"what are you doing here? Thought you never wanted to see me again?"

"Well, My mum came back and your sisters pregnant, its your dads by the way, did you know he sleeps with her sometimes when he's drunk because he thinks she's your mum. Anyway your dad thought it was me who knocked her up so broke down my door and beat me. Lips been sleeping with your sister as well, they've been getting closer recently, specially with Karen being the normal bitch she is. Did you know she sleeps with Timothy Wong? Her baby had down syndrome so the adoptive parents changed their minds and Karen's mum and Jodie stole it and have disappeared, their fucking now as well. I've been going to some gay bars recently and fucked a married businessman man it was fun, he even kissed me. But then I found out he's Steve's dad. Steve came back married, nearly got stabbed and is now called Jimmy. My mum tried to commit suicide, and I nearly got arrested and frank tried to kill me so we kicked him out. All this shit has been happening and the only thing I can think about is you."

"I miss you too."

And then something even more amazing happened, Mickey placed is hand on the glasses and really smiled, for the first time in his life.