It has been a few years since Olimar came to lead the Pikmin to victory.

These were the Golden Years of Pikmin, due to the fact that we moved from the bottom of the food chain to the top.

Unfortunately, when Olimar left, our grip on the planet diminished.

This is due to the fact that, without such leadership we fail to fight as well. Don't take me wrong, we, in the beginning, easily subdued the beasts.

But then they got smarter.

Bulborbs realized that hunting and resting in packs would increase the amount of chance of Pikmin lunches. They also hang around Dwarves more than ever. Male Sheargrubs burrowed into the ground near hunting sites or Pellet Posies for better ambushes. Honeywisps drop eggs on top of Pikmin, causing damage. It was all true madness.

In response, we decided to get smart too. Many of them grabbed sticks and made spears. They made bows to launch projectiles. Soon they started stealing the eggs of wollywogs to make the wollywog a mount.

Both sides of war enhanced their intelligence in order to win. The problem is the Pikmin have taken lots more deaths than the beasts did.

The Pikmin first killed lots of other beasts before turning turning their attention to the Bulborbs. The Bulborbs however did not come unprepared, as the Pikmin (and you) will see.