A/N: An idea popped into my head while I was watching GDW. What if John had a daughter he never knew about? What if he didn't die because he was saved by her? Writing this story would answer my questions hopefully. Please enjoy!

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Chapter 1: The daughter of John: Alayus

"Yeeaaaaaaaahhhhh I got you!" A tiny pup leaped with her claws outstretched into the water. A few minutes later she resurfaced with a slippery fish in her jaws. Dog-paddling toward the shore, she dropped her catch and shook the water from her pelt. Picking up her catch, she trotted back up to an abandon shrine. "Mother, I'm back!"

A female German Shepherd rested beneath the shrine and she lifted her head when she saw her pup walking towards her with a fish in her mouth.

"Your back Alayus." She gave her pup a lick as Alayus placed the fish in front of her mother.

"Please eat mother, it'll give you strength." Alayus prodded the fish, looking at her mother with pleading eyes. Her mother caught a disease when she gave birth and her strength is deteriorating slowly. Luckily, a family friend says that someone found a cure in the Americas. Alayus heard that her mother would go and get the cure but, it'll take a few years because she has to travel there by boat and back. Alayus spends her time taking care of her mother by hunting for food.

"Mother, can you tell me a story?"

"The same one?" Her mom smiled since her daughter always asked to hear a story that involves her father's heroic act against the bear named Akakabuto. Years ago Akakabuto ran wild and attacked anyone who wondered into their territory. His rule ended when Gin the silver tora recruited males from around the world. They took down Akakabuto and reclaimed Ohu, a warriors paradise. Alayus's father is John, Gin's right-hand man and his fangs are the best. Anyone who meets his fangs died instantly.

"No not that one. I want to hear the story about how you and dad fell in love with each other."

"Ohh...ok then." Her mother looked at the sky before she told her story.


It was spring time in Ohu after the fall of Akakabuto which was about 14 years ago. The warriors returned to bury the dead, pay visits to family members and patrol the area. John was on patrol one day and he spotted his soon-to-be wife, sitting by a lake. Sleek and beautiful, he fell in love with her immediately. Licking his chest fur to make himself more presentable, he sauntered up in a noble fashion. Taking noticed, she waited for him to come closer until he was about a nose-length away and then she scampered off, leaping over obstacles like an antelope. Mesmerized by her gracefulness, John took off after her, watching her movement ahead of him. They continued this cat and mouse chase for a few minutes before John caught up to her. They tumbled in a meadow together and sat up, looking at each other.

"What was with that cat and mouse chase?" John asked her.

"Just wanted to see what you were made of...heehee." She smiled.

"My name's John, what's your name?"

"My name is Rue, nice to meet you."

After spending some quality time together, both John and Rue developed a strong feeling for each other. Whenever John's off duty, he would sneak off with Rue and the two of them would frolic in the meadows. John found the abandoned shrine and they lived there to raise a family. John felt as though he was the luckiest dog on the planet.

End of Flashback...

"So here we are, living at the abandoned shrine your father found for us." Rue smiled at her daughter.

"Where's dad now?" Alayus asked.

"He's somewhere out there dear, protecting Ohu like the noble dog he is."

"Does he know that you gave birth to me?"

"Sadly no. Before I could tell him, Gin gave him a job to do and he left."

"Can I meet him?"

"Not now, you're too young." Rue wrapped a paw around her daughter. "When you're older, maybe then you can go meet him."

"I can't wait." Alayus yawned widely, snuggling close. "I really want to meet him."

"I'm sure you do honey, I'm sure you do." Rue smiled as her daughter fell asleep, her chest rising with every little breathe.

If you were here to see your own daughter, you would be so proud. She is becoming more and more like you every second. Rue thought as she wrapped her tail around in a protective manner. John, she really wants to meet you badly and I hope she does. Knowing that you would be at Ohu protecting the paradise for us is a huge honor but please be careful and come home soon.


A German Shepherd sat on his haunches, staring out and lost in space. Ears pricked, he turned his head to see a Akita Inu accompanied by a Kishu Inu. He bowed his head as the two of them joined. "Gin, Akame."

"John..." Both dogs replied. Gin is the leader of Ohu and Akame was his technician. John himself was Gin's oldest friend and stays by his side as a direct lieutenant.

"Are you thinking about home John?" Gin asked him.

"A little bit." John looked back to what he was staring at.

"We all wish for home, maybe we should go and visit our families once in a while." Akame suggested but John shook his head.

"It's ok. Our duty in Ohu is important, we mustn't let our family matters get in the way of our work. Let's go." Gin and Akame nodded in agreement. The three of them took off running back into the heart of Ohu.

A/N: Done. Hope it was ok. I know that Alayus sounds like a male name but in this story, Alayus is female.