Hey everyone!

Thank you all for being so patient with this story, along with "10 Things I hate about you"

I took a poll on rather I should continue this story, leave it alone, or revamp it into another version. So…I decided to re-write "For Rich or Poor"!

I feel bad for waiting so long, but the first chapter is underway as I speak, so I should be posting that in any given day this week! So stay tuned!

Talking about the new story, when I do have it uploaded here, this story may be deleted, with the other story taking its title. So there's nothing "new" to look for.

For those who are following me, you'll definitely know!

The last update I'll make in this old story is when I announce that the other story is up!

Thank you guys for being patient with "FROP", and sorry for anyone who really enjoyed this old plot, and for it to be interrupted like it was. I just wasn't feeling it anymore…

Anyways, the newer version to FROP will officially begin this week, yes!

And watch out for one last update to this, announcing the story being up!

See you soon!