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This is a fiction.

Shuurei and Ryuuki. I support this pairing and I was extremely happy with the end of Saiunkoku.

Seiran and Shuuei. Warning: yaoi/shonen ai

It would have been my favourite pairing if Saiunkoku was shonen ai.

This will be a short story of Ran Shuuei and Seiran Shi. I really love this pairing.

Chapter 1

Ran Shuuei was sitting with Koyuu Li in the archives. Ryuuki was busy with his duties and Shuurei was busy as well. She is the empress of Saiunkoku after all.

Ran Shuuei's mind wandered off to a certain guard under whom he was employed not long ago when he was banished from the Ran clan. It still hurt him to think that he was under him. Him of all people in the world. He did not know when it happened or how it happened. All he knew was that he loved him. He fell in love with him since the day he first saw him.

Koyuu looked at Shuuei. Shuuei was thinking...

Shuuei thinking with such a solemn expression on his face. It was downright creepy. Maybe the eight sages themselves would come down again to witness this event.

Koyuu, "Shuuei, oi Shuuei."

There was no response. Koyuu flicked his fingers in front of Shuuei's face. Still no response. Koyuu slapped Shuuei.

Shuuei was shaken out of his thoughts. He looked at Koyuu who had his hand raised to smack Shuuei again. Before he could do it again Shuuei spoke up.

Shuuei, "what the hell Koyuu, why did you slap me, has working under Reishin Kou finally cracked you?"

Shuuei was not amused. He was thinking about his love of life and Koyuu had rudely interrupted him.

Koyuu, "me cracked? I was calling your name and you didn't even answer."

Shuuei, "I was thinking about something very important."

Koyuu stopped doing his paperwork. He went and looked outside the window to see if any of the enlightened sages were there. But all he saw was the beautiful garden with thousands of flowers and a pond.

Shuuei, "that's quite rude of you. Even I can think sometime."

Koyuu raised his eyebrow, "give me a break. The infamous ladies' man who knows all the ladies of red light district is actually seriously thinking about something, please do you think I am an idiot?"

Ran Shuuei had no retort. He had long stopped going to Kochou's place. The look that he always gave him tore him apart from inside out even if in front of him he shaked it off by laughing.

There was a knock on the door and the object of Ran Shuuei's affection walked inside.

Seiran looked at Koyuu and Shuuei. He was not amused to find Koyuu lying on top of Shuuei. Honestly Shuuei had no modesty. In broad daylight he was kissing Koyuu.

Koyuu had decided to examine Shuuei. No matter how much he denied it, Shuuei was and always will be his best friend and confidante. After Reishin and Yuri Sama, Shuuei was closest to him. He had to consult a doctor if Shuuei was going into depression. His playing around had finally broken him.

He had Shuuei's face in his hands and was looking for signs of depression.

If someone from outside came and saw them, they would mistake the scene for something entirely different like Seiran did.

Seiran cleared his throat to make his presence known.

Koyuu turned his head with a frown on his face. He walked towards Seiran and pushed him in front of Ran Shuuei.

Shuuei was now getting pissed. First Koyuu examined him, his eyes, forehead, asked him nonsense questions like he was some freak. To top it off Seiran had to come now. Ran Shuuei was ready to bet his reputation that Seiran mistook it for something else. Now he was standing in front of him with a disgusted look on his face. Shuuei knew that expression all too well. It was the same expression: of loathing and anger that Seien always wore. Ran Shuuei looked away. It hurt. It hurt every time.

Seiran, "Koyuu what's the meaning of this?"

Koyuu, "you check him. I give up. To me he is absolutely fine. But Ran Shuuei doesn't think, his warped personality is not made for it."

Ran Shuuei felt a nerve pop on his forehead. There Koyuu goes again degrading him in front of his beloved.

Seiran, "what do you want me to do? I am going back. This is such a waste of time. I only came here to tell you both that my lady and my brother will be going to Heki province for a short trip."

Koyuu," that's good, they both need more time with each other. That idiot needs to take her out more. Isn't that right Shuuei?"

Seiran," my brother is not an idiot."

Shuuei twitched at this. Always. Seiran was always sweet to Ryuuki. Did Seiran love Ryuuki? Shuuei started thinking again.

Now Seiran was amused. It is not in Shuuei's nature to not give a smart comment. Perverted in Shuuei's case whenever he heard that Shuurei and Ryuuki were alone.

Seiran, "so the great ex General Ran also has things he worries about."

Koyuu," yeah and that's what's creepy here. For quite some time he hasn't been going to you know where."

Seiran twitched at this. He hated it. Whenever he saw Shuuei going to Kochou's place or to any lady.

Seiran said quite rudely, "but wasn't he kissing you just now?"

Koyuu was silent.

Seiran, "so I was right." Seiran did not like it one bit. He hated it.

Koyuu, "Seiran are you alright?"

Seiran," I am fine."

Koyuu," why in the world would I kiss a womanizer like him. Everyone is free to love who they want, but I was just checking him."

Seiran, "so you want me to check him too?" I'll pass."

Shuuei heard it. He looked up in anticipation at Seiran. Seiran was already going back. Shuuei needed to see him. He wanted to be close to seiran and examine his beautiful eyes, his sharp pointed nose, his thin pink lips and his beautiful light purple, blue hair.

Shuuei," well of course the esteemed second prince would not want to lower himself in front of me now, would he?''

Shuuei was only digging his own grave by saying such rude words, but Seiran would despise him much more if he ever knew Shuuei loved him and only him. Seiran stopped at the door.

Seiran walked back and held Shuuei's face. Shuuei was surprised. They looked in each other's eyes for a moment before Shuuei looked away. He was starting to blush.

Seiran walked towards Koyuu," maybe he has a cold. Better get him checked." with that Seiran went away banging the door in the process. He was furious at Shuuei's comment.

Koyuu looked at Shuuei and for some reason Koyuu did not find the situation funny anymore. Shuuei looked heartbroken.

Shuuei, "well I'll be going back now. I have to go and visit Jin and Jyuusan. Their kids are just too cute to miss."

Shuuei left quickly and went to his home. On his way he saw Seiran standing in front of his mansion.

Seiran, "what's the matter with you, are you again plotting something like the last time you returned to Ran province?"

Shuuei felt even more heartbroken. Seiran really did hate him after all.

Seiran, "what has my brother done to you all? First you threw your sister on him knowing full well he loves Shuurei, that stupid girl is now married to Jin Shiba and she is happy, he deserves her but still you did what you did. Then you left him, Koyuu left him, Reishin Sama was against my lady and Ryuuki marrying? My lady, I can't blame her she had her reasons. But she caused him pain too but she has given him much more happiness. Almost as much he loves me, he loves her too, maybe more. What has he done? Ouki that damned man, Hiou clan, what do you all have against him? Just because he is an emperor, He should be sad, miserable. He is also a human, he has feelings too. I will not allow anyone to ruin him like our father was."

Seiran was very angry. His eyes were giving off an angry glow.

Shuuei walked towards Seiran. He looked too sad.

Shuuei, "why? Why is it that you hate me so much? You always blame me for everything, always. Since the very first day we met, you humiliated me; I was only trying to save you from those assassins. I was the one who recognized you first before anyone else; I looked for you like a mad person when you disappeared 14 years ago. What should I do for you to see me?"

Seiran was rooted to the spot. He had absolutely no idea what Shuuei Ran was talking about. Seiran was even more shocked when he noticed the look on Shuuei's face. His eyes were filled with an unknown pain. He was about to cry. Shuuei's hair was flowing because of the wind. He looked ethereal.

Shuuei approached Seiran; Seiran drew back and hit a wall.

Seiran, "Shuuei I think there is something wrong with you, Koyu was right."

Shuuei approached Seiran; he held Seiran's face in his hands gently. Before Seiran could comprehend what was happening Shuuei kissed him. First it was gentle kiss then it turned more passionate, Shuuei slipped his tongue inside Seiran's tasting the sweet mouth of his love for the first time.

After a while Shuuei let go of Seiran. Seiran was frozen on the spot. Shuuei looked at Seiran. Seiran was shocked. Shuuei had tears in his eyes.

Shuuei, "I love you Seien. I have always loved you and always will. I fell in love with you when we were kids. I know you only love your brother, I am sorry for the pain I caused him. He is a good person, you are right, he doesn't deserve what we all did to him."

Shuuei took his beloved's hands in his own. He kissed both of them, and then went back to his mansion. Seiran was left standing in the cold.

Seiran, "he kissed me, Shuuei he loves me…"

Seiran fell to the ground, his hands on his lips; he could still feel the sensation from that passionate kiss.

Seiran was red as he walked back to his place.

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