Month 9

Italy was due any day now. His stomach was really round, and about the size of a beach ball. Germany was constantly on the edge, waiting for the time to come.

"Are you ok, Feli? Do you need anything?" Germany constantly asked. It was really starting to irritate the pregnant Italian.

"~Ve! Doitsu, I swear to God if you ask me that one more time, I'm going to scream!" Italy practically yelled. The Italian then thought a moment. He let out a sigh and looked up into the blue eyes of the German. Italy carefully sat down on the couch. "Actually, do you think you could do me a favor and rub my feet? They feel so swollen right now it's not even funny." Italy lifted his feet slightly. Germany helped position the Italian so he was comfortable, and then rubbed the smaller man's feet. Italy smiled. "~Ve. Grazi, Doitsu." Germany rubbed Italy's feet for a good twenty minutes.

Italy had relaxed, but then got up and went to the bathroom. Germany started to relax into the couch. He was almost relaxed when Italy's voice called out loudly.

"~Ve! Doitsu, I think it's time!" Italy called. Germany jumped up and darted towards Italy's voice. The Italian was supporting himself on the wall with one hand, and had his belly clutched with the other. He was breathing heavily. Germany lead Italy to the car, then ran back inside for the suitcase that Italy had packed, and called to Prussia that they were going to the hospital.

Germany had called the hospital at a red light. He let them know that Italy was coming in, and was going into labor. Germany pulled into the hospital, and once they were through the doors, the doctors rushed Italy to the delivery room. Italy was breathing heavily. The got him into a hospital gown and onto a delivery table. The doctors were relieved to see that some sort of opening had formed, and the baby was going to be born naturally, without the need for surgery.

"Alright Feliciano, you need to push this baby out." The doctor said. Italy's breathing had grown heavier, and he pushed. His face turned deep red, and he had a death grip on Germany's hand. Italy moaned in pain, then glared at Germany.

"This is your fault you potato-eating bastard!" Italy practically screamed, sounding a lot like his brother, Romano.

It took about 10 hours of labor, then the doctor finally announced she could see the baby's head. Italy was told to push a few more times, and then the cries of the baby could be heard. Italy smiled with tears streaming down his face. The baby definitely had a good set of lungs, as he was deafening the entire room. The doctor started barking out times. "Alright, the time is 5:24 am, on February 18 2012." Italy released his grip on Germany, and the doctor looked at the German.

"Would you like to cut the cord?" She asked. Germany nodded and made his way over to the doctor. In her arms was the baby, still covered in slime. Germany cut the cord, and the doctor took the baby to be cleaned off. Italy smiled and let out a sigh, then proceeded to pass out.

After Italy had recovered, the doctor came into his hospital room. "What are you going to name your new baby boy?" She asked as she placed the baby into Italy's arms. Italy looked down at the baby, then at Germany and smiled.

"~Ve. We decided that we are going to name him Aksel Vargas Beilschmidt." Italy grinned. The doctor wrote it down with a smile. Italy and Germany looked at the tiny life they had created. Aksel let out a small sound. The baby was a perfect combination of both his parents. He had light brown hair, that was a blend of Germany's blond and Italy's brunette. There was a curl on the lefts side of his head, much like his mother's, but unlike Italy's, it was curled downward instead of upward. The baby cracked his eyes open slightly, and it was clear that he also had Germany's bright blue eyes. They admired their son, then the doctor spoke up.

"Ludwig is the father, correct?" The doctor asked. She was filling out the information for the birth certificate on her clipboard. Italy gave the doctor a shocked look.

"~Ve! How could you even ask that? There's no doubt that Luddy is Aksel's father!" Italy was near tears. Germany put an arm around Italy's shoulders, and tried to calm the Italian down.

"Feli, it's okay. She had to ask, it's on the form. It's not every day that a man gives birth to a baby, and she needed to be sure." Germany said trying to reassure the Italian. He gave the doctor an apologetic look.

"Don't worry about it too much, Ludwig. He's going to be emotional like this for another week or two until his hormones balance out again." The doctor smiled at the German.

Aksel sensed the confusion and tenseness coming from his mother, and let out a cry. A VERY loud cry. Germany smiled as he rubbed his ear. "Vell, he's definitely got a good set of lungs." Germany said. Italy let out a "~Ve!" and the doctor showed him how to calm the baby down. Aksel had stopped crying and gone to sleep. Italy also noticed how much the baby's nose was like Germany's. The Italian smiled.

"~Ve. Ludwig, grazi. Aksel is the most perfect gift I could have ever asked for. Ti amo." Italy said. Germany smiled and pulled Italy into a kiss, with Aksel being gently held between them.

"Ich liebe dich auch, Feli." Germany whispered.

A couple weeks had passed by, and Germany and Italy were starting to get into the swing of having a baby in the house. When Aksel cried in the middle of the night, they would take turns getting up to feed or change him, though, it was usually Germany because Italy managed to sleep through their son's extremely loud cries. Italy was happy taking care of the baby with Germany.

Germany had to go to his office during the day, so Italy stayed home with the baby. Italy was felt lonely, so he invited Spain and Romano over to keep him company. They hadn't had the chance to see the baby yet, so Spain didn't hesitate to drag Romano over to the house. Italy was sitting on the couch, with Aksel in his arms. The baby was mostly asleep, so his eyes were closed, but that didn't take away from his cuteness at all.

"Awww! Feli, the baby is so cute! He really is!" Spain cooed peeking at his nephew in Italy's arms. Aksel let out a soft sigh.

"~Ve! Isn't he? My bambino is the cutest one I've ever seen!" Italy beamed.

"So, how hard is it to raise a baby anyway?" Spain asked

Italy thought for a moment. "~Ve. It's a little difficult when I'm home by myself, but when Doitsu's home, he's usually a big help. Doitsu's really good at changing the baby." Italy smiled. Aksel's face twisted, then he let out one of his deafening cries. Italy looked down at the baby and started shushing him. "~Ve! Aksel, what's wrong bambino?" Aksel continued to cry as Italy checked his diaper, which was dry. Italy bounced the baby a little bit. "~Ve? It's not your diaper, so you must be hungry." Italy stood up and rocked Aksel a little bit. The baby quieted down a little bit, and started letting out sobbing hiccups. Italy looked at Spain. "~Ve. Toni, could you watch him while I heat him up a bottle?"

Spain's eyes lit up. "Sí ! Sure thing, hermanito!" Spain carefully took the baby from Italy's arms and held him close. Italy walked out to the kitchen and put the bottle in the microwave. When Italy headed back into the living room, he had to hold back a giggle. Spain was holding the baby in his arms and Romano was trying to get Aksel to hold for himself.

"Come on Toni! Let me hold-a my nipote, you bastard!" Romano begged. Spain shot the dark haired Italian a look.

"Watch your language around the bebé, Roma-chan. He told me to watch him, and besides, you don't even like bebés!" Spain smirked.

Italy walked back into the room, and Spain carefully put Aksel back into his mother's arms. "~Ve. Grazi, Toni." Italy carefully sat back down and positioned Aksel so he could be fed. Italy put the bottle to Aksel's mouth and started to feed the baby. Italy saw the pouty look on Romano's face. He smiled at his older brother. "~Ve. Fratello, would you like to feed him?" Italy asked. Romano gave his younger brother an awkward smile and nodded. Italy showed Romano how to hold Aksel and support his neck. Romano took the bottle and put it to the baby's mouth, and Aksel started to drink, eyes still closed.

Spain grinned at the sight. "Oh, Lovi, you're so good with the little bebé!" Spain looked at Italy. "I've got to say, that kid of yours has a good set of lungs on him, Feli."

Italy smiled. "~Ve! Don't I know it. When he's hungry at night, Aksel lets out his sonic scream to let us know! Doitsu says that may be because of his naturally loud voice combined with my loud cries of terror that make it so he can hear me no matter where I am."

"Hey! Why did you stop eating?" Romano started to panic. Aksel had refused to drink anymore from the bottle. Aksel started crying again due to his uncle's panic. Italy took Aksel back and started shushing him again.

"~Ve! It's ok, Aksel. Your Zio Lovi didn't now any better. Please stop crying, Mommy's ears hurt." Italy said, trying to calm the baby. He started to quiet down. Italy burped him just to be sure that wasn't the problem. Aksel stopped crying and opened his little eyes. For the first time, his uncles saw just how blue the baby's eyes were. Italy smiled when he saw the looks on their faces.

"Aww! He has Ludwig's nose AND his eyes, too!" Spain doted. "He's definitely a perfect blend of the two of you."

Even Romano smiled at the baby. "As much as I hate that muscle bound potato, I'll admit the man has good genes. This kid got all the really good ones from both of you." Romano admitted.

Germany came back into the house. On his way home from work, he had stopped to buy books on child care. The German set a pile of books on the table by the stairs. Upon entering the living room, Germany found himself being glared at by an angry Italian.

"Alright, the potato's back, so let's go Toni." Romano said grabbing Spain's arm. Spain let Romano drag him out of the house.

"Hasta luego! Call if you need anything. Congratulations again!" Spain said as he was dragged towards the door.

Germany was shoved out of the way by Romano on his way out the door. The German let out a sigh. Italy smiled and carried Aksel over to the German. "~Ve! Look, Papa's home!" Italy cooed. Aksel let out a giggle and looked at his father. Germany smiled and reached a hand out to stroke his son's soft brown hair, being careful of the curl.

"~Ve. Doitsu, Aksel is the best thing you have ever given me. He's absolutely perfect." Italy said, leaning up to kiss Germany's cheek. Germany wrapped an arm around the Italian's shoulders, holding his lover and his baby close.

"Ja, he is perfect." Germany smiled. Prussia walked out of the kitchen.

"Kesesesesese. I guess you could say he's the best mistake you've ever made, right West?" Prussia chucked. Germany shot his brother a death glare, and the albino quietly slunk back to his basement.