While I continue Sugar Chain, amuse yourself with:


Kara: Okay, people, I'm Kara, live from a broken down York Shin Warehouse on the Fourth of July.
Kara: O…K… I guess I'm broadcasting live from an exploded warehouse. Let's see what's going on!
Hisoka: Come here, Machi…
Machi: *glares* Take this first! *throws a firecracker at Hisoka's head*
Hisoka: Hey!
Machi: ^_^
Hisoka: |_|?
Hisoka: ;)
Kurapika: *sees Kuroro* *eyes turn red* *takes out a 500 Gram* Let's see…
Killua: Hee hee hee! *sets the back of Kurapika's skirt on fire*
Kurapika: What the…?! @#$@%$^%^%#%@%!^%%&%*%*$%&&&$&$^$!!!!!@$@%#%!!!
Killua: What's that mean?
Kurapika: *evil laugh* That means… *holds up 500 Gram* PAYBACK TIME!!!!!!!!
Killua: SAVE ME!!!!!!!
Leorio: *drinking* Huzzah! *dumps the beer on an about-to-explode-firework*
Leorio: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! *fire in hair* *stamps feet* Ouchie!!!
Killua: …
Kurapika: >_
Gon: Hey! Looks like fun! *sets his own head on fire and starts stamping his feet* Whee!!!
Everybody Else: *MEGA SWEATDROP* *falls down anime style*
Menchi: SUSHI FIREWORKS!!! *waves them in the air*
Killua: *walks by and picks one up* *eats it* Yum!
Kurapika: I dare you to eat a match!
Killua: Okies. *blows up*
I kinda hate the idea of blowing Killua up. Thanx 4 da ideas, Angelstarcool, even if you don't read this. Would anybody be kind enough to tell me what 'lemon' is?