Month 8

Hungary, America, Poland, America, and Spain decided that they wanted to throw Italy a baby shower. They went to Germany to ask him if they could, and caught the German completely off guard.

"You vant to throw Italy a baby shower?" Germany asked confused

"Sí! You still need a bunch of stuff before mi sobrino gets here!" Spain said

"What do you say, Germany? Austria already said we could throw it at his house! He said he'd gladly let us use it, as long as we didn't make him stick around." Hungary grinned.

"I've, like, totally got tis all planned out. I made, like, the most adorable gift for your son!" Poland said excitedly.

"It'll be totally awesome, and I'll provide the food! Hamburgers for everyone!" America cheered.

Germany thought about it. It was true that they still needed stuff for the baby. The crib didn't have a mobile, there were barely any clothes in the dresser, and there were no toys whatsoever picked out for the baby. They also needed diapers and stuff like that. Then German thought about how much Italy would enjoy all the attention and people fussing over him, plus opening all of the gifts from the other nations.

"Alright, ve'll have the baby shower, but ve have to tell Italy. He's eight months pregnant, and any shocks to his system may cause him to go into premature labor." Germany agreed to the baby shower.

"YAY!" Hungary squealed. "We'll have it set for Saturday. I'll call you when I've got the time set up!" Hungary said hugging Germany tightly.

Germany headed home from his office and thought about the pregnant Italian at home. Italy was 8 months along, and it showed. A lot. He was constantly achey, and he didn't walk around much because it hurt. Germany walked into the living room, where Italy was relaxing on the couch. Italy flashed the German a happy grin when he saw the blond enter.

"~Ve! Doitsu!" Italy started to get up to hug Germany, but said German held his hand up to stop him.

"Don't get up, Italy. I'll come to you." Germany said as he sat next to the pregnant Italian. Italy let out a happy "~Ve!" and snuggled up to his German. Germany wrapped an arm around Italy's shoulders. He smiled and looked down at the Italian. "Some of the other nations are going to throw you a baby shower on Saturday. Hungary just called to confirm the time." Germany said softly.

"~Ve! A baby shower?" Italy asked excitedly. "That's great! They're really going to go through all that trouble for me?"

Germany smiled and nodded. "Ja. It's going to be at Austria's house at two on Saturday." Germany said. Italy's expression changed.

"~Ve. Doitsu, I'm hungry, do you think you could cook up some wurst with pasta and mashed potatoes?" Italy asked. Germany slowly moved Italy off of him and got up. He headed towards the kitchen.

"Ja, I'll make you some. Anything for you, meine leibe." Germany smiled, and went off to cook for the Italian.

Saturday had arrived. Italy was woken up before Germany by the feeling of an oncoming wave of morning sickness. He carefully got out of bed, and walked as fast as he could to the bathroom. The sound of puke hitting the toilet woke Germany from his sleep. When he finished puking, Italy brushed his teeth and went back into the bedroom. He was immediately faced with a concerned Germany standing outside the bathroom door.

"Are you ok, Feli? I heard you puking." Germany asked pulling Italy closer to him. Italy scowled and pushed Germany away.

"~Ve! I'm fine, Doitsu! I just had a little morning sickness, that's all!" Italy said. "~Ve! Stop worrying so much!" Italy walked past the German and headed carefully down the stairs and started making breakfast.

When two o'clock finally rolled around, Italy was excitedly dragging Germany to the car so they could get to Austria's house.

"~Ve! Doitsu! Can you believe that they're throwing me a baby shower! It's so nice of them! The gifts we get should help finish up the baby's room!" Italy chattered excitedly. Germany smiled and listened to the Italian talk.

They pulled into Austria's driveway and Germany carefully helped Italy out of the car. With his belly being so round, Italy needed help doing a lot of things. The couple walked up to the door and knocked. Prussia answered the door.

"Hey, the guest of awesome and mein bruder are here!" Prussia announced as he led them inside. A look of awe spread across Italy's face. Everywhere in the room, it was beautifully decorated. There were blue streamers, a banner that said "It's a Boy!" across the walls. On a table, there was a huge pile of presents, brightly colored boxes of assorted sizes, stacked up high. There was also a table with a cake that matched the banner, with a stork and a blue bundle on it. All the other nations were smiling, and came up to Italy to congratulate him again on the baby.

"~Ve! Thank all of you! This is beautiful!" Italy said. The other nations started to ask questions.

"How much longer till you due?", "Have you picked a name yet?" "Is Germany really the father?". (It was Romano who had asked the last one, and Germany then proceeded to glare at the dark haired Italian.) Italy made his way to a chair and carefully sat down.

"~Ve! So many questions! I'm due in February, so about two months? ~Ve! Doitsu's still working on a name, and yes, fratello, Doitsu IS the father." Italy said answering all the questions. This game of questions and answers went on for about twenty minutes. Hungary eventually decided that Italy had had enough questions and should open gifts.

"Ok, Italy, I'll start bringing gifts over to you. Let's start with this one with the shiny green paper. It says it's from England." Hungary said carefully setting the box on Italy's lap. Japan sat down and pulled out his camera to take pictures. (The news that his friend was pregnant actually didn't shock him nearly as much as everyone thought it would. He was just mad that he had missed the two men together, and didn't get any pictures of them.) Italy opened up the box and pulled out a green plush bunny with wings, and a pacifier with what looked like a scone shaped back.

"~Ve! Grazie, England! These are adorable!" Italy smiled as he put the stuff back in the box. Germany took the box and set it on another table. Hungary handed Italy another box, this one wrapped with paper printed with hamburgers. Italy smiled as he opened the box and pulled out a baby bottle with a hamburger printed on it, and a little t-shirt that said "I wish I was the Hero". "~Ve! Grazie, America. These are great!" Italy smiled. Germany took the box, and started organizing the gifts by what they were. He had a pile for toys, clothes, and baby bottles and pacifiers.

Italy continued to open up the gifts. Romano had given them a tomato mobile that played an slow, soft version of "The Delicious Tomato Song". Spain, remembering what it had been like when he was raising Romano, gave a few boxes of diapers. Hungary gave them a stroller and a few little singlets. Poland had made the most adorable little suit for the baby. Japan had given them a baby book for them to fill out as the baby got older, along with a couple pokemon plushies. China had given them a giant Shinatty-Chan plushie. Russia had given them a set of a baby bottle and a matching pacifier with sunflowers on them. Prussia had given them a little shirt that said "My Uncle is Awesome!" and a plush Gilbird. There were other gifts thrown in, toys and bottles, more clothes from the other nations. There was a lot of stuff.

"~Ve! Grazie! Thank you all so much! Doitsu and I really appreciate what you've done!" Italy said happily. Germany had finished organizing the gifts. Hungary smiled and brought Italy a piece of the cake. He smiled at her. "Grazi, Hungary."

The other nations all got cake and started eating the cake. Prussia looked at his brother. "So, West." Prussia said finishing his cake. "Have you picked out a name yet?" the albino asked with an evil grin.

Germany set down his cake. He sighed and nodded. Everybody turned to look at the German. Germany looked at Italy. "Vell, I vas really considering ze name Aksel. I really like the ring it has to it." Germany blushed. Italy smiled.

"~Ve! Doitsu, that's a great name. Aksel Vargas Beilschmidt. It really does have a good ring to it, don't you thing?" Italy asked the rest of the party. They all smiled and nodded.

"Yeah!" "That's a great name, Germany!"

Germany and Italy packed up their gifts. Germany helped Hungary and Austria clean up, thanked them again, and headed home, with Prussia tagging along for the ride home.