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Things just get worse

This is the story of a penguin and his companion. The two have always been friends; they even got themselves into trouble and nearly ruined the town multiple times. They had worked at the Coffee Shop, next to the famous Night Club, where a female penguin named Cadence, was the DJ and a local dancer of that building. Today was just a normal day in the world of Club Penguin. Unless you didn't count the lunch rush at the Coffee Shop.

"Birdy! I need 12 cups of coffee, 8 scones, and 2 cups of tea now!" The manager ordered.

"Y-yes sir! Coming up!" Birdy responded. Birdy's actual name was Birdseyekid, though he preferred his nickname. Well, the other penguins did anyway. Birdy had a hard time making the order, seeing as how his companion, Jay Jackson, a red puffle, was messing up the scones due to nervous breakdowns. In a moment later, the coffee maker was on the verge of exploding, and Cadence, the DJ and possibly the owner of the Night Club, had come in to order.

"Hey there Birdy." Cadence said. Birdy nearly jumped out of excitement, and surprise. Though there was a reason; Birdy had a major crush on her, and would do anything in order to date her. They were even the same height. Sadly, he never got the courage to give even the slightest hint that he was into her.

"Oh. H-hey Cadence." Birdy nervously chuckled. "W-would you like to order?"

"Sure, but I want you to come to the night club when you're on break. I want to talk to you." Cadence said with a small smile. But she seemed upset a little, but Birdy couldn't tell. Jay was watching the two with a displeased expression, and tossed a scone at Birdy's head, knocking off his hat.

"Ow…Jay what was that for?" Birdy asked. Jay only giggled, but abruptly stopped after seeing the coffee machine shake and turn violently. Within seconds, the machine had exploded, splattering tons of coffee-like ingredients all over the room. Even Jay, Birdy, and Cadence were covered in coffee and scones. As Birdy and Cadence looked at Jay with annoyed looks, everyone else had left the shop, and back to their igloos to take a shower. Before the three could leave, Birdy and Jay's manager had stopped them.

"Seeing as how you two had ruined the Coffee Shop, again, I'm going to have to let you go. Permanently. This place can't take another hit like that." The manager responded, coldly. Birdy was the one most upset. If he didn't have any coins to earn each day, he wouldn't be able to feed himself, or feed Jay. It would be rough for them, and they would have a rough time surviving. And with that, the manager slammed the door as they left.

"Thanks a lot Jay. Now we can't even feed ourselves!" Birdy thought. Jay just stared at Birdy with a, "Next time, I choose where we work next time" look. The two turned to Cadence, who was prying coffee related items out of her hair.

"Here, let me help you with that. Birdy offered. He had carefully and easily pulled all of the coffee ingredients out of Cadence's hair, and she thanked him for it.

"I better go wash the smell of coffee off my clothes. See you guys tomorrow!" Cadence said, practically running to her own igloo. As Birdy and Jay made their way towards their own igloo, they hadn't said anything to each other ever since they were fired. Who could blame the people who fired them? The two always slacked off, Jay especially, and they ruined every type of machine that was used to keep the business running. They were starting to get hungry, and luckily, Birdy had at least 5000 coins saved up for reserve money. Birdy and Jay finally reached their homes, and sat on their beds.

"I know the both of us think the other was to blame for this, but didn't you see an item missing from the machines lately?" Birdy asked. Jay nodded, agreeing with the idea. They kept seeing missing items for the coffee machine, the arcade games at the Night Club; even the Lighthouse missed a few things. It was very strange, but the two set it aside. Birdy ate some cheese pizza, while Jay ate 5 cookies and 3 puffle-os. When the two had finished their meal, the prepared for the next day. "I wonder what Cadence wanted to say to me…" Birdy thought. He repeated that to himself quietly and drifted off into a sound sleep.

So far, that's how it begins. I'm not that good of a writer, but I can be creative. I could use some OC's thought along the way. I'm only allowing 10-15 penguins/puffles. And yes, puffles count as 1 audition. Good luck! Also, here's what Jay was thinking: "Even though it's not anyone's fault, I have a bad feeling something is about to happen to this place. I wish Birdy would think about that more than the penguin girl…"