Sosuke and Ponyo bounded and tumbled around in the back yard together. Ponyo loved the feeling of wet grass on the soles of her feet, but still preferred the feeling of water beneath them.

Without waiting for Sosuke, she sprinted down the hillside to the water's edge and tried to step onto the ocean. The surface gave way and she toppled face first into the shallow water, her bare feet poking straight up into the air. Sosuke hustled down the hill behind her and let out a joyous giggle when he realized what had happened. He tried to slip off his sandals, before realizing he wasn't wearing any, and waded barefoot into the water beside her.

Grabbing Ponyo by the shoulders, he righted her and said, "Silly girl, you aren't a fish anymore."

She pouted briefly before spitting water in his face. "You're the silly one Sosuke."

They giggled and splashed in the water until Sosuke's mother called them in for dinner with one word, "Ham!"