10 years ago I requested a Ratchet and Clank section here on FF. The last story I wrote for it was when I was 15. Now, with the 10 year anniversary here, I think it's time I revisited what is still my favourite franchise. Hopefully I've improved since my teen years with mary-sues and "My Immortal"-esque dialogue.

I am not the most confident writer, but I hope you will support me as I try to once again write something of value. :)

Story takes place after All 4 One.

Ratchet and Clank is owned by Insomniac games and Sony.

Still a fan of your stuff guys.


The sun beat down on towering trees and oversized leaves the same it had done for the past ten years. Whether it was because the planet was close to its sun or simply because he was located on its equator the explorer couldn't say. All he knew for a fact was that every morning the sun came up and every morning it was the same baking heat and steaming humidity. The trees and ground-level vegetation always the same explosions of dark rich greens, deep violets and the occasional splash of reds or yellows. No seasonal change ever seemed to occur, and if it hadn't been for his own recording of the days the explorer might never have known as to how long exactly he had been marooned here.

But recording was exactly what he did. Not merely the days but also the slow change of the landscape, the migration of dangerous animals lurking in the jungles, the corroding of stone slabs and the harvestable fruits for the month. There was a lot of time when you were lost and alone. Fortunately for the explorer, he had a purpose other than fighting to survive.

He was standing on top of its eastern corner at the time. He had already mapped the entire structure's layout many years ago, long before he had dared go inside it, but today he wanted to once again go over the strange writing and hieroglyphs carved and painted onto the stone before the heavy rains that he was expecting washed them away for good. They had slowly been fading over time and he was worried if he didn't review his writings of them one more time he might miss something and their original meaning would be lost forever.

They were not nearly as interesting and thought provoking as some of the other markings carved and scrawled all over the ancient structure, but he was afraid that this was deceptive and that there was a deeper meaning he simply couldn't grasp yet.

The circles and dots, curves and half-moons were already hard to properly decipher. Their blue paint almost completely chipped away by the weather and the only real means of even figuring out what was once written there lay in the grooves some ancient tool had cut into the stone. Even those were slowly losing their fight to the elements though along with their companions. Carved and no doubt beautifully painted at one stage was the depiction of strange beings, small in stature but with large eyes, all seemingly enveloped in light and suspended in the air. All of them shown in scenes depicting miraculous acts or other images that inspired worship from whatever ancient race had originally erected the now forgotten building.

Forgotten that is except for the explorer. Had it not been for this structure he may long ago have made his way through the jungle and across the land, trying to find even the slightest trace of civilisation despite already knowing there was none. But this, this building and its secrets, kept him rooted to one place. It focused his attention on something he could study and understand and veered it away from thinking about his desperate situation or the despair of never being heard from again. These carvings, this architecture and the thousands of sprawling tunnels inside it kept him going.

Ten years later, and still there were so many secrets waiting to be uncovered. Ten years and no new equipment so that he might be able to unlock them. It was a long time to be alone.

The wind picked up. He knew the rains were coming as they always did this time of year but this wind was different. It didn't signal the rolling of clouds or the drop of mercury in his barometer. It was sudden and a little wild, pulling leaves, twigs and other debris upwards into the sky. There was also a low hum that gradually became louder and louder until it was more like a drone and eventually a roar. Clouds formed and burnt themselves out above him as the explorer gripped his hat tightly, afraid it would be whipped away.

A dark cloud was steadily growing in the otherwise misty blue sky. As it grew it took on shape, eventually becoming a shadow with clear cut lines and corners. It started getting broken up by pin-holes as well as large circles of light. It changed from a darker blue against blue to a faded grey until eventually it contrasted green with the sky. Not the green of vegetation but the sharp, polished green of painted metal.

Trees bent and dust was thrown as it settled itself on the largest clearing of ground in the area. It took the explorer a few moments before his brain remembered the thing he was looking at was a ship. It took another few moments before he released that ship meant salvation. He slid and almost fell off the building's roof as he raced down its broken stairs and fallen boulders, calling loudly at it the whole time in case it left before it saw him.

The ship's doors opened and a ramp extended down from it. A small handful of occupants exited, armed against any possible dangers that may welcome them. They did not however shoot at the explorer as he ran wildly towards them. After all, the whole reason they had landed was to find out why their bio-scanners had picked up a Markazian life-form on what was an uninhabited planet.

When word got out that the long lost explorer Max Apogee had been located after a decade of being missing presumed dead the news spread like brush fire. Within a mere couple of days it was the top news for the entire Polaris galaxy. It took only a single day more before it was revealed what he had been doing while marooned for so long and the media was quick to declare a new age for Zoni research.


R&R and I'll be your best friend. This is just the prologue so don't judge too harshly. The story starts proper the next chapter. I hope whoever decides to read this enjoys the ride with me.