Amy is a high-class rich girl who lives the fancy life.

And then you got Sonic…

Who is a poor cobalt that has nothing to lose

What happens when you mix these odd pairings together…?


"Amy! You're new house is outstanding!" You hear one of your close friends exclaim. She wears a green skirt, with a white sleeveless blouse on, sleeves from her green sweater tied around her neck. Her name is Cosmo. You just shrug away the statement as if you have never heard it in the first place.

"You must feel proud being a first-class girl, aren't you?" Your other friend, Rouge, says swiftly. You flatten your ears to not hear anymore comments about your mansion you've just moved into.

You hear someone mumble from the outside of your closed ears. You perch them up and say, "Pardon?"

"I said, do you think that these new neighbors will be friendly?" The youngest of the girls say. Her name is Cream, and she's 13.

You shake your head quickly, and speak out finally. "I really don't care what they say or think. I'm not here to make new friends when I already have you guys. Close as sisters even."

"Aww!" Someone that has a high pitched voice shriek out. That happens to be Mina, one of the sweetest girls you'll have as a friend. "That's so sweet of you, Amy!"

"Thanks guys, but I'm not into showing off my new house." You say sweetly, but at the same time it's fake. You know that deep down you just want to be like normal girls you see around here, and not having a big mansion that is out of place.

I just recently moved around here just 2 days ago, which was Wednesday afternoon. Today is Friday, and it was finally time to show my friends the new house…oops, I meant my new mansion…that my parents brought last month. This is the 2nd time that I had to move, and luckily we moved to my old neighborhood again. But if felt more like a new one to me, despite that I didn't recognize any people here. My parents promised me it was going to be a doozy to be moving into a my old neighborhood, especially if the neighborhood is close to where my best friends lived. Yeah, it was a doozy alright, when everyone kept looking at me with these strange stares that said, 'Who's the new girl?' and 'Is she rich? She sure has some fancy clothes.' But I just had to ignore the glares the best way I could, because I knew if I gave them one stare back that was innocent, then I'll sure to be the new girl who'll get teased around here.

Not only that I had to move away from my neighborhood I lived in for quite sometime, I also had to move away from my old H.S. Which means I have to start all over again with a new high school as a sophomore. But at least my friends are at the same high school I'm going to. Which was a bit better for me. Not a whole lot though that sweeps the butterflies out of my stomach.

Suddenly, a hand waves from side to side in front of your face. It distracts you and you finally snap out of the deep thoughts. "Amy, are you okay?" A lavender cat, just about taller than you, asks kindly.

"Uh…yeah!" You manage to say, looking up with a sweet smile. "I'm as cool as a cucumber!"

"Good, because I want to get inside and see what it really looks like. You can never judge a book by its cover ya' know!" A raccoon with an Australian accent states, marching herself to the front door. You just shake your head, forming a slight grin to yourself, and follow her to the door, opening it up politely for your friends to come in.

"It's about time!" Marine says to you, and pats you on the shoulder. "See you inside!"

"Thanks Amy!" Cream says to you.

"Thank you, darling…" Rouge smirks, tickling under your chin playfully before heading inside. You start to groan.

"Rouge, quit doing that! Thanks Ames." Blaze calls you by your famous nickname.

"Thank you, Manuela!" Mina hugs you before stepping inside. Only someone as unique as Mina calls you by your middle name.

The last of your friends comes next to you and beams. "Yay! I can't wait to see the inside view!" Cosmo runs in excitedly. You shift a smile. A warm one.

Before you head inside, you think to yourself, 'Is this the right choice that my parents made?' I know I'm thinking that.


Just when I closed the front door, everyone started to gasp. I didn't know if it was out of shock or what. But telling by their face expressions, it sure looked like they were surprised of how big it was.

Marine did a whistle that was low, but loud enough for me to hear. "Wow, mate, your parents must have saved up a fortune to get this in the neighborhood!"

I couldn't help but giggle. "Well, what you expected from a girl who's high-class?" I say proudly, pointing to myself. "This girl comes from a rich society!" I soon caught on of what I just said, and drooped my head slightly. "I mean…"

"We know what you mean, Amy. We're glad you're happy!" Rouge says, coming over to me and giving me a gentle squeeze on my arm. "You're a girl that comes from a wealthy family. I would've wagged that in the air in front of everybody too."

"But that's not me, Rouge. I don't like putting people down like that, and showing off." I say with a knot forming in my stomach. "Moving here was one thing, but having to move to a place that's different from my class is another." Rouge let go of me and made a frown.

"Don't let that get you down! You're still normal to us no matter what!" Blaze winks at me. "We're the ones who knew you ever since kindergarten, so we should be-"

"Uh- don't you mean that I knew her ever since kindergarten?" Mina interrupts Blaze.

"Right…I'm a grade ahead of you." Blaze says, scratching the back of her head. "But that's really not the point-"

"Wait a minute, I was in her same school too, you know. So technically, I knew her as well." Marine crosses her arms.

"All of us were, Marine…but what I'm trying to get at-" Blaze was saying.

"Oh sure you knew her, Marine. But you never talked to her because you were in Pre-k then." Rouge says with a tug of sarcasm in her voice. "So you don't know her as much as Mina does."

"Fine! If you guys want to get specific about this, then we knew Amy since our young days growing up! Ya happy know?" Blaze asks impatiently.

Marine unfolds her arms, and smiles. "Delighted."

I roll my eyes and coughed a can-I-have-your-attention-again type cough. Everyone glued their eyes on me while I started to speak again. "We can finish this conversation of who-knows-what later. Let me show you guys upstairs before my parents come home from work."

Blaze and Marine looked at each other with death glares, and split away from one another. Marine went with Cosmo in front, and Blaze went in back of me with Rouge.

Did I miss something here?

"Okie-dokie then, let's see the rest of the mansion!" Cream says happily, skipping her way in front of me with Marine and Cosmo, while I was in the middle with Mina.

"I guess the point hasn't really gotten through with Blaze, huh?" Mina asks when we started to walk upstairs. She had a sorry look on her face.

I started to feel the urge to tell Mina of how I felt, so I did. "I'm not really sure, but I'm just happy that I moved back here. I was quite sad when I had to move away from you guys when I graduated from 5th grade. But then I started making new friends in middle school, although they really weren't the same as you guys. That's why I wasn't that mad when I found out that I was moving back here. But when I found out it was going to be a mansion instead of a house like before, that made got be a bit angry. And to make matters worse, I had to move away from my old high school and start a new one. Now it's like being a freshman all over again, and-!"

"Whoa, calm down, girl! It's going to be okay, as long as you stick with me and everyone else here, you'll be fine as the flowers on Cosmo's hair."

"Are you guys talking about me?" Cosmo left Cream and Marine, and joined Mina and I.

"Yes, and it was very bad too!" Mina replied jokingly. I started to laugh, and soon all 3 of us laughed together. When we reached the last stair, we turned the corner on the left and entered the hallway which was painted red. It was so big, our laugh echoed through the space.

"The hallway is huge!" I hear Rouge gasp in back of me. Her gasp also echoed in the hallway. "A whole classroom can fit in here, and it'll still have room left!"

"I wonder if you'll get a boyfriend in your new high school." Cream says out of the blue.

I turn to Cream and smiled sheepishly. "Uh…I really doubt that. But it might be my 2nd goal to achieve in my new school." I inform.

Marine makes a puzzled face at me. "What's your 1st then?" she asks.

"To not be in the bottom of the pyramid this year, of course!"


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