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I'm silent the whole train ride to Amity, my hands twisting in my lap. Tobias is up front, talking quietly to Evelyn, informing her how we plan to go about this. Amity won't take kindly to being ordered around by a bunch of Dauntless and Factionless, so we must be careful how we speak to them. They'll be angry how Tori decided that they would not have a place in the new government, but all of that is water under the bridge. We need the Amity leaders to open the gates for us so we can head out into the unknown.

A chill creeps up my spine, raising the hair on my neck. I'm trying to be brave, but there's still a part of me screaming to stay here. Stay safe.

I ignore the thoughts and glance around at the person sitting behind me. Evelyn wanted only Dauntless leaders and her to come, but I insisted, unable to bear staying behind. Tobias came to my aid, reasoning with Evelyn and Tori, telling them if it wasn't for my effort, the war could still be going on. And we wouldn't have the information Jeanine tried so hard to keep from us. Tori agreed with him, and so did the other Dauntless leader- Harrison, I think- so I was placed reluctantly on a train with four important leaders and an eight year old girl.

I'm still not sure who she is, or what faction she comes from. Factionless, if I had to guess. But why is she coming to Amity? A child? It was hard enough for me to tag along. She must be quite the charmer. I study her carefully. She's pretty, in an offhand sort of way, like she could be beautiful had she the time and effort. Her honey-colored hair is obviously curly, but it's cut shortly, oddly, as if she's done it herself with kitchen scissors. Her eyes are large, a dark brown, ringed by thick dark eyelashes. She is very quiet, focused on a book on her lap. She could be Erudite, with her eyes devouring the book, or she could be Abnegation, by the way she tries not to draw attention to herself. It frustrates me, not knowing who she is, so I go over to her cautiously. "Hi."

She gasps and jumps, dropping her book. I back up, raising my hands in the air, noting the wary look that has left its mark on everyone in her eyes. She relaxes visibly, then scoops to pick up her book. She rifles through it feverishly, attempting to find her page. I wait, a little irritated at being ignored in the favor of a book. After several minutes of quick page turning, she looks up. "Hi." She says meekly, and I smile at her encouragingly. "What's your name?" I ask kindly, and her eyes dart to me again, scared eyes. "It's Alex. My name's Alex." She replies slowly, and I crease my brow. Alex isn't an Abnegation name, or an Erudite. It's a Dauntless name. But this girl couldn't be anything further from a Dauntless, with her shy demeanor and her terrified eyes.

"I'm Tris." I say, flashing her another smile. "Tris Pri~"

"I know who you are." She cuts in harshly, jutting out her chin, eyes hardening. I nod, surprised. "What faction are you from?"

Silence is all I get, and she stares at me distrustfully. I turn away, perplexed by this shy, stubborn girl with the odd name. I'm returning to my seat when she decides to answer my question. "I'm Erudite." She spits out, and I sink into my chair before turning to face her. "Then why are you headed to Amity? Why aren't you with the others in the Erudite headquarters?" I ask curiously, and she sighs as if I am an ignorant fool.

"My sister is still a refugee at Amity. The kind one, Tobias, said I could come along to get her. The mean, cold one argued, but he overruled her." Alex explains carefully. I think on this. It was foolish of Tobias to bring her, but kind. Very kind. Warmth fills my heart. He is not like Marcus. He is kind.

We don't talk any more, the little girl and I, as time stretches on. I sense she wants quiet to read her book, and I give her peace, simply staring out of the windows.

The sun is sinking low into the pale sky, casting beautiful red-orange streaks crawling across light blue. I half close my eyes, enjoying the beauty, the quiet. I know it won't last for long. The train gradually slows, and I straighten up as I hear footsteps. The door slides open with a faint hiss, and Evelyn strides in. Her cold eyes sweep the room, and she dips her head to me. I stand up. "We're nearly there?"

She nods again, and sets her mouth in a dissatisfied line. "We'll have to walk from here."

Tobias is right behind her, still talking to Harrison. His eyes meet mine and then flick to Alex. He's asking me what I think of her.

I shrug in return, mouthing a we'll talk later. He nods, understanding, and resumes talking to Harrison. Evelyn walks over to share a few words with Alex, leaving me standing awkwardly with nobody to talk to, nothing to do, until Tori enters the room and pats me on the shoulder. I guess, by the way she's hovering, she feels guilty for accusing me of being a traitor before, so I grin at her. She smiles back, relieved, and lowers her voice to a mutter. "We're afraid it'll be difficult to negotiate with Amity, now Johanna isn't a leader anymore." She says confidentially. I'm thankful she's telling me what the authority figures have been whispering about in the other carriage- I was feeling distinctly left out and out of the loop. I narrow my eyes. "At least we don't have to worry about being attacked. Them being all about peace."

"That'll be a first." She grins, and we laugh together. Evelyn raises an eyebrow but says nothing as the train pulls to a stop. I move towards the exit, Tori and Alex jostling behind me. I step out into fresh air. The sky's just beginning to darken, the sun sliding even further down the sky, and I shove my hands in my pockets as I wait for Evelyn to step delicately off the train. I suppress a snort, for Tobias's sake, but he senses my amusement and contempt and gives me a look. I feel my cheeks burn and I stare at the frozen ground; I don't want Tobias angry with me. Not again.

We begin to move in the direction of Amity, slowly at first, then our pace quickens. I can tell Evelyn wants to arrive before nightfall, and I can say the same. Despite Erudite's end, I still feel unsafe. I think I'll never feel safe, properly safe, ever again.

It's a small price to pay for all that has happened, and I take it gladly.

As we trudge along through the snow-capped mud, Alex taps me on the shoulder. I don't turn, and I don't look at her. I keep my voice low. "What is it?"

"I can't walk anymore." Her voice grates into a whine, and I have to grit my teeth to stop myself screaming at her. I manage to remain calm. "You chose to come here. Do you want to get your sister, or not?" I ask fiercely, and she opens her mouth to complain again. "Quiet!" I snap, and she looks startled. "We'll leave you here if you can't keep up. This is important." I threaten. Her head droops and she turns away. I feel a flash of guilt for being so harsh on her. Then it's gone. She must've known what she was signing up for.
Despite our speed, by the time we reach Amity, it's pitch black. I stand beside Tobias, and stare up at the tall gates. "It's time," He says quietly.

I nod. I'm ready.