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It seemed entirely impossible for the young woman to be standing there, on a ledge on the roof of Canary Wharf, overlooking the bustling city of London.

For one thing, she didn't exist. Not technically. Not in this world at any rate.

And secondly, she hadn't been stood there just seconds ago. If anyone had happened to be at that height at the moment of her arrival, they would have seen another impossibility. A tear in the sky, ripping through reality, and then a sound much like a thunderclap. And then-she was there, her dark hair whipping across her face as she looked down, swearing and backing away from the edge, her skin turning pale, her brown eyes widening.

She glanced around the ledge slowly, edging towards a small hatch leading to safety. The wind roared and buffeted her hair, threatening to throw her off the building and down onto the hectic streets below. She trembled, feet slipping a little. Chuck Taylor's never did offer much grip, a point she would raise with her dad as soon as she next saw him. She froze momentarily, choking back a quick sob. Her dad. Both he and her mum were counting on her, she had so little time- for all she knew, those monsters had killed him already, and were heading to Earth to find her mother. She determinedly shoved the thought away, scrambling over to the hatch and clambering through, where the sudden silence was almost painful.

She glanced around at the darkened and long abandoned corridor, taking in every dim and dusty detail. The tacky plastic sheets hanging across one wall, hiding what she knew she didn't want to think about. The factory line that built an army from captured innocents.

Her right wrist buzzed. There was a thick band wrapped around it, a round device facing upwards. It could pass as an ordinary watch, provided no one looked too carefully. Good thing humans were so blatantly ignorant. However, anyone who DID look too closely would see several readings across the screen, one digital, clearly displaying a time and date, another blank for the moment, and then the third, a larger screen than the other two, it was filled with swirling and looping diagrams, circles crossing over one another in a seemingly pointless fashion. The young woman followed those patterns with her eyes , reading them as easily as if they were plain English. Second nature to her, as she had been taught the language from the day she could read.

No unusual signatures bar her own recent jump, she mused. That was quite a powerful spike, and she wondered if that would draw His attention here. Possibly, though her more reasonable side was already dismissing the idea. He wouldn't come here. He wouldn't want to come anywhere near Torchwood's old base. Not with those memories. Her dad had only told her the story reluctantly, his strong jaw set, his hands clenching tight around the machinery he had been tinkering with. He had refused to look at her as he spoke about rifts, Cybermen, daleks, magna clamps and fate- her mum had eventually had to take his hand and make him a good tannin-filled cup of tea to get him to relax and finish telling it.

She stumbled as she made her way down the corridor, a sudden urge to see the room. Was it still there? Was it exactly as she had imagined it?

She was so tired, she thought, her legs shaking with the effort to keep standing. That dimension cannon really needed some fine-tuning, maybe finding an alternate power source that would be able to further protect the passenger from all the forces of the Void, not to mention the strain of passing through dimensional Walls...why was she complaining? She was here and alive wasn't she? She just needed to find him, and he could give her father the help he desperately needed. It had to be him, he was their only chance left.

She reached the door she wanted, it was already ajar, and she slowly pushed it open, staring through to the room.

The lights lit up automatically, flickering uncertainly, casting multiple shadows across the desks. It was strange , a snapshot in time. Everything had been left exactly as it once had been.

There were wires scattered across the floor, papers, a few chairs tipped to the side, leaning against desks, computers, gadgetry, and then...she stepped further into the room, staring at the far wall. Just a plain white wall, so seemingly innocent, but it sent shivers down the young woman's spine. She found herself stepping past all the desks, her long coat brushing against the chairs. She tripped slightly over the wiring, staring at the wall, taking in the details around her. There were the two switches- she had expected them to be bigger, but still, there they were...and that meant the...yes. She turned slightly to the right, staring at the clamp that was still suckered to the wall, the small light still lit, even years after its use. So the other one...she turned , walking over to the opposite wall, reaching out to brush her hand along the dusty handle of the clamp. Her gaze moved to the far wall, and she found herself thrown into the scene. The man, clinging desperately to this very clamp, a force threatening to tear him from the wall, and him almost willing to let it as he watched a young blonde woman flying into the Void... She could see it, could hear the screams echoing through her and then- she let go of the clamp, forcing herself away from the cold metal, her handprint clear through the dust. Her skin tingled, a faint taste of metal in her mouth.

She hated being sensitive to time.

Her legs shuddered, giving out beneath her and she slid to the floor, a hand at her forehead. A wave of nausea washed over her but she bit it back, forcing herself to get up, at least over to one of the desks. Reaching into her coat pocket, she pulled out a thin metal device, switching it on and running the flickering blue light over the nearest screen, switching it on and opening a video link. She bit her lip, before reaching into her pocket again and pulling out a crumpled square of paper. A few words were scrawled across the paper, and then a set of numbers.

"Torchwood...Sarah...Jane?..." she murmured, reading the sheet, voice weak. "...Martha Jones..." she hummed thoughtfully as she tapped in the complex series of numbers, opening up a feed. The webcam attached to the top of the screen blinked on, and she stared into it, clearing her throat nervously. Her hand lifted, fingers running through her hair.

"Um." she addressed the camera. "Anyone that can see this, you must be able to help me." she bit her lip, trying to think of what to say, trying to remain strong despite her vision fading fast. The jump had really drained her. "None of you will know who I am, but.. I'm looking for someone you all know. Lives are depending on it." she looked down at her paper. "So...Jack Harkness...Martha Jones...Sarah Jane Smith, anyone who is , uh..." she glanced back up, mentally wincing at how disjointed she sounded. "Anyone who is listening. I need the Doctor." Her voice grew stronger. "Do you hear me? The. Doctor. I don't care how far I have to travel...but I need him. So help me. Help me find the Doctor..." her voice faltered again, and she swallowed thickly, White spots blurring her vision, her blood suddenly roaring in her ears. "Help me."

She felt herself fall, still murmuring the same words over and over again.

"Help me..."

There was an annoying light moving above her.

" You found her like this?" the voice was a mans, American and business like, slightly shocked. She didn't move, determined to gather as much intelligence as she could.

" The call came in through the Hub. Luckily I was already in London. I dunno how you got it though. Where were you?" This was a woman, her voice softly lilting, a welsh accent clear. Footsteps suggested that she was moving...pacing.

"Well, yeah, Ianto sent me about a half hour ago, He has his phone patched into the main computers," There was a pause and then he continued happily. " Best not ask where we were." There were warm fingers pressed just below her jaw, searching for a pulse. She didn't dare to move now, though it was hard to stay still when his fingers suddenly jerked away. He swore softly and the footsteps moved closer.

"What?! What is it?"

The American voice didn't respond, and there was a muted whirring sound, followed by a small series of beeps. More swearing ensued.

"Look at the read out." he breathed, sounding stunned. She mentally groaned, before allowing her eyes to open, looking up at the white ceiling. Still in that room then. Her gaze flickered to the right, seeing two figures beside her. One man, turned away from her, dark haired, muscular underneath his t-shirt. He was facing an older woman, her worried face framed by dark hair, her eyes wide as she read a small device on the mans wrist.

" is that even possible? You told me He was the only one left." the dark haired woman asked, stunned. He shrugged, and she looked over, mouth open, evidently about to speak. Their eyes met and the young woman scrambled up, backing away from the pair, making the man turn.

She fought back a gasp. He was utterly gorgeous, perfect white teeth, perfect smile, piercing eyes...but he was also...wrong. She couldn't look directly at him, her teeth itching with that metallic taste again, her hair standing on end.

"You're all wrong." She whispered as she stared at him, and he at her. He carefully extended a hand, making her flinch.

"My name is Captain Jack Harkness." he stated slowly and clearly, moving steadily closer to where she had backed herself into a wall. "I represent Torchwood."

The young woman didn't move. She was terrified, Jack realised with a pang. Not that he hadn't dealt with situations like this before. He knew how to deal with scared aliens, but there was something...familiar about her. Something familiar in those wide , chocolate brown eyes. She crouched against the wall, one hand out defensively, fingers splayed , her eyebrow raised as if to question him. It was ridiculously familiar, and he glanced to Gwen beside him to see if he was the only one with this impression. She was staring at the girl with a frown darkening her features.

The girls lips parted, and she cleared her throat a little.

"Captain Jack Harkness?"

He nodded.

"You sent us a message, didn't you?" he asked softly, inching closer.

She blinked, slowly straightening, her eyes flickering to the other woman's. Gwen smiled hesitantly, eyes briefly flickering to Jacks.

"It's ok." she murmured soothingly. " My name is Gwen Cooper, and I promise you, you are safe."

The girl dropped her hand, pressing it flat against the wall behind her. Her other one tugged her coat lapel, wrapping it more firmly around her, obviously a protective motion.

"...Do you know where the Doctor is?" she asked softly, in such a helpless voice that Gwen had to fight the urge to hug the poor girl.
Instead, she shook her head slowly, looking to Jack. He took charge immediately, smiling his most charming grin, but noting how the girl avoided looking at him directly.

"May I ask why you need the Doctor , miss...?"

"Jessica." The girl supplied. "I...This world is in danger."

Jack nodded slowly, carefully surveying her .

"You mentioned this, but not what from...perhaps we can help-"

At this Jessica darted forwards, standing tall, her dark eyes burning intensely, her hands clenching into fists. Her lip pulled back a little as she seethed.

"No! it has to be him! That's why I was sent here."

Jack turned to exchange a glance with Gwen. Reaching for his gun, he inched closer, trying to relax and look benign for her benefit.

"Who sent you?" he asked clearly, watching her as she jerked back to the wall. This girl was odd. And it was still bugging him, that feeling of familiarity, like he already knew her. She smiled gently, just a small twitch of her lips.

"My family."

He relaxed a little, turning on the charm.

"Honey, you have to give us a little bit more... I can't really work with that."

For some reason this brought a smile to Jessica's face. Her dad had told her stories of Captain Jack Harkness, always with the same bemused and rueful grin. Her mum had always laughed about him, fondly recalling his flirtatious ways. Jessica had thought that they were exaggerating, but judging from the pearly white smile, and sudden scent of more than human pheromones in the air, apparently not. She smiled wide, her tongue darting between her teeth, making Jack's eyes widen. He knew that smile.

"And you'll have to try a little harder than that, captain." she replied, suddenly confident, shocking Gwen slightly. She had taken the young girl to be timid and ...well, helpless. But there was evidently a spark of attitude that Jack had managed to ignite. "Come on. I heard you were a flirt, and this...this is disappointing."

Jack beamed. Oh, this girl knew how to play, did she? If only he could pinpoint why she was so...

"I'm just warming up , gorgeous." he answered automatically, making her giggle, though it was short-lived. He took this as a good sign, moving forwards to sit against the wall. He patted the floor beside him, smiling as she hesitantly slid to sit beside him, drawing her knees up to her chest. His gaze flickered to Gwen and he subtly tapped his Vortex Manipulator, asking silently for her to call in the team. She nodded once, before stepping away, moving to the other end of the room, reaching for her phone.

"Now it's just you and me." he said happily when he noticed Jessica watching Gwen disappear. Judging by her fidgeting hands and teeth worrying her lip, she wasn't best pleased by the notion. He leaned casually, comfortably against the wall, the picture of ease as he smiled lazily at her. "So, let's be honest with one another."

She pouted unhappily.

"Look, Jackie boy...I sincerely doubt you can help me. And I don't have time to mess around, fun as it is." She looked over to him, her chocolate eyes deep and intense, burning through him. "I need to find the Doctor."

He stared at her, frowning slightly, thinking for a long moment as she tapped her fingers against her knees in an impatient staccato rhythm. Finally he spoke, staring into her eyes imploringly.

"Who are you really , kid?"

One of her hands lifted, running through her already messy brown hair, pulling it away from her face as she worried her lip. The other hand soon joined, dragging down her face as she stared out across the room. Her lips parted, then closed again, her throat working as she swallowed.

She took a deep breath, and her lips parted once more. Her eyes flickered to the floor briefly and then her gaze shifted to him, her brown eyes staring deeply into his.

When she spoke, her voice was slightly hoarse, trembling, but serious.

"My full name, " she murmured, never looking away. "Is Jessica Jacqueline Tyler. My mother is Rose Tyler, and my father is Doctor John Smith. He is the metacrisis clone of the man I am looking for, and I need to find him because beings from our universe are coming to destroy this one." Her dark eyebrow quirked, as he gaped. "Do you believe me, Captain?"