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"The reason that lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place is that the same place isn't there the second time." –Willie Tyler

Harry covered his hand with his mouth as he yawned, listening half-heartedly to the referee.

"-and this will be a four-against-four battle, Gym Leader Volkner versus challenger Harry Potter!" The ref cried, his flags in hand. "Begin!"

In the stands surrounding them, Flint cheered.

Volkner rolled his eyes and gave Harry a slightly amused look.

"You're not gonna fall asleep are you?" He asked.

"Of course not. I just wish you didn't insist on having the battle so early." Harry told him.

"It's eight thirty!" Flint yelled.


"Can we just get on with it?" Volkner asked impatiently. "And Flint, shut up!"

Harry grinned and nodded as Flint pretended to be hurt.

The Electric Leader smirked and sent out his first Pokémon, a Raichu.

Harry threw his own Pokéball without a word.

A flash, and bone-chilling, spine-tingling cackle erupted from the light.

Raichu screamed, Flint fell over with a yelp of surprise, the referee cowered.

And Harry and Volkner stood stoically.

After the light finally faded, Nightshade looked at Volkner expectantly.

"Sorry, you still didn't scare me. Nice laugh though."

Nightshade sighed in disappointment.

"What the hell!?" Flint shrieked.

He was ignored.

"Charge Beam Raichu!"

Nightshade barely managed to dodge, and at Harry's command retaliated with a Shadow Ball.

The Electric Mouse shook off the attack easily and fired off a Signal Beam.

Doing a loop to dodge the move, Nightshade didn't see the following Thunderbolt flying towards him until it struck him. In the face.

Ow… That was cheap dammit! Nightshade yelled at Raichu.

If you don't wanna get hurt, don't battle! The mouse shouted back.

Nightshade growled and retaliated with a Focus Blast.

It knocked the mouse back, but not out.

The four humans watched with varying degrees of horror (from nonexistent to absolutely mortified), as the Gengar and Raichu threw attacks at each other without waiting for their Trainers.

"Should we do something?" Volkner ventured eventually, wincing as a Thunderbolt and Shadow Ball clashed, creating an explosion.

"Nah, one of them is about to faint anyway, I'm sure of it." Harry told him.

As if cued, there was a boom, and Raichu flew out of the smoke cloud that had accumulated. Before it could smash head-first into the wall, it was caught by the tail by Nightshade, who had flown after it.

Dropping Raichu slightly gently, Nightshade glided back over to Harry's side, looking worn-out.

"Can you still fight Nightshade?" Harry asked worriedly as Volkner recalled his Pokémon and got ready to send out another.

An affirmative nod answered him as a flash drew their attention back toward the fight.

A Jolteon stood, battle-ready on the other side of the stadium.

It took one look at Nightshade's state, and sent out a Charge Beam, knocking him out.

"Spoke too soon, huh?" Harry quipped to the Pokéball after recalling his Gengar, which shook slightly in his grip.

Storing it, he sent out his next battler.

Oleander appeared, staring stoically at Jolteon.

"Quick Attack!" Volkner commanded swiftly, and the Eeveelution leapt into action, speeding toward the still Toxicroak.

"Sucker Punch." Harry said calmly.

And then Oleander was gone, or so it appeared.

Jolteon slid to a stop, looking around wildly, but was unable to dodge the strike as the poison frog leapt from where he was hiding (surprisingly well) in the shadows.

"Thunder Wave!" Volkner cried.

Jolteon spun around and shoot the electric move, and Oleander tried to dodge…

Only to grunt as his limbs locked up and he crashed sideways onto the floor.

Harry couldn't help but swear, he didn't have anything to heal paralysis!

Idiot! He mentally screamed at himself. You knew you were challenging an electric gym, why didn't you think to but some Paralyze Heals!?

Oleander struggled to his feet and struck out with a Poison Jab, but the Thunder Wave's effect had slowed him considerably.

The Toxic Mouth Pokémon went down quickly after that, but he fell fighting, and managed to weaken Jolteon greatly with a well-timed Earthquake.

Harry sent out Meki.

The moment the Seviper caught sight of his opponent, he reared up and Glared his fiercest at the Electric type.

Jolteon froze momentarily, and that was all Meki needed to lunge forward with Crunch; shaking the Pokémon in its jaws and throwing it to the side.

A Poison Tail made sure Jolteon stayed down.

Volkner frowned as he recalled his Pokémon.

"That thing is vicious." He grumbled, selecting his next Pokéball.

"Only in battle." Harry countered with a smirk. (Unknown to him, Volkner and Flint thought that his smirk looked a little too much like one of Minn's own.)

Volkner sighed and sent out his Luxray.

Most people would be intimidated by the large Luxray growling at them, but Harry was instead reminded of Xerox, Minn's even bigger Luxray, who had allowed Harry to ride him when he was younger, and even put up with the child's accidental tugging of his mane.

Meki however, didn't reminisce about any of the memories Xerox appeared in, instead greeting his opponent with a Sludge Bomb.

This brought Harry back to the present, and he ordered another attack before Luxray could get its bearings back.


Flint's, Volkner's, and the referee's eyes widened, not expecting a Fire attack from the Seviper.

Luxray might have been surprised to; it was hard to tell with the fire engulfing it.

A black cloud surrounded the Gleam Eyes Pokémon, hiding it from view.

Meki watched warily, but was still caught off guard by Luxray leaping out of the smoke with its own Fire attack: Fire Fang.

The two had exchanged blows for a good four minutes with minimum interjection from their trainers when a Sludge Bomb poisoned the Electric Type.

Luxray blanched, looking sick, but still managed to take down the haggard Meki with a Thunder Fang before falling as well.

Up in the stands, Flint whistled in admiration.

"A Double Knockout?" He said. "You don't see those too often."

Volkner sent out his strongest Pokémon; Electivire.

Harry sent out his Pokémon with a Type advantage; Lilium.

The two sized each other up for a moment before Volkner gave out an attack.

Electivire rushed forward with shocking speed (pun intended), with a Fire Punch at the ready.

Lilium threw it back with an Earth Power. Electivire growled angrily and shot forward, this time the punch landing.

It looked victorious for a split second before yelping in pain and jumping back, gripping its right hand and flinching.

My scales are hard as diamonds, bastard. Lil said with pride, before firing off a Poison Jab in Electivire's face.

Her opponent staggered back, and she attacked with another Earth Power while it was distracted.

Volkner grit his teeth as he watched his Pokémon get smacked around.

ThunderPunch won't work, she's a Ground type… And she shook off Fire Punch like it was nothing! He thought bitterly. Quick Attack won't do any good, so that just leaves…

"Electivire! Giga Impact!"

The Pokémon did as it was told, lunging forward quickly, completely covered with energy. There was no time for Lilium to dodge.

"Lil, brace yourself!" Harry called desperately.

The two Pokémon clashed, and an explosion rocked the Gym.

Everyone waited with baited breath for the smoke to clear, and when it finally did they were all shocked.

Both Pokémon were still standing.

Lilium shakily stepped forward, and sent a small, weak Poison Jab into Electivire's chest.

It was enough, and Volkner's final Pokémon was down, Lilium crashing down after it only seconds later.

"Victory goes to Harry Potter!" The referee announced, waving his flags.

Both Trainers recalled their Pokémon.

"Thanks Electivire, you did your best."

"Great job Lil."

They shook hands and Volkner handed Harry the Beacon Badge with a grin.

"That was the best battle I've had in a long time." He told the younger boy. "Let's do it again soon!"

Flint interjected before Harry could answer.

"But first he's gonna challenge the Elite Four and battle me, right?"

Harry rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"Actually, I'm not gonna challenge the Elite Four." Flint and Volkner stared at him in surprise. "I was just challenging the Gyms for fun, and I want to travel more before I take on any Champions."

"No way!" Flint whined. "And I was so psyched to battle you to!"

Harry laughed at him.

"Another time Flint, promise. But for now, I need to head back home." He said, turning towards the door.

"Oh yeah." Volkner seemed to have remembered something. "Your birthday's coming up, isn't it?"

Flint grinned when Harry nodded.

"Cool!" He cheered. "You're throwing a party right?"

"No, it's just going to be me, Sol, Minn, and all of our Pokémon." Harry told them. "See ya guys!"

*About a week later*

"Cake!" Sol yelled happily, digging into her large slice of chocolate birthday cake.

Minn wrinkled her nose at her cousin's antics, and ate her piece in a much more civilized manner.

Harry chuckled quietly, the Pokémon surrounding their table echoing him.

(They had decided to eat and open presents outside so that even the biggest Pokémon, namely Leaf, could watch. All of the Pokémon had their own slice of cake as well, which was a treat since Minn didn't allow Pokémon to have human food very often, because too much of it could make them sick.)

They were all cheerfully conversing amongst themselves, when a bright light blinded them.

The moment they could all see again, Meki and The Blaziken Vulcan leapt in front of their Trainers, and Leaf lumbered to his feet.

Because, standing in the middle of the yard, there were two people wearing the oddest clothes Harry had ever seen, that had definitely not been there before.

One of them, an old man with an insanely long beard, smiled at them, blue eyes twinkling.

"Excuse me for interrupting." He said politely. "But is a Mr. Harry Potter here?"

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