AN: so here's my story of Jen and Ben tennyson.

Summary: this is a story of how jen, and Ben got the omnitrtirx. And now they are both Discovering a Prophecy about how they Are Dark andoites. Will they Try to control there powers or lose themself in the prosses.

I own nothing exept Jen, Kyle and the dark Anodites ( they will be in the Later Chapters.)

* 6 Years Ago*

Jen was just an Average girl until she and her Brother Ben went on a summer Vacation with Grandpa Max. Gwen was there know it All cousin that was also with them.

Jen and Ben had both scene this meteorite that Landed near the camp and went to go see it. As they both got near it there where 2 watch looking things one was green and one was pink. They both bent down to pick one up but the watches had attached to there Wrist.

"AHHH!" they both screamed

"it wont come off!" Jen exclaimed

"yeah." Ben said as he tried shaking it off. Jen started Messing with it and these weird Looking Creatures where on the watch as she turned the dial. "hmmm?" she said as she Slammed it down. There was pink flash of light as she Transformed into this Creature that was on fire. "WOW! Hey Ben you try it." she said while she looked at her new Form.

"COOL" he said as he also Slammed it down but turned into an Alien that had Four Arms.

"I HAVE FOUR ARMS!" he said as he picked up a tree. "and I'm pretty strong to. He said while flexing his Muscles.

"I can shoot Fire." Jen sad as she made a fire happen on the field. "oops."

Just then there was a scream that sounded like Gwen.

"What did you do to Jen and Ben?" she said while backing up.

"relax Dweeb its us." Ben said while crossing all his arms.

"Ben is that really you?" she asked coming closer.

"yeah it is Dweeb."

"yeah its you," she said pinching her nose. "you smell like Ben."

Jen started to Laugh as Gwen looked at her.

"Jen, Ben what happened to you?" she asked

"well we came over here looking for the meteorite but we found these to watches one pink and one green. As we bent down near them they attached to our Wrist and then we started messing with it. Making us turn into whatever this is." Jen said looking over herself.

"you should tell Grandpa Max he can get it off" Gwen said using her Know it all Voice.

"Sorry Dweeb but I don't think this will come off so easily" Ben said while rolling his eyes.

"yeah I have a feeling its stuck with Us." Jen said turning back to Normal.

"but we'll go tell him. After we see what other Monsters are in here." Ben said while messing with his watch.

"you'll what Now Ben?" said a low voice coming from Behind Gwen.

"Grandpa Max! uhh I meant we where going to tell you right now." Ben said while quickly lowering his arm.

"Yeah." Jen said as she looked at him as well "we where just about to get you" she lied.

"ok come on you 3 lets get Back to the rustbucket and Have a look" he called while walking back to there camp.