Dawson looked at Danny startled, "what do you want?" asked Dawson,

"How can you sit there and ask that? I know the truth Dawson" snarled Danny as he edged closer to the bed Dawson was still lying on,

"And what truth is that?" demanded Dawson "I am a wounded member of the force and you come barging in here and start threatening me!"

"I know the truth behind my brother's shooting Dawson"

"So why are you taking your anger out on me then? The soldiers had something to do with it, we both know that!" Danny was at a loss for words; Dawson still was claiming he was innocent!

Dawson then opened his mouth and said something very stupid to Danny, who was in no mood to mess around. "Is the reason you're here because your brother's dead?" when Dawson asked that there was an almost hopeful glint in his eyes, which set Danny off.

"You asshole!" shouted Danny as he pushed the table that was designed for patients to use while in bed, Danny pushed the table so hard it slammed into Dawson's abdomen.

"Stop claiming innocence Dawson!"

"I'm not claiming anything!" gasped Dawson as he leant forward clutching his stomach,

"Oh yeah? Well stop claiming the soldiers had something to do with my brother's shooting, the only thing they did was save his life when you had tried to end his life"

Dawson looked up at Danny's words, "oh yes Dawson I said tried, because you see my brother woke up four hours ago and just now gave me his statement" hissed Danny as he leaned towards Dawson who shrank back against his pillows.

"Well that's good to hear"

"I'm surprised to hear you say that seeing as Jamie made you"

"Made me for what?"

"Stop playing games Dawson!" Yelled Danny, he then took a breath to calm himself, which didn't work "Jamie identified you as the shooter"

"Well that doesn't prove anything seeing as Jamie was already falling unconscious so he may not remember properly"

"Don't you dare call my brother Jamie, that's what friends call him and you are no friend, he's Officer Reagan to you"

Dawson tried to shrink back against the pillows further,

"And for your information Dawson Jamie was conscious enough to remember you from the coffee shop and there's one thing I want to know"

"What's that?"

"Why did you shoot my brother?"

Dawson began to protest,

"Don't bother saying it wasn't you, you're a suspect and my partner's organising a line up as we speak and we'll see what Jamie says. So why did you do it?" demanded Danny.

"The boss thought Jam – Officer Reagan made us, as some cops had been snooping around my boss, and so he told me to get rid of Officer Reagan before he could tell anyone"

"Well that shows how bad a cop you are"

"Excuse me?"

"Jamie wasn't even looking at you, he was nodding to girl he's met a few times who was sat behind you. So you see Dawson if you hadn't tried to kill my brother we wouldn't have found out you sell out your fellow cops to the Columbian mafia"

Suddenly Danny caught some movement in the corner of his eye and as he turned he managed to grab his grandfather's arm before Henry could throw his coffee in Dawson's face.

"Gramps don't it's not worth it" insisted Danny,

"No it's not but it would have given me great satisfaction seeing as this scumbag has tried to kill my youngest grandchild for no reason" spat Henry towards Dawson,

"Don't worry gramps we've got him" just then Jackie and two uniforms entered the room, Jackie walked up to the bed she gave Dawson his discharge forms which he signed she then got him up from the bed and began to say "Luke Dawson you have the right to remain silent-"

"Yeah yeah I know you can save your breath" muttered Dawson, Jackie just shrugged and nodded to Henry and Danny as she and the uniforms escorted Dawson out of the hospital. Henry nodded for Danny to follow Jackie, Henry then made his way back to Jamie's room Henry noticed Danny talking to Frank at the end of the corridor, most likely filling Frank in on what happened. Henry then entered Jamie's room and saw Jamie was sleeping, as Henry approached Jamie's bed he smiled at the peaceful look on Jamie's face, as he knew soon enough the nightmares would start. Henry then thought about all the nights in he and Jamie shared after Sydney went to London, he smiled remembering Jamie's eager look when Henry would tell him a story about the job. And again Henry thought about Jamie saying everyone treated him like he was made of toothpicks; Henry sat down and said "see I told you Jamie, you are strong and this has only proved it" Henry then moved a stray lock of hair from Jamie's face. Henry revelled in the thought of Jamie getting better and to hopefully be soon coming home, to Henry that couldn't come soon enough, he wanted his youngest grandson under the same roof as him to keep a close eye on him and make sure he was healing physically and emotionally properly.


Beth and her friends were waiting in the squad room for Smudge and Paddy to be let out of holding, Detective Reagan had apparently according to Smudge, been quite full on when interviewing them like he had with her. But Beth knew the reason why and couldn't blame Danny for wanting to find who had tried to kill his brother. When Smudge had been complaining about Danny to her Beth had told Smudge why Danny went at them hard. Smudge had then stopped complaining and had felt bad about what he had said.

Beth was drawn from her thoughts when she saw Danny bringing Dawson into the squad looking pleased, so Beth guessed that the man Danny was bringing was the man who had tried to kill Danny's brother. Smudge and Paddy came over a few minutes later, at the same time Danny came over to them.

"I just wanted to apologize for the way I acted around you guys" said Danny,

"Nah its fine" replied Smudge, smiling at Danny showing there weren't any hard feelings,

"How long are you guys in New York for?" asked Danny,

"Another three weeks" replied Mitch,

"Well that's perfect as my dad wants to invite you all for Sunday Dinner as a way to say thank you"

"Just let us know the date and the time and that would be great even though you don't have to" said Jock, the boys exchanged phone numbers with Danny and began to leave when Beth asked Danny "how's your brother doing Detective Reagan?"

"Well for starts you can call me Danny and secondly he has woken up and is talking, if you want you can come visit him as I'm going back now" Beth agreed as she wanted to see for herself how her patient was doing, she told her friends and got in the car with Danny.


Danny and Beth walked into Jamie's room to see him awake and talking with Henry,

"Hey kid how you feeling?"

"Sore, but I'm ok" replied Jamie,

"I've brought someone to see you"


"The medic who saved your life" Danny then pushed Beth into the room, Henry made an excuse to go and find Frank,

"Hi Jamie, I don't know if you remember me" said Beth smiling as she took Henry's seat,

"Your names Beth isn't it? I remember your friends arguing about where they wanted to go" said Jamie,

Beth laughed "yeah their always arguing" soon Beth and Jamie struck up a conversation and becoming fast friends with all the things they had in common, not noticing Danny had slipped out of the room.


It had now been two and a half weeks since Jamie had woken up and his good recovery meant he was now staying at his father's and grandfather's house until he was completely recovered. He had been at his dad's house for two days now, just that morning he had to go to Danny's squad and pick his shooter out of a line up. He had picked Dawson out not knowing he had made Danny's day as now his brother could gloat to Dawson that Jamie obviously wasn't that much out of it after being shot. After coming home Jamie had been exhausted and gone upstairs to have a rest. That afternoon instead of a dinner the family was having a barbeque as the soldiers were coming over. The time Jamie spent in the hospital everyday Beth and soldiers would come and visit him; Jamie soon became friends with all of them. He found out Beth was waiting to find out where her next posting would be and said there was a chance she could be sent to New York, and asked Jamie if she was could he show her around, Jamie said of course he would.

Jamie had heard the soldiers arriving and so got out of bed and was now slowly coming down the stairs holding onto the banister, he hated having his family fuss over him, and he understood they must have been scared about him, but it didn't mean they had to mother hen him all the time! When he was almost at the bottom of the stairs Frank dashed over saying "are you ok son? Do need me to help?"

"I'm fine dad" said Jamie through gritted teeth, he had thought him coming out of hospital would have stopped his family hovering over him, he was wrong. Even Danny was hovering over him and it was just making him feel claustrophobic, the only ones letting him have breathing space were Beth and her friends.

Even though Jamie couldn't keep his frustration out of his voice Frank didn't back off, "are you sure son? You did have a tiring morning today"

"I made it this far dad, I'm pretty sure I can manage the last few steps" Jamie then moved past his dad, he felt bad about the way he was acting but he hoped acting this way would get the family to back off! No such luck.

As Jamie made his way into the living room, Danny rushed over to him and made him sit down, adding as he left the room. "You just sit there kid I'll get your burger for you" Danny was out of earshot to hear Jamie's frustrated sigh, but Beth heard him.

"They only do it because they care" she said as she sat next to him,

"I know, but it feels like their smothering me! I can't fault them for their reasons but I just wish they would stop doing it" sighed Jamie leaning back,

"How are you sleeping?" asked Beth,


"Jamie I've known a lot of people go through similar experiences and they have all suffered from nightmares"

"Yeah, I've had at least one a night" murmured Jamie,

"Admitting to having nightmares doesn't make you weak Jamie. It just means your human and a person who has gone through a traumatic experience"

Jamie nodded and looked straight ahead and whispered "I keep replaying it over and over in my head, Danny told me why it happened and I just keep thinking I could have stopped it happening if I didn't nod to that girl, in fact if I never even went into that damn coffee shop in the first place"

Beth placed a hand on Jamie's hand and said "everyone thinks about what would have happened if they hadn't done something, but you're here and alive Jamie. It's going to be ok" Jamie could only nod in reply.


It was now later in the evening and everyone was gathered in the living room, Henry was asking the soldiers where they were from.

Henry turned to Beth and asked "so where in England are you from?"

Smudge, Moll and Mitch simultaneously said "ooooh" and Jock, Taffy and Paddy shook their heads.

Beth just looked right back at Henry and said "oh you Canadians"

Henry looked confused and replied "I'm American"

Beth looked calmly at Henry and said "and I'm Welsh and I live in Britain"

Moll then asks "what's wrong with being English?"

Taffy said while laughing "everything"

Jamie rose from his seat next to Frank saying "I'm just gonna get a drink"

"I can get it" said Frank,

"No dad" muttered Jamie, as Jamie walked towards the door that led to the kitchen he stumbled. Beth shot out of her seat and helped Jamie right himself. Danny smiled to himself, the reason he wasn't concerned right now was because he thought Jamie had pretended to stumble, even though Danny couldn't prove it. He looked over at Jamie and caught his eye, Danny smirked and shook his head, Jamie just smiled and shrugged causing Danny to chuckle to himself.

Jock looked over and called out "hey twig how come whenever we're hurt you don't fuss over us that much?" the other soldiers all laughed with the Reagans causing Beth and Jamie to both go red in the face.

"Come on Jamie I'll help you get your drink" Jamie nodded his thanks, they were both getting out of an awkward situation but he wasn't annoyed because Beth only offered to help him get his drink, she didn't offer to get it for him.


Three months later

Jamie was now ready to get back on the streets and he was rearing to go, waiting for roll call to start he used his phone to check his emails and found one from Beth. (He and the soldiers had exchanged email addresses) Beth had sent:

Hey Jamie,

Glad to hear you're getting back on your beat. Just a quick email to let you know I have been posted to New York and I'll be there in about two months so I expect you to keep your promise and show me around the city .

Your friend



Jamie didn't know why but reading the email brought a smile to his face.

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