"~Ve! Who's the cutest little bambino I've ever met!" Italy cooed, tickling the little blond baby in his lap. Said baby giggled, his red eyes sparkling with delight. Prussia had brought his son Herbert to Germany's house, and Italy went absolutely gaga over him.

"Mein awesome son is adorable isn't he? He's almost more awesome than me!" Prussia said proudly, glancing at Germany. Germany was smiling at the look on Italy's face. Prussia walked over to his brother and let out a chuckle. "So, West, when are you and Italy going to have kids? I mean no child will ever be more awesome than Herbert, but I'd like an awesome nichte or neffe to be an awesome Onkel to." Prussia said, just out of earshot of Italy. Germany blushed.

"East, I don't think now is the time to talk about this." Germany said. They glanced at Italy as Herbert let out a high pitched giggle, that sounded much like his father's. "Besides," Germany continued, "I'm more careful than you, so we shouldn't end up with any unplanned kids."

"Ouch, West. That was a hard blow. Just because you and Italy haven't done it yet, you think you can insult Herbert because he was an accident with me an England." Prussia said angerly as he got up from the couch. He glared at his younger brother for a minute, then glanced at the clock. Prussia's eyes widened. "Geez! I've got to get Herbert back to England before he kills me!" Prussia walked across the room to where Italy and Herbert were. Prussia gently lifted his son from Italy's arms. Italy gave a slight frown, then smiled and started waving good bye to Herbert.

"Bye Herbert! Bye bye!" Italy looked at Prussia, who was heading towards the door. "~Ve! Bring him back soon Prussia!"

"I'll try Italy, I get him back in a week." Prussia called from the doorway. "I'll be back, I think I'm going to grab a drink with France and Spain before I get home, so don't wait up!" Prussia shut the door and left.

Italy got up and plopped down on the couch. He let out a yawn. "~Ve. Such an adorable little bambino." Italy looked at Germany. "~Ve, Doitsu, do you think we'll ever have kids?" The Italian asked with tired brown eyes.

Germany blushed and looked at the small Italian. "Vell, maybe one day, Italy, vhen ve're ready." Italy yawned and let out a "~Ve". Germany got up and headed towards the stairs. "Italy, let's go to bed. You sound like you're about to pass o-" Germany glanced back at the Italian. Italy had passed out on the couch. Germany smiled and went back and picked the Italian up. He carried Italy to the guest room where he was SUPPOSED to sleep when he came to Germany's house. Germany set Italy on the bed and left the room. Germany went to his own bedroom and got changed for bed. Germany climbed into his bed and fell asleep, knowing that Italy would probably end up in bed with him by morning anyway.

A couple weeks passed and Prussia came back into Germany's house with Herbert. Italy was very happy and excited. He had decided that he was going to make a special breakfast pasta for everyone, excluding the baby after Germany's explanation on how babies couldn't eat pasta. Italy served the pasta and everyone started eating. Germany glanced over at Italy's plate and noticed that it had about twice as much pasta on it as his or Prussia's. Germany decided not to mention anything and went back to eating. Prussia was trying to feed Herbert. "Come on mein awesome baby!" Prussia pleaded, "You've got to eat!" Herbert let out a giggle and knocked his food on the floor. The 6 month old baby had already thrown his breakfast on the floor three times that morning. Germany finished his food and took his plate to the kitchen. He had to get out of the room before he started screaming at the baby for being so destructive and messy. Italy finished his food and followed Germany into the kitchen.

"~Ve! Isn't Herbert just so adorable?" Italy smiled "He's just SO cute!" They looked back into the dining room and saw that Prussia was once again trying to feed his baby.

"Ja, sure if by cute you mean 'makes a huge mess on my clean floor.'" Germany grumbled.

A look spread over Italy's face. "~Ve... I don't feel so great..." Italy covered his mouth with his hand and ran from the kitchen. Germany put the dishes in the sink, then followed Italy. Italy was heaving heavily into the toilet. His curl was hanging limply from the side of his head. Germany sat on the edge of the bathtub next to Italy and started rubbing the brunette nation's back in an attempt to sooth him. 'Vell, maybe he just ate too much. He did have quite a bit of food on his plate this morning' Germany thought as Italy continued to puke into the toilet.

The next day, basically the same thing happened. The three nations sat down to breakfast, (Prussia had made frozen waffles because Germany refused to let him near the stove after he nearly caught the house on fire making eggs one time...) and they all had normal sized portions, so Italy didn't eat nearly as much as the day before. Italy finished his breakfast, then a few minutes later was back in the bathroom throwing up again. Germany figured that maybe Italy just had some sort of stomach flu. After that, Germany started watching Italy more closely. In addition to Italy's sickness and extra eating, (Italy wasn't just eating huge portions of food, but was also eating randomly throughout the day) Italy had also be acting very strange


It was the middle of the afternoon on the day that Italy first started getting sick. Germany was sitting in his office, minding his own business, reading a book. Italy had silently crept into the office and snuck up on the blond nation. Italy had thrown his arms around Germany's shoulders and started kissing his neck. A grin spread across Germany's face as he set down the book and pulled Italy around onto his lap to kiss him back. Much to Germany's surprise, Italy had gotten rather angry. "~Ve! What do you think you're doing Germany?" Italy asked, not using his nickname of Doitsu for Germany, which meant he was truly NOT pleased. Germany was confused. Italy glared at Germany "I am not your sex slave, you potato eating bastard!" Italy growled, climbing off of Germany's lap and heading out of the room. "I'm going to go make some pasta, and you're not getting any!" Italy said as he stormed out of the room. The German was dumbfounded.

"Vhat ze hell vas that about?" Germany had loudly questioned to no one in particular.

*End Flashback*

Italy had also been sleeping a lot, more than usual for the Italian man. After 3 days of this Germany decided to take Italy to a doctor. Italy was once again throwing up heavily into the toilet, and Germany was rather annoyed. "Italy," Germany started, "It's been three days, I'm taking you to see a doctor. There's obviously something wrong with you."

A terrified look came over Italy's face after he pulled his face up from the toilet. "~Ve! Doitsu, I'm terrified of doctors! Please don't make me go! I-i feel better, rea-" Italy was cut off as another wave of vomit spewed from his mouth into the toilet.

"You're going to the doctor and that's final!" Germany said sternly. Italy let out a sad sigh.

Once Italy had stopped puking, Germany dragged him to a local clinic. When they arrived, Germany signed Italy in using his human name, Feliciano Vargas. They sat down on a small couch and waited for the doctor to call them in. Italy looked extremely scared. Germany saw this and wrapped an arm around the Italian's shoulders. "Relax, er, Feli." Germany said trying to sound inconspicuous, "It'll be fine. You probably just have some sort of stomach flu that can be fixed with antibiotics."

"~Ve? Are you sure I don't have some sort of deadly illness?" the Italian asked with fearful eyes.

"You'll be fine, Feli." Germany said with an encouraging smile as he hugged Italy.

A nurse came into the waiting room. "Feliciano?" she called. Italy looked up. The nurse nodded. "The doctor will see you now."

Italy gulped and stood up. He shot Germany a nervous look with his wide brown eyes. "~Ve. Ludwig, come with me, please? I don't want to go in there alone." Italy asked, using Germany's human name.

"Ja, alright Feli, I'll go with you." Germany said standing up behind Italy. He led the Italian over to the nurse, who in turn led them to a small examining room.

"The doctor will be right in." the nurse said, then she left. Italy climbed up on the examining table and Germany stood next to him. A couple minutes later, a man of about average height and weight in around his mid 40s with gray hair walked in. This man was wearing a lab coat, and was their doctor.

The doctor smiled and looked at Italy. "Hello Feliciano. How are you feeling today?" he asked. Italy let out a nervous "~Ve" and started trembling. The doctor looked at Germany. "Hello, and who might you be, sir?" he asked.

"My name is Ludwig Beilschmidt, I'd guess you'd say Feli is my closest friend." Germany replied. The doctor nodded. "You may be of some help then." The doctor looked back at Italy. "OK, Feliciano, what seems to be the problem?" He asked. Italy couldn't speak, he was just too nervous. Italy looked at Germany and pleaded with his eyes. Germany let out a sigh and looked at the doctor.

"Vell, Feli has been throwing up a lot, usually after breakfast. I've checked everything in the house that he's been eating, but none of it has gone back, and he has no allergies that I know of, so ve have no idea vhat is causing it." Germany explained calmly. The doctor nodded and wrote something down on the clipboard in his hands.

"Have you noticed any changes in Feliciano's behavior?" The doctor asked. Italy looked confused as Germany started talking again, mainly because Italy didn't think that he had changed any in behavior. Germany tried to avoid Italy's eyes as he talked to the doctor.

"Vell, now that you mention it, he has been eating twice as much, he's been having mood swings, and he's been sleeping quite a lot. Even more than Italians usually do..." Germany blushed.

The doctor made some more notes on his clipboard and started looking around for something. He reached into a cupboard and pulled out a sample cup. He handed the cup to Italy. "I'd like to run a sample of your urine to try to isolate the cause of your symptoms." The doctor said. He pointed to a small door in the corner. "There's a bathroom behind that door." Italy jumped down from the table and walked into the bathroom. A couple minutes later, Italy emerged from the room, with the cup half filled. The doctor put the cup in a bag and walked out of the room. When he came back he looked at the two men.
"I'm going send the sample to the lab and should get the results in a couple days. I'll have them call you when the results are in, but I think Feliciano should be fine if he's only puking for a short period of time, right after breakfast." said the doctor, making a few more notes on his clipboard.

Germany looked at the doctor, and since he didn't know what else to say, he nodded and looked at the doctor. "Alright, I guess I'll just watch him more closely and pray he's not contagious."

Italy smiled. "~Ve! I guess I'll see you in a couple days!" he said happily as he skipped out to the lobby. Germany headed towards the door. The doctor looked at him as he passed by.

"I see what you mean, Feliciano is definitely having mood swings..."