Micah and the other Children move to a new location in Nebraska – Grovesburg. Another small town with rows and rows of corn. Although this small town is slightly more lively, meaning more adults to sacrifice. More blood for the Corn. Micah and his God are very pleased. But what will happen when He Who Walks Behind The Rows sends forth a young girl who He has blessed with the gift of Sight, and she doesn't even know it? Her destiny will be all up to her. But she is part of the Lord's plan, most definitely. Can Micah convince her that she is crucial to He Who Walks Behind The Rows? And will he involuntarily get lost in love along the way?

Excerpt From My Alternate Ending:

Micah was harnessing the power of He Who Walks Behind The Rows, no doubt. He felt great being in control, and let it rush through him completely. Reveling in it, Micah knew it to be wrong, but he couldn't stop letting supremacy flow to every inch of his body, consuming him. He raised the sword, in a sacrificial enhancement, getting ready to strike down on the enemy. That's when he felt it. An uncomfortable tug on his robe.

It seemed like the Lord's dominion over Micah lasted forever, but the odd feeling lifted him from the demon's control. And he saw the old Indian man, reaching forward, pulling down a lever. The corn harvester! Micah's apparel was caught in the harvester! He was yelping at his blonde friend to help him, although he knew that Danny would betray him. He saw the true monster that Micah was.

All of sudden, there was an agonizing feeling in his head and an irritable caress on his face. Something accelerated through Micah, and he knew in an instant that the demon possessing him had left him at that moment. He also saw Ruth, taking a scythe and ripping his robe, freeing Micah from the harvester. He ran, fleeing from the scene, taking his brothers and sisters with him. All that he heard before he left the cornfield was the terrible screams of the dreadful, revolting sinners. He felt no regret. Just redemption.

And although the demon that was controlling him had left him, Micah still felt the essence of the Lord, and he knew that this was not the end of He Who Walks Behind The Rows.