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I frown slightly and whip around toward the shouting. Caleb leaps swiftly in front of Susan- I'm glad Tobias has enough sense to not do the same. It would be irritating to have to lean around him to see.

He knows I'm perfectly capable of looking after myself. I think that's partially what he likes about me- the rest I can't decipher. I'm not pretty, like Susan, or Christina. I'm not even remotely nice to him or anyone else, so why is he with me? So many must have been fascinated by him like me- his dreamy blue eyes, his-

"Tris." Christina's nails dig into my wrist and I wince slightly as I feel warm blood trickle down my hand.

"What is that? Erudite?" She asks, and I pointedly look in any direction but her.

"I don't know, Christina." I reply, almost rolling my eyes. If I'd known, I'd have already told everyone. She should know this. She knows me better than anyone apart from Tobias and Caleb. And, of course, my parents.

A hard clump forms in my throat and my eyes begin to burn as I think of my parents. My parents, who died for me and Caleb, for everyone outside the factions. But I must stay strong. I'm not a person that cries easily.

Pounding footsteps alarm me. I shift slightly, placing my hand on the gun concealed in my pants. My stomach roils as I make contact with the polished metal, but I grit my teeth and endure. I won't survive a minute without a weapon.

Peter bursts in, his blue eyes wild with panic. I allow myself a moment of satisfaction as I take in his injuries.

He's been shot; dark blood pours from his shoulder and his leg is twisted at an odd angle. Sprained or broken, I can't tell.

Peter may have saved my life several times, but he did what he had to, not that he liked it. He'd owed me a debt.

I can't help thinking of the Dauntless initiation, his hands clamped over my face, attempting to toss me into the Pit.

His face, twisted in fury when I ranked higher then him in training; his fists flying into my ribs as he fought me. His vicious taunts, his cruel laughter.

I clench my fists and suppress the urge to take advantage of his weakness. If it wasn't for him, I'd be dead. I suppose I did owe him, not that I intended to pay him back. Peter doubles over for a moment, hunched in his pain. Then he straightens up and chokes out, his words strangled.

I can't understand him, and from the looks being exchanged all around me, no one else can either.

Tobias strides forward and speaks in a hard voice. He hates Peter almost as much as I do. "What is it?" He growls, and Peter opens his mouth. "I.. attack."

I step forward to stand with Tobias and lean down to shake him roughly.

"What is going on?" I demand furiously, debating whether a punch will return him to his senses. It would be satisfying as well.

"There's an attack. Taking hostages... just got away."

"Erudite?" I ask, my voice rising slightly. Jeanine is dead. Surely we still won't have trouble from them? He shakes his head frantically.

"Don't know who. There's so many... killing... got to..."

"They're attacking the factionless and the injured?" Caleb interrupts, catching my eye.

Peter nods before flopping motionless to the ground. He has fainted, the coward.

"Toss him in the garbage chute." Tobias orders flatly, and the people around look slightly confused.

I manage a laugh and hope they will listen to Tobias's commanding. My legs jolt into action and I follow him.

As we rush down the stairs, I'm made aware of Caleb following. I want to protest- I can't lose him, too- but the harsh look he shoots me stops me. I toss him a gun that lies in a puddle of blood on the stairs and we continue.

Reading about firing a gun and actually firing one are two different things, and I hope Caleb knows that.

There's no more time to think as we charge into the fray and I'm in motion, my finger pressing down on the trigger continuously.

Our unknown opponents are strong, fast, and confident. I'd say Dauntless if I didn't know better.

Yes, Dauntless are swift and strong and powerful. But we're clothed in black and pierced and tattooed. These people aren't.

I notice their cinder gray cloaks and their similarities. I keep firing, and look around for Tobias.

My heart leaps when I don't spot him and fear creeps through my veins, freezing me in place for a moment. Then I spin and shoot one of the attackers in the head. The Amity that I just saved smiles thankfully at me and I snort. No weapons. She's bound to be killed sooner or later.

"Protect the children!" I sigh with relief as Tobias's strong voice fills the room and I automatically step towards him.

Everyone presses into a large clump with the factions' children huddled in the middle. I watch a Dauntless with a lip piercing fall, and then a rogue Erudite and a factionless. I whirl at a gun pressed to my head and halt.

It's Molly.

She's dirty and her clothes are all but rags. Soot streaks her otherwise pale face and her hair is short, coarse, like a boy's.

But I recognize her bulbous nose and her narrow eyes filled with utter hatred. I meet her gaze and raise my chin.

I am going to die. Molly's going to kill me. But I will have dignity. She won't win. I won't allow that.

Molly seems to come to terms with this, and jerks her head in a nod. She respects me, sort of. But it won' t stop her killing me.

I edged Molly out of the rankings. Me, a Stiff. She considers her becoming factionless to be my fault.

Maybe it is. I'm glad.

"Tris!" My eyes dart to Tobias's face, and he looks desperate. I stay still.

"Molly!" He begins in a pleading voice. That's odd. I've never heard him plead before.

"It's not Tris's fault. It isn't. Factions don't matter any more. You'll be incorporated into a new community. Accepted."

Molly wavers for a second, but doesn't move the gun from my forehead.

Tobias is becoming hopeful, I can tell, but I'm not. I regard the battle around me, pleased that we seem to be winning. It's a small pleasure, the last pleasure I'll have.

Tobias talks again. "And if not... Molly, I'm a Dauntless leader. I'll make sure you get into Dauntless. Just let Tris go."

"Liar!" The shriek tears from her throat. "Once I let..." She pauses, sneering, like the old Molly I know. "Beatrice go, you'll shoot me."

"I w-"

"Shut up, or Beatrice here gets it!" Molly snarls viciously. I wonder what happened to her since initiation. "Drew is dead. He couldn't handle being factionless. But I waited for my chance to find her again. It's her fault. She, the Stiff, didn't die when she was supposed to. She outranked us, pushed us out. We had no chance with you, Four, against us."

I look up at Tobias again. His face is thoughtful, strained, like he's working on a difficult math problem. I suddenly know what he's going to do.

He leaps for Molly and she cuts off of her almost senseless rambling. Her fingers tighten, and I prepare, but the pain doesn't come where I expected it.

Tobias must have twisted it from her grip, but it's still aimed, fatally, just below my heart. I barely feel the burst of pain as the bullet enters my chest.

I drift away with Tobias's name on my lips.

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