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Chapter 6: P4's horrific experience

"That looks like the end of it." Uncle Smith spoke, looking at the structure of Gajou. The rest of the dogs nodded in agreement. However, Jerome and his crew were the ones to disagree.

"I will admit that it was brave of the young German Shepherd is nothing to underestimate but, P4 isn't dead, not by a tiny rockfall."

"But I was sure that the monster will be...no way." Alayus's eyes widened as the sound of growling emerged from deep within. Gajou started shuddering and a shadow emerged from the opening. No doubt that the monster came back from the very depths of hell itself.

"You mutts...think you're all that. There is no way in heaven nor hell that I would fall to you." P4 snarled angrily as he prowled down to face the group. "I must admit, your foolish plan would've worked if the timing was right. However...your timing was a little off and I managed to avoid a much more serious blow."

"Damn..." GB cursed.

"I knew it..." Jerome spoke, looking at P4 with hatred.

"Jerome, I don't want to kill you. You were the only one who comforted me when those humans tortured me and experimented with my body, creating who I am now. Month after month, year after year, seasons come and go, the experimentation was over. It was spring time and only you Jerome spoke to me while I lay in a cage in the underground. The other dogs ignored me and wished that I would die in captivity but not you Jerome. You stayed and talked to me but, now you have turned against me. Why do you protect those pathetic humans?! They don't deserve to live for what they did to me!"

"For the longest time, dogs have always been man's best friend. We have always worked by man's side since the beginning of time. You have turned on the trust of man therefore you must be punished!" Jerome replied.

"Those humans are good for nothing, look what I have become! I simply cannot coexist with those beings any longer! I am no longer a dog, I am a monster! I don't have any friends and my use-to-be companions became traitors!"

"For what they truly did to you, I am really sorry but eating them and betraying their trust is unforgivable. I will put a stop to you today!"

"I'd like to see you try Jerome. If one measly rock slide couldn't kill me, what can your fangs do?" P4 smiled broadly. "I can never be killed Jerome, not by you, not by humans and certainly not by anyone else. I reign supreme and I escaped hell!"

"Come on you guys, there is only one of him and 11 of us." GB tried to summon up courage but in reality he was planning on bolting.

"GB is right." Tokimune spoke, his ears pricked forward. "We have the numbers, we can take him down."

"With all do respect..." Jerome looked at the group, "Let us, the assassins take care of this mess. Our master created it, we are going to put an end to it."

"Surely you are out of your minds, the 5 of you can't possibly take him down." Old Smith worried about what was going to happen.

"The 5 of us..." Jerome turned to face his enemy, "Are enough to handle him." With a nod of his head, the German Shepherd took off running with his subordinates right behind him. "COME P4!"

"GRROOOAHHH even you use that horrid name!" P4 took off after the 5 dogs, blood pumping through his arteries.

"Robert, are you ready?" Jerome asked the American Foxhound mix.

"Jerome, I am your subordinate. My life is yours to use." Robert replied strongly.

"Then go."

"Right!" Turning around, Robert poured some speed into his legs and headed straight towards P4.

"What the–?" P4 looked shocked at the running dog coming straight towards him. Robert crashed straight at him and dug his teeth into the soft artery.

"ARRRGGGHHH!" P4 screamed with pain and tried to pry the dog off. Alayus and the others appeared to see the monster rolling around to get Robert off.

"Stop it Robert-san, he'll go for your head!" Weed called out to him.

That's the point, I want the bastard to pull his own heart out! Robert felt the tiny needles of teeth digging into his skull. Come on you bastard! I dare you to pull me out! They played a tough tug-of-war and P4 managed to get Robert out of the artery. P4 crushed Robert's skull in anger and sent the body flying into a pile of rocks.

"Go." Jerome ordered calmly and Rocca darted forward. The Doberman latched himself to where Robert originally was, taking hold of the artery strongly. P4 angrily reeled backwards and tried to detach the dog. Meanwhile Weed's group reached Robert's broken body.

"Robert-san." Weed looked at the dog slightly.

"I...don't have much left..." Robert smiled weakly, spitting out a piece of the artery he managed to rip out. "...Farewell..."

"Robert-san..." Weed hung his head in saddest, upset about the death of a dog that fought bravely to protect everyone else.

"Let's go, Robert's death will not be in vain." Alayus growled as she watched Rocca's body slam to the ground, P4 managed to shake the Doberman off before yelping in pain as Heuler took Rocca's place.

"ENOUGH!" P4 crushed Heuler's skull and dislodged the dog from his artery. "Jerome, this little antic of yours will not work on ME!" No sooner had he said that, he wobbled and crashed into the side of Gajou.

"Look, he actually stumbled!" GB was in shock by that fact.

"Jerome-san, let me go next." Noss stepped forward boldly.

"No. I'll do it." Jerome shook his head and bolted forward like a speeding arrow. Everyone gasped at what was happening. P4 just narrowed his eyes and got back on his feet, watching Jerome come closer and closer.

"Come to the jaws of death, my old friend."

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