Title: The Angels Lost Flower
Pairing: Maka X Tsubaki
Anime: Soul Eater
Rating: T

Alright everyone I made a third chapter, this one won't have any sex, but well yeah it's more plot. The next chapter I promise you will get very hot. Anyways please enjoy and review while you're here.

After Blair sent out the message and turned into a cat making her escape. That left Maka and Tsubaki alone in the apartment. Tsubaki went up to her girlfriend who had large tears welling up in her eyes. "Now now Maka, I don't think people finding out about the two of us is going to be so bad," The elder Weapon whispered into her lover's ear as she wrapped her arms around Maka from behind. The younger weapon broke out in sobs as she tried her best to make sure Tsubaki didn't see her crying.

"That's not what I'm worried about, it's our parents finding out," Maka said as she sounded almost like she was in pain. She knew her papa would never approve of her dating anyone and soon he would find out about Tsubaki, not a conversation she wanted to have with the Death Scythe. Tsubaki was having the same emotional issues that Maka was, her parents were extremely strict and old fashioned, they would probably force her back to the Natsukasa estate just for having a relationship without their permission, as far as having one with another girl that would probably cause her parents to lock her in her room for the rest of her life.

"It's going to be alright Maka, nothing bad is going to happen." Tsubaki whispered softly but it was a lie, not to Maka, but to herself. She couldn't stand the thought of separating with Maka, not after how well things were going between the two of them. "I hope your right," Maka managed to say between now inaudible sobs. "Of course I am," Tsubaki said that softly as she pulled the younger weapon closer.

"Come on let's get some sleep." Maka said dismissively as she slipped free from her lovers hold and walked into her room without another word. Tsubaki felt a little hurt, Maka usually loved it when Tsubaki held her and would even ask that they could just lie together with Tsubaki holding her for hours. Blair's actions may have done far more than just ruin their relationship. Tsubaki walked into the bedroom and found Maka turned so her lover couldn't see her face, which was because the younger weapon had taken to crying in silence. Tsubaki walked over to the large bed and slipped under the blanket, wrapping her arms around Maka as gently as she could.

"I don't want to be separated from you," Maka finally managed after the two of them had been laying together for about an hour or so. "I promise Maka, I'll do whatever it takes so we stay together," Tsubaki replied quietly as Maka carefully shifted so the two weapons were facing one another. She pressed her head into the elder weapons large chest and closed her eyes again. Tsubaki gave a last smile as wrapped her arms around Maka so they wouldn't separate in their sleep. She then followed her younger lover's actions and closed her eyes, drifting to a sleep plagued with sad dreams of the two never being allowed to see one another again.

The two were awoken by a knocking at the door as Maka sat up in bed. "I know you're in there Maka, hurry and open up the door." Soul called out as brash and demanding as usually, but then again when someone was as cool as them they usually didn't use etiquette when it was their house they were locked out of. "Wait here Tsubaki," Maka said quietly as she slipped out of bed. She went to her dressed slipping on a pair of panties and an overly large T-shirt she usually wore when she was asleep. She headed out to the living room and opened the apartment door, to her surprise it was Soul and Black Star at the door.

Soul was dressed in the white t-shirt he usually wore under his leather jacket and torn up jeans, not much of a style change. His bright silver hair was brushed back, so it almost looked straight instead of the normal mess he left it in. Soul sighed as he nodded to Black Star. The young assassin was dressed in his normal outfit, which consisted of the cargo pants and a vest that had a large collar to keep some of his face hidden. That really didn't help in hiding him mostly because of his wild electric blue hair. "I brought these for Tsubaki," Black Star mumbled, which really surprised Maka, for once he wasn't acting like a complete idiot. Tsubaki's Meister held out a large bag which Maka took looking to him questioningly. "It's something for her to change into," Soul stated rather bluntly as Maka's face turned bright red realizing that the two of them knew.

"How did you two find out?" Maka asked quietly, she didn't want too much commotion and get the neighbors involved. "Blame Blair, after her little stunt on Facebook me and Black Star found out because your creep dad kept calling us asking about you and Tsubaki." Soul replied dismissively as Maka just nodded, as she couldn't think clearly, everything had just fallen apart and she was sort of running on auto pilot. "Stay here for a bit," the young weapon whispered as she headed back into the apartment. She closed the door and collected up her and Tsubaki's clothing from the night before.

Tsubaki was still in bed, not having anything to change into. Maka went into the room holding out Tsubaki's clothes and the bag that Black Star brought. "You should change, while I let the guys in," the blonde mumbled as she was quick to hide the toy that she and Tsubaki had used, no use in letting Soul and Black Star find that. "Maka listen I," Tsubaki started but was cut short as Maka left the room, closing the door behind her. The young weapon was so far gone she didn't even realize she was crying when she opened the front door.

"Jeez Maka, there's no need to cry it's seriously uncool." Soul said as he wrapped his arms around Maka and held her closely letting his Meister cry into his chest for a bit. A few moments later Tsubaki came out dressed in a pair of jeans and a large t-shirt which had a star design on the stomach. Soul looked up to Tsubaki and moved a hand up and placed a finger against his lips, signaling for the other weapon to be quiet while Maka regained her composure. "Listen Maka, I think all four of us should talk." Soul said quietly he didn't want to stress her out even more than she was as they were talking. Maka nodded not saying anything as she moved away. She had stopped crying but her eyes were still red and there were tear stains on her cheeks.

Soul let go of Maka and led her back inside, going to the living room as the two scythes took a seat on the couch. This left two chairs opposite a coffee table for Black Star and Tsubaki two took their seats, though Tsubaki couldn't keep her eyes off Maka, she felt so useless unable to do anything for her lover. "When we found out me and Black Star were together so we could talk about all of this," Soul began as he was talking to both Maka and Tsubaki though he was looking towards his Meister when he spoke. "Yeah me and Soul both agreed we don't really care either way," Black Star continued, for once he was actually managing to be serious. While he was a real joker he still cared about Tsubaki, so he managed to rein in his idiocy for a while. "You two don't care." Maka stammered a bit surprised as she looked over to Tsubaki, not expecting this sort of reaction from their partners.

"Not really, do whatever makes you happy. Sides we aren't so close minded like other people that would be seriously uncool." Soul said smiling softly, even still his large fang like teeth were on full display. Maka and Tsubaki couldn't help but smile relieved that they didn't have to hide their love from their partners any longer. "That is to say we don't want some ground rules with all of this," Soul continued as the two lovers looked to him a bit surprised, they weren't entirely sure what he meant by ground rules.

"First off, if you two are going to have another one of these sleepovers tell one of us and we can chill with someone else for the night. Secondly, tell us if you're going out on a date that way Black Star doesn't do something stupid like barge in on the two of you." Soul said grinning just a bit as Black Star glared to him jumping out of his seat immediately. "You have something to say to me scythe boy!" Black Star yelled as he was fuming again. "Now isn't the time, please sit down," Tsubaki scolded him as she looked up to her Meister. The young assassin sighed and took his seat, mumbling under his breathe.

"Finally, if you two want some time alone from us just say something instead of forcing one of us out of the house." Soul finished what he was saying as he ignored Black Star's outburst, which was a real surprise as he would usually jump on Black Star's insults, but the happiness of his Meister really did mean something to him. "I mean that's not like it's totally unreasonable, we have been really secretive about what we've been doing," Tsubaki said as she looked over to Soul and Maka smiling ever so softly. "It wasn't fair the way we forced you two away whenever we wanted some time alone." Maka mumbled as she looked to soul, she hated admitting when Soul was right.

"Right well I'm heading home, Tsubaki can stay with you guys for a bit." Black Star said as he got up. As usually he decided not to make a normal exit, he opened the apartment's largest window and jumped out. "Hope he cracks his skull," Soul muttered as he got up looking between his Meister and his best friends Weapon. "Guess I should give you two some time alone, but your dad is looking for you Maka." Soul said which made Maka tense up, that's right her dad was the one who told Soul and Black Star about her relationship. It was game over, her father would never approve of her having any sort of relationship especially one with Tsubaki.

"Right I'll go see him," Maka whispered as she sighed ever so softly going to her room to change, shutting the door behind her. "I hope you know that if you ever make her cry on purpose I'm going to kill you," Soul threatened in a dark growl, his blood red eyes flashing a blood red as blue sparks flashed around his right arm. "I'd never do anything to hurt Maka, I love her." Tsubaki replied calmly, though blue sparks flashed around her body as she glared to her lover's weapon. "I'll be the judge of that," Soul replied the sparks around his body disappearing as he sighed softly.

Maka walked out wearing a pair of tight jeans with a red plaid skirt over that. She had a plain white t-shirt with a red plaid vest that matched the skirt. Her long honey blonde hair was brushed straight back as she looked over to the Weapons. "Right I'm heading out," Maka said as she looked over to the two of them. Tsubaki walked over taking Maka's hand as she smiled softly. "I'll go with you, I'm not leaving you to face this alone." Tsubaki said reassuringly as she squeezed her hand softly. The two headed towards Spirit's apartment at the DWMA, which was located close to the Death Room.

The two weapons entered the large apartment as Tsubaki gasped in surprise, she gripped Maka's hand hard enough to make the younger weapon looked up to her. Tsubaki's parents were there with Spirit at the dining table, they all looked over when the door opened. "Maka, I'm glad you made it." Spirit mumbled, he didn't exactly seem all top happy but Maka couldn't tell why. "Tsubaki, please let go of her." Tsubaki's mother demanded as Tsubaki simply nodded sliding her hand free of Maka's.

"You two should come inside, we have a lot to talk about." Spirit said quietly as both Weapons came inside, Maka closing the door behind her. "As far as I'm concerned there's nothing to talk about. What Tsubaki has done is a disgrace to the family, we're taking her home to Japan and that's final." Tsubaki's father growled as he stood up slamming his hands on the table. "Father please-" "Be quiet!" Tsubaki's father loudly as he glared to her. "Don't talk to her like that," Spirit growled as he looked to Tsubaki's parent, much to the two lover's surprise.

"Excuse me," Tsubaki's mother said as she glared looking to the Death Scythe. "As a father I won't let anyone speak to their child like that in my presence," Spirit said calmly though light electric blue sparks shot around his body. "You can treat your child however you want, but I won't stand for what my daughter did." Tsubaki's mother growled as she turned looking over to her daughter.

"No." Tsubaki said calmly as she looked down to Maka trying to give a reassuring smile, but Maka couldn't help but look to her worriedly. "Excuse me?" Tsubaki's father responded as he walked over to Tsubaki. "I said no, I'm not leaving Maka." Tsubaki said firmly as he father grabbed her hand gripping it hard as her mother joined her husband and daughter. "Let go of her!" Maka yelled angrily as she tried to grab Tsubaki back but Spirit ran over pulling her back. "Not now Maka, we don't need to cause even more of an incident." Spirit whispered as Maka struggled trying to get free and get to Tsubaki. The elder weapons mother opened the door as Tsubaki's father began dragging his daughter out.

Maka and Tsubaki struggled as they reached out, the two were barely able to reach one another, as they tried to hold one another's hand but they were pulled away, leaving the both of them in tears. "Tsubaki, Tsubaki!" Maka yelled out again and again as she kept struggling but to no avail Spirit kept her close. "I'm sorry Maka, I'm so sorry." Spirit whispered to her as Maka managed to pull away, slapping him rather hard. "You've always been the worst father, and now you're making me loose the person I love!" Maka yelled out in pure rage, in her mind it was all her useless father's fault that she was unable to get to Tsubaki in time and save her. Even still she couldn't keep herself from crying.

"I know Maka, I messed up with my love life and now I couldn't do anything to help yours. I couldn't help you do something now but I promise I'm going to make this right." Spirit said softly trying to calm his daughter as wrapped his arms around his daughter pulling her in close. "Idiot," that was the only word Maka could manage as she continued to cry until she eventually wore herself out and fell asleep. Spirit sighed softly as he carried Maka to his bedroom placing her down in his bed carefully. He tucked her in like he used to when she was five.