I'm definitely not getting paid enough for this, Boba thought as he sprinted down an alley way. Laser bolts were pelting the sandy walls around him, creating small clouds of dust and causing civilians to run in terror. A four man toon of Stormtroopers was hot on his tail, and even in the crowded side streets of Bestine, Boba couldn't lose them.

Not too much farther. A bolt hit his right shoulder pad, leaving a black burn mark on the orange duraplast surface. "Damn!" He ducked into a supply closet, which was in actuality an illegal gateway that bypassed docking bay security. Boba quickly tapped a few buttons on a disguised keypad, which opened the back wall of the 'closet'. The door closed quietly behind him, and not a second too soon.

The troopers could be heard through the wall, moving cleaning supplies and loose pipes in search. That bought Boba another minute or so. The tight corridor led to another secret entrance/exit, and once he was through, he caught a glimpse of troopers 'convincing' the guard to let them pass through the quick entrance into the bay.

These guys aren't as dumb as the galaxy makes them seem. They know exactly where I am headed. Boba wasn't surprised, there is only one ship like his, and word spreads fast. The guard didn't resist the troopers, but luckily for Boba, he didn't have the clearance to open the quick entrance. Someone else would have to do it, but Boba didn't want to wait around to see who it was.

He tossed a credit chip into the 'tips' bucket; an easy way to allow the docking bay workers forget everything about you. Docking Bay 27 was large enough to hold ten medium sized ships, and Boba's was in the back. A quick jog later, and he was on the ramp leading inside. The door to Slave I hissed open, and the bounty hunter basically leapt inside.

"Turn on critical systems," Boba said to the ship. By the time he was seated, many of the monitors were on, displaying the vitals of the ship. Boba was barely buckled in when he grabbed the control stick and lifted Slave I off of the ground and out of the docking bay.

Nearly home free, Boba thought. Sadly, it was too soon. Laser cannons were firing on him in seconds. They were coming from and old Dianoga starfighter, obviously rented for cheap. The average docking bay wasn't equipped with the racks to hold TIE Fighters, so they were often landed in out-of-the-way places, not easily reached in a hurry.

The shields absorbed the first few volleys of fire, but they wouldn't take it for long. Boba swung Slave I around and fired a proton torpedo at the nuisance. It was reduced to scrap metal within seconds. Boba headed out of the atmosphere as fast as he could. He didn't want to be shot from behind again.

The security checkpoint let him through without a hitch. This far from the bright center of the galaxy, and there isn't a tight grip by the Imperials. Boba warmed up his class 1.0 hyperdrive engine, keeping an eye out for any threats. None that he could see.

He pulled down on a handle and was soon in the blue swirling vortex of hyperspeed.