronald left and we were passing the locket between us and you found that picture on the back of it? You asked me why it was there and why it said HG/HP Forever." Hermione laughed quietly, "And you believed me when I told you it meant as 'friends' you idiot. I loved you since the day you saved me from that Troll in first year." Her sobs cut off the rest of her words as she finally broke down.

"Hermione," warm hands wrapped around her shoulders, "come away." Ron was pulling her away and no matter how much she wanted to stay by Harry's side she would do anything for Ron.

Hermione suspected that she and Harry had both been under the influence of love potions and compulsion spells since their last hospital visit in third year. The length of time they had been under led to an addiction and it was only after Ron abandoning them in the woods that lead to Hermione overcoming the powerful magic. When Ron had returned Harry was still under the influence and welcomed him back with open arms. Ron saw Hermione's new attitude and knew what it meant so he recast the compulsion charms and once more trapped her in his web, but the love potions had failed to work as Hermione built up a tolerance, Ron was none the wiser as long as Hermione played her part.

Ron pulled her out of the hall and out into a deserted corridor. He leant her back against the wall and stroked her hair. Hermione wanted to pull away but Ron tightened his grip on her hair and tilted her head upwards.

"Hermione." He stroked his hand down the side of her face. She pulled herself away from his touch, fighting the compulsion for all she was worth, "What's wrong my love?" Ron asked.

Hermione shoved him with all her strength.

"I'm not yours!" she snapped as Ron stumbled from the force of her shove.

"Oh? You're going to fight me?" Ron laughed, but it was cold and hard, "You? The pathetic Mudblood?" he hissed as he moved closer.

"Stay away from me!" Hermione yelled. Ron moved lightning fast and punched her across the face. Hermione's head hit the wall with a sickening crack.

"Ronald!" a woman's scream came from down the hall, "Deprimo!" she shrieked. Hermione felt the sudden wind but it didn't affect her in anyway, Ron however was thrown down the corridor and slammed into the wall hard enough to break every bone in his body. The woman ran up to Hermione's side, it was Luna.

"Oh Hermione." Luna was crying, "I'm so sorry." Hermione didn't answer, she couldn't Ron had managed to brake her jaw and give her a concussion in one blow, "I'm so very, very sorry." Luna raised her wand again and held it to Hermione's chest, "Do things right this time, Converterent Tempus." Hermione's vision faded but Luna's voice continued, "I'll send help this time I won't let her stand alone."


When Hermione opened her eyes it was to the concerned face of Madam Pomfrey. Hermione sat up suddenly and took in a huge gasp of air.

"That's it dear, deep breaths." The nurse coached as she rubbed comforting circles on the young girls back. Once Hermione settled more the nurse stepped away, "You have a visitor." As the nurse walked to the next bed another woman approached Hermione's bed.

This woman had straight dark brown hair pulled behind her head in a ponytail, apart from a small bit that fell over her right eye, she had on simple glasses and was wearing light blue denim jeans, a white shirt and knee height black boots, and over the back of the chair she had just left to walk to Hermione's side was a thick black trench coat.

"Welcome Miss Granger; to 1993."

Hermione stared, open mouthed, at the woman.

"Who are you?" she managed to ask.

"Oh yes, how rude of me, my name is Siren and I have been sent to aid you by my masters family; the Lovegoods." Hermione looked around the room in awe; it really was her second year! The petrified students were surrounding her all in various states of awakening. She turned to the woman beside her bed.

"Luna…..Luna did this." She muttered.

"Yes," Siren confirmed, "one of the brightest witches of your age."

"Oh." Hermione fell back into the pillows, "Is it really 1993?"

"Yes, Luna sent you back."


"She wanted to give you another chance." Siren answered quietly.

"Another chance at what?"

"Love, life, happiness, anyone of the above." Siren smiled, "And she sent me back with you to help."

"Love?" Hermione asked. Siren smiled.

"As you know the Weasleys have been drugging you since a short while after ohhh I think it was fourth year, they prevented you and your perfect mate from coming together which severely damaged both of your magical cores. Your connection is different to soul-bonding; in a soul-bond you have two separate souls that have always been together through each reincarnation, they are more powerful together and are 'destined' to be together. You and your mate, who shall remain unnamed for the sake of my sanity, are one soul. A single soul that was forced to separate by dark magic in a past life and since then has tried to become one once more." Siren stopped to watch Hermione's expression change as she processed what Siren had just told her.


"I can understand if…..hang on…what? Did you just say 'okay'?" Siren looked shocked.

"I've read about bonds like this." Hermione offered as explanation.

"Oh, well then, that was a waste of time." Siren frowned.

"I had a time turner in third year," Hermione started.

Siren interrupted.

"Horrible way to travel time."

"Horrible things happen to wizards who meddle with time; what happens if I change things?" Hermione continued, heedless of the interruption, "It's obvious that I've taken my own body so we don't need to deal with two versions of myself, thank Merlin, but do I just let time continue? Should I tell Dumbledore what I know so he can go after the horcruxes? Should I tell anyone anything and eal with it all myself? I'm only thirteen! What happens if I destroy the whole timeline I remember?" Siren slammed her hand over Hermione's mouth to shut her up.

"Hermione I can't answer if you don't give me a chance to." Siren lowered her hand when Hermione didn't make another attempt to speak, "You are here to change things, that's why Luna sent you back, and please don't ask me how, all I know is that by doing so she destroyed the castle and a large amount of Scotland, but there are some rules that I have to lay down and you have to follow." Hermione nodded, "First you can't tell ANYONE about the future or else you'll risk changing it too much to be able to end the war the same way. Second I have to warn you about Dumbledore, he isn't the leader of the light that you think he is, he is responsible for the potions and spells that you and Harry found yourselves under. Lastly it's probably best to let most of what you remember happen and you not actively change anything; that's why I'm here, I'm your protection and right hand, okay?"

"Alright." The girl agreed. Siren smirked.

"Brilliant!" Siren walked quickly back to her chair and pulled on her coat, "Lets go then; we've got a feast to get to!" she grinned madly as she placed a bag on Hermione's bed, "Get dressed!" she ordered, "We've got a world to save!" her grin was catching and as Hermione closed the curtains around her bed a matching one was on her own face.


The odd pair was walking down the grand staircase towards the great hall when Hermione pointed out an obvious problem.

"What about you?" she asked.

"What about me?" Siren asked.

"Won't people think that it's odd that a random adult has started to stalk me around the halls?" she smiled as Siren frowned.

"Good point."

"So what are you going to do?"

Siren smirked.

"Hermione I'm not human."


"I'm a very rare magical creature; I only look human because I needed to communicate with you."

"Oh." Hermione tried to hold back her curiosity but Siren showed no sign of answering the obvious question as she stopped to poke one of the magical paintings, "So what are you?" Hermione asked once her patience ran out.

"Lots of things." Hermione frowned at the evasive answer, "A Boggart takes the shape of what a person most fears correct?" Hermione nodded, "Okay so imagine a Boggart that came across a human that's greatest fear was the Boggart gaining intelligence and becoming powerful, permanently." Hermione's eyes widened in understanding, "That's what I am. The Founders, yes before you ask the Founders of Hogwarts, captured me and bound me to the school as a final layer of protection for the students, the Dark Lord freed me when he was a student in a misguided attempt to recruit me for his own ends. I escaped the school but was weak and injured; I was rescued by Luna's great-grandmother who brought me back to my full powers and health. I made a magical oath to the Lovegood family in thanks. Luna used MY magic as well as her own to power the time travel spell, resulting in her death and the draining of most of my powers. One could say I'm not really even a Boggart anymore, more like a witch with multiple Animagus forms." She paused for a moment before continuing, "I intend to teach you Occlumancy to protect your mind from Dumbledore and the Animagus transformation as soon as possible."

"How are you going to do that?" Hermione asked, "The holidays are starting soon, I'll have to go home."

"Yes." Siren grinned, "Before you woke up I went to visit your parents," she pulled a letter out of her pocket, "from your parents," Siren explained, "they are under the impression that I am a distant cousin that also has magic, sorry about that lie by the way, but it does mean that you will be staying with me for all of the holidays."

"Will my parents be safe?" Hermione asked desperately, remembering wiping their memories to keep themsafe.

"Perfectly; I placed wards around their home."

"Thank you." Hermione grasped Siren by the arm, "I mean it, thank you." Siren smiled gently.

"You are welcome." Siren handed Hermione the letter, "Hold this will you?" Hermione took it and watched in fascination as Siren twirled on the spot, her trench coat billowing out better than Snape's robes ever could, and shrunk down to half a meter in height, with each of her wings a whole meter in length. Her feathers were midnight black and her eyes a startling gold.

Hermione held out her arm and Siren fluttered up on to it, Hermione placed the letter on her leg and Siren flew up into the air.


When Hermione entered the great hall and saw Harry she ran down the table to him, he stood and pulled her into his arms she ploughed into his chest; it was a testament to Harry that he didn't fall over.

"I missed you." She whispered.

"It wasn't the same without you!" Harry muttered back.

"I don't doubt it." She responded cheekily and heard Harry snort in amusement. They let go of each other slowly and sat down beside one another, Ron didn't even look up and Hermione didn't bother to say anything to the red head that was stuffing his face.

Harry rolled his eyes at his two best friends but silently thanked whoever was listening that the girl he had developed a crush on ignored the red head. The feast continued as more of the petrified victims came into the hall.

Hermione looked up, as did everyone else, as a midnight black bird flew into the hall from one of the high windows screeching the whole way. It circled the hall once as everyone's eyes landed on it before flying towards the Gryffindor table. It flew the length of the table once before spotting Hermione and landing on her shoulder closest to Harry so its wings brushed against his head.

"Who's it from 'Mione?" Harry asked, confused as Hermione seemed to smirk before schooling her features. The girl stroked the bird on the head.

"I don't know." She pulled the letter from the bird's leg and started to read. Harry, rather than reading over his friends' shoulder, which he knew would annoy her, studied the bird. It was still sitting on Hermione's shoulder and also seemed to be reading the letter. He shrugged off that thought and held out some of his chicken for the bird. The bird cocked its head at him before taking the offered food; after it ate it fluttered from Hermione's shoulder to the table beside Harry's plate and looked between him and the food like it was asking for permission.

"Go for it." He told the bird as Hermione lifted her head from the letter, a huge smile on her face.

"What is it?" Harry asked. Hermione just handed the letter to him wordlessly before turning her attention to the bird.

"Thank you Siren." The bird, which Harry now knew was named Siren, lifted its head from his chicken for a moment in acknowledgement before going back to ripping the chicken to pieces. Harry turned his attention to the letter; it was from Hermione's parents.

Dearest Daughter,

We received some good news a few weeks ago; you aren't the only witch in the family! It turns out that one of my distant cousins is also a witch! She contacted me through the post and in her letter dropped a few hints about what she was before she came over to the house itself last week and told us the truth, isn't it amazing? When she heard that you too were a witch she was ecstatic and asked if she could take you for part, if not all of the holidays. We were hesitant to agree at first but then she explained that she would be teaching you more about the magical world and your place within it. Your father and I knew you would just jump at the chance to learn more about your new world and that having a magical relative would be in your favour. So we agreed. Siren will be meeting you at 9 ¾ at the end of term and you will spend the holidays with her while your father and I take that romantic holiday we have always wanted. It's perfect!

You will hopefully be spending Christmas here with us but Siren is invited and said she would get back to us as soon as she could about it.

Your father does ask that you try and keep up your writing during the holiday though, we've gone months without a drop of news and no way to send you our own letters until Siren came around and offered the use of her own bird also, strangely, called Siren!

Missing you!

Lots of love Mother.

"That's amazing 'Mione!" Harry told the brunette when he finished the letter.

"I know!" Hermione looked so happy, she stared into Harrys eyes and he felt as if the world was disappearing around him, all he could see was her chestnut eyes and that was all that mattered.

The pair were brought out of their daze when Neville knocked over his goblet.

"Sorry." He muttered as Hermione pulled out her wand and cast the needed spells.

"It's okay Neville." Harry reassured the poor boy before turning back to his meal, his plate was spotless. He stared at it in shock for a moment before turning to the bird he had offered to share his meal with.

Siren met his gaze and winked before moving to Hermione's goblet of water to drink. Harry stared after the bird before shaking his head and reloading his plate.