"Dell… I love you… but you're always so tense… like your worried about something, you've never once said you loved me…" said Rin sounding depressed. She loved Dell, she loved him so much, but Dell was one of those people who showed very little emotion. He had them, he just was afraid of being weak… he was afaid of being deleted or proving to DTM that he was indeed a failure… not that he'd let anyone know. So he just stood there. Silent.

"Dell! Please answer me! Do you even love me?" cried Rin. "If you don't… I'll leave you."

"Rin, I…"

"What? Tell me you love me. That you always will love me… forever… That's you'll be by my side. That you even care about me! Please…" Rin was close to tears as she said it.

"I can't… I can't speak like that… It's hard for me to talk, to express what I'm thinking into words. I love you Rin, more then you'll ever know. More then anyone I've ever known, or will know… Sometimes I wish I coundnt talk so people wont expect me to talk… but if I coundnt talk I wont have been made into a DTM, an would have never met you." All this was said with very little emotion in his voice as usual, but Rin was sure she sensed a faint trace of sorrow in his voice.

"You say you can speak but then that was beautiful…" She ran and hugged him. They stood there for awhile then Rin finally spoke and looked into his eyes. "Kiss me."

Dell just starred into her eyes, falling even more in love. He didn't know what to say. Of coarse he wanted to, but like he said it was hard for him to find the right words so he just smiled, and kissed her.