The Purple Pikmin are a species of power and stamina. They, like Whites, do not use Onions, but they throw prey to the Candypop Buds to make Pikmin. They are slow, but persistant. They could run for hours more than the average Pikmin at a time. They are very heavy and because of this, they pick and wrestle the srongest of monsters. Armored Cannon Beetles were common. They had been in a personal war with White Pikmin for years, trying to stop them from reuniting with Blacks in fear that they would become the rulers of the Forest of Hope. That is because they were before Purples seperated the two. Now they feel it is their duty to prevent them from re-conquering the forest. Their favorite weapons of choice are huge weapons, usually Great Swords, Giant War Hammers, and Crossbows.

After their defeat, they went back to recieve reinforcements. They hated to do this, but in order to stop them, extinction would be in order. They would be ready to kill them all to stop them. They would have to fight harder than they thought though...

A leaf fighter now must battle a difficult battle , for they now attack Whites. Power, the leaf we speak of, rode on his Armored Cannon Beetle. He looked around lots of times to look for enemies and hidden Candypop Buds. After searching for a long time, he started looking at his allies. There was 20 Armored Cannon Beetle calvalry, 15 Raging Long Leg fighters, 10 Pilated Snarget Riders, and 5 Decorated Cannon Beetles, not to mention the countless amount of infantry. Only generals get Decorated Cannon Beetles, who looked like normal Armored Cannon Beetles, except that they are red, have yellow eyes, and best of all they have homing rocks. Decorated Cannon Beetle Larvae are so hard to find, and even harder to raise and train, that only the best get them. Armored Cannon Beetle Larvae, however, are easy to find and semi-easy to train. Everyone not riding an awesome unique beast is usually riding an Armored Cannon Beetle. Or they are infantry. They continued to march or ride until they could no longer. "Sir, no sign of them." A bud, Strength, said. "Darn, I was hoping to find them by now." Might, their leader, said. They made camp and started exploring on foot. Power was among them. He countiued to explore and explore until he finally find what they are looking for. The White camp. He put a stone to mark the area and ran as fast as he could, which was not really that fast. "SIR! I found the Whites!" Power yelled. "Perfect. I knew we were close. Nice work soldier." Might said. "Thank you sir." Power said. They got back onto their beasts and charged, destroying everything in their path. Many of them fired rocks to damage trees and destroy rocks. The camp was in site, as horrified Whites warned the others and countiued to run away. They shot rocks at the tents and put out the fire they had. The Purples countiued to kill things and loot their resources. Some Whites tried to fight, but none prevailed. Many were slaughtered, and Purples were also suffering deaths. They soon came to a ready to fight Squadron Victory. "You will now die!" Power screamed as he swung his Great Sword at Toxic, who quickly dodged and kick him away. Whitreme, with all his might, swung a Purple at a Cannon Beetle while it was inhaling, causing it to open it's vurnerable heating vent. It's life ended when javelins stabbed into it. Many squads fought while dodging rocks, only a few prevailing. They were Squadron Victory, Olympus, Wargod, and Pulse. Squadron Victory was the best, for they had a plan. Whitro ran to the border of the camp. "FIRE!" He commanded, as ballistae and catapults launched their projectiles. Armored Cannon Beetles countiued to be pulted with huge rocks and hundreds of arrows. Many died in the attack. However, it soon stopped. "What the? I never said to stop." Whitro said. They jerked backwards to see Pilated Snargets rip apart the machines. "Crap." Poisono said as the Snargets started hopping towards them. "Crap, crap, crap, CRAP!" Toxic echoed. In no time, they were up against Snargets and Beetles. Not to mention the Raging Long Legs aproaching. By now Squadron War God was dead, and Purples stormed more. Then Decorated Cannon Beetles entered the mix. Tons of Whites, not even fighters, fought their attackers. At first they suceeded, with only 4 Cannon Beetles, 3 Decorated Cannon Beetles, 13 Raging Long Legs, and 3 Pilated Snargets. Javelins were thrown, quickly killing the infantry. Then their reinforcements came. Power threw Toxic into a tent, destroying it. Blood spilled and Pikmin died, many White. Then Whitel got an idea. "Run!" He screamed. "Can't say I object." Toxic said, punching Power away. They ran, including other squads. Purples chased them, though they were slow. Then, after much distance was gained, they stopped. Power was confused. His Cannon Beetle was wounded, so he left him behind. Charging as fast as he could, he stopped as soon as he saw a problem for both teams. Thunder boomed and lightning flashed. "What the hell?!" Might screamed. The Whites were scared as well, for giant water drops fell from the sky. Pikmin from both sides goth hit, making them fail to breathe. More died from water than fighting. Power then got an idea. He put away his weapons and held a dead body above his head. "What are you doing? He is already dead." Strength said. "It will shield us from the death water." He said. Strength then did the same, then many people got the idea. Some Purple retreated and some lifted bodies. Whites ran away as well, though they were not using corpse sheilds. Suddenly, Wollywogs, Water Dumples, Aquaborbs, and tons of other Aqua Beasts came to worship the rain. They were frenzied, as they attacked the Pikmin, eachother, and the air. They killed many Pikmin. "This is a nightmare!" Toxic screamed. They saw Blues run out and worship the rain frenzied as well, though not killing frenzied. Raging Long Legs acted like rainshields for Purples. Power then caught Toxic and threw him into the mountain. Toxic punched him and then pushed him away in an attampt to climb the mountain. Power kicked his back and slammed him into the ground. Before he could kill him, Toxic held a poison bomb in his hand, which made Power run. Toxic threw the bomb at Power, but missed. Power threw a rock at him, launching Toxic back to the ground. Toxic saw a purple-red blood leak out of his arm. Getting up slowly, he jumped onto a suprised Power. Power, acting fast, ran into a rock wall. This hurt both of the people. Power, jumped, ready to crush Toxic. He too acting fast, threw a javelin, hitting his leg. Power lost formation and missed him, groaning in pain. Toxic got up, and started limping to his team. They were alive, and killing Purples as well. They had killed many wollywogs that attacked, and killed 2 of the Raging Long Legs. A Pilated Snaret then launched itself into the surface world. Squad Victory pelted the beast with poisoned javelins, making it fall dead. "That was the last Snarget." Whitel said proudly. Power then threw Toxic into Whitel and Whitro. "What is with all the throwing?!" Toxic screamed as he got up. Power, limping, charged Toxic with his Great Sword. Toxic got out of the way, and he then swung at Whitro. Toxic, not willing to have his friend die, threw his last javelin, hitting Power and knocking him out before he could kill Whitro. The Purples retreated and the rain stopped. They lost more deaths than they had killed. They had lost.