The rewrite to Professor Pokémon.

After this chapter and before Harry gets the letter to Hogwarts, the story's mostly going to be a collection of snippets of Harry's life (in chronological order). Just a warning.



"My wish isn't to mean everything to everyone, but something to someone." –Unknown

Harry sat next to a tree in the Dursleys' front yard, wiping his streaming eyes.

Dudley had been picking on him when a glass of water had started floating and poured itself on him. Harry had laughed until Vernon had slapped him and started yelling.

Why did he get so mad? Harry wondered. It's not like I did it? …Right?

Sighing he looked up at the sky, where stars were just now appearing. Noticing a shooting star, he closed his eyes and made a wish.

I wish someone would take me away from the Dursleys. I wish someone would take me away from the Dursleys. He repeated to himself.

Harry opened his eyes and saw the star… coming towards him?

"Argh!" He yelped, trying to back away, only to end up falling on his back.

The flying object descended gently in front of him, and the glow subsided, revealing the oddest creature Harry had ever seen. It was very small, and had a yellow headdress with blue tags on it.

Hello child. A voice reverberated through his mind.

"W-who are you?" Harry asked in a small voice.

I am Jirachi. The creature responded. I grant wishes.

Harry's eyes widened in shock.

"R-really? A-are you going to take me away from here?" He asked, not daring to believe it.

Since that is your wish, yes. Jirachi answered. I am going to take you to a different world, mine, and leave you with some people that will take care of you, okay?

Harry nodded, not trusting himself to speak.

Before we leave, in my world there are many creatures like me that you've never seen before, called Pokémon. Don't be scared, they won't hurt you as long as you stay close to the two I'm leaving you with. Jirachi warned him. Now let's go!

A blinding flash swallowed them, just as Vernon Dursley walked out his front door.

When the light faded, Harry and Jirachi were no longer there, leaving only a gawking Vernon.

Harry blinked and gazed around in awe at the house in front of him.

It sprawled across a large plain, and a gate to the side of the house had a sign that read 'Valentine Ranch'.

Harry. Jirachi said, trying to get his attention.

"Huh?" Harry asked, turning to the Pokémon.

This place is a ranch owned by Minn Valentine, who raises and trains Pokémon for other people, as well as her own. Her cousin, Sol Diaz, is visiting her right now. Explain to them where you're from, and that I brought you here, and they will take care of you.

"Are… Are you sure?" Harry questioned, looking worriedly up at the house.

Yes. Don't worry; they are very kind people, even if Minn is a bit antisocial. You don't have to worry about a thing. Jirachi assured him. I have to go, but don't be afraid, I will watch over you.

"Will I ever see you again?" Harry asked sadly.

One day Harry. Jirachi said, beginning to glow. One day…

And with a flash, Jirachi was gone.

"Bye Jirachi." Harry whispered.

Steeling his courage, Harry walked up to the front door and knocked.

Within moments it opened, revealing a tall, tanned girl with bright green eyes. She blinked down at him and turned to yell back inside.

"Hey Minn!" She hollered. "Did you order a cute kid?"

"What the hell kind of question is that!?" A voice shouted back. The woman snorted in amusement before turning her attention back to Harry.

"Well then kid, what'cha doin' here?" She asked kindly.

"J-Jirachi brought me here." He murmured shyly. "I'm from a different world." The woman hummed thoughtfully before nodding.

"Come in then, I've got a feeling this is going to take awhile." Sol, because that was who it had to be, held out a hand for Harry to take. When he did, she led him inside.

"Minn!" She yelled. "You're not going to believe this!"

"What did you do this time!?" Minn shrieked back.

"Why do you always assume I did something wrong!?"

Harry giggled quietly.

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