"Who are you?" the kindly man asked her upon her return to the house of black and white.

She stood still, hands to the side and back straight but with hood in tow. "I am no one," she replied in a voided voice. Cold and chilling she turned the air with her answer.

"Who are you?" the kindly man asked once more.

"No one," she replied, now raising her face so that her eyes would meet his. As her voice was voided, so were her grey eyes. They seemed dead, and dead they probably were.

"Who are, you?" the kindly man asked again, stressing on the last word. He held up a cup he had been holding. It was filled with a clear fluid that was still even with movement.

She met his hand and took the cup. She smelled the contents, but it had no scent. She knew what it was and considered heavily if she were to drink it. She smiled at him as she took the cup to her lips but kept them closed. She removed her hood and let her hair flow in ghostly tresses.

"I am the ghost," she answered and spilled the liquid onto the floor. She knelt in respect, said a prayer, and turned around. "Forgive me, master. But I cannot give up my face." She started to walk away but was called back by another question.

"Who are you?" the kindly man asked a final time.

"I am Arya of House Stark."

The kindly man then threw a small and slender sword at which she caught and made her way out of the house of black and white.

Five years have passed since the War of the Five Kings and nowhere is Westeros close to peace. The balance of powers has shifted to the advantage of some and to the disdain of most. The Lannisters may be frail, but they still rule. Cersei Lannister's grip on to power intensified with her decent onto madness. She was locked away and Genna Frey took command after her brother's death. Their allies, the Freys and Boltons, are slowly being bit inch by inch by those loyal to House Stark and Tully. However, hope seems to be dying for the loyalists as Edmure Tully remains captive and all the Stark children are believed to be dead. The only people who seemed to gain power were the Tyrells. The gaping weakness Kevan Lannister left was the only opportunity they needed to take over control of the iron throne. But Margeary was still just Queen, and not Regent. Genna Lannister managed to curb their rise to power, but even she could not completely take hold of Randyll Tarly.

There were only two regions left out of Lannister-Tyrell control. The Unbent, Unbroken and Unbowed region of Dorne and the now Targaryen ruled Stormlands. Aegon the VI has secured Storm's End and had decorated the Usurper's Ancestral House in Targaryen red. Fortunately for the young prince, the last living Baratheons were much too occupied in the Wall for there to be much resistance.

It is this Westeros that the Dragon Queen is acquainted with upon her landing on Dragonstone. With all three of her mighty dragons, Deanarys Targaryen returns to the place of her birth after a life long of absence. The newly installed Castellan of Dragon Stone welcomed them bearing a letter from Varys. Immediately after reading, she rode onto Drogon and left for Storm's End to see the nephew she never knew about.