With Queen Ravenna gone, the kingdom found its peace again. Trees started to grow and all the crops on the fields were growing and blooming as never before. As you walk, you can see young kids playing in the streets, mothers gardening in the front gardens and fathers working with a smile on their faces. It all looks beautiful again.

Snow White was standing on her balcony, while she looked over the kingdom. The see seemed a lot calmer then it was before and all the blooming fields looked fantastic. It was to be a great year for the farms. The kingdom had expanded a bit from the moment Snow White became the new Queen. Duke Hammond, William's father, decided that his land belonged to King Magnus, and so on also to Queen Snow White. Snow White asked the Duke if he wanted to keep watch over the land, as she was just starting as a Queen. Without any trouble the Duke agreed. He wanted William to come home with him after Snow White's ceremony.

"There are some things I have to take care of, father" William said to the Duke.

"Please send me a message when you plan to return", the Duke said, "The people want you to come back."

With those words said Duke Hammond left the castle to return to his own land, leaving William behind.

"I will", William whispered as he saw his father leave.

When he turned around to return to the castle, he gave a quick glimpse to the balcony, but there was no one there. Snow White returned to the throne room to finish some royal duties, after which she sat down for diner. Both William and the Huntsman were sitting at the dining table. It had been like this ever since they regained control over the castle.

The mirror of Queen Ravenna was hanging on the dining room wall. Snow White couldn't get rid of it because something attracted her to it. Not knowing what it was, she hung it there. The mirror reflected a small amount of light that came through the window. The reflected light landed on the middle of the table. Therefore the candles weren't lid this evening.

As Snow White entered the dining hall, both William and the Huntsman rose from their seats.

"Don't be so silly" Snow White said," You both know you don't have to rise for me!"

"We were just trying to be polite" the Huntsman started", weren't we William?"

The Huntsman sat back down again. William on the other hand was still standing. He stepped away from his seat and turned himself to Snow White.

"Snow White", he started, "We know each other for a very long time, and there is something I want to say to you."

His voice sounded as if he hesitated. The Huntsman looked to William as he spoke. He noticed something in his behaviour but he couldn't quite say what.

"What is it you want to say William?" Snow White replied.

As the Huntsman was thinking about what was going on, one of the servants walked in with a silver covered platter. He stopped next to William, holding out the platter.

"I don't think my presence here is necessary" the Huntsman said and he rose from his seat.

"Please stay" William said quickly," I want you to hear this."

"What is it you wanted to say?" Snow White asked. Her voice became a little louder as if she was angry because William didn't answer her the last time.

The Huntsman sat down again. His eyes went straight to the silver covered platter. What was it that was under there and why did the servant walk in right when William started to speak?

William took the platter from the servant. He slowly walks to Snow White.

"Snow White," he started, "when we were kids I left you behind at the gate of the castle. After that I have been thinking of you every day. When we got news that everybody in the castle was killed, I was devastated. I thought I'd never see you again."

Snow White was looking at William. She didn't know what to do reply so she just sat there and listened to what William had to say.

"I thought my life was over," William continued, "So from that moment on I tried to do all I could to make Queen Ravenna's life as miserable as possible. But then I saw you again. It was as if a part of my body healed as you walked though my sight. It was a feeling I hadn't felt since I had to leave you at the gate. It was a great feeling, and I feel it every time I see you. That's why I stayed here when my father left. I couldn't bare without that feeling. It still is the best feeling ever."

He was now standing right next to Snow White's seat. He was holding the platter with his left hand and held his right hand over the cover.

"Snow White," he started again, "will you be my wife?" As he spoke his hand slowly removed the cover that was over the platter, revealing a golden ring with a big emerald.

Snow White gasped. She didn't know what to say. "William... I... I... I didn't see this coming!" She sounded truly surprised. "Of course I will!" she answered him and she stood up and kissed William.

The Huntsman also rose from his seat. He rose somewhat violently, throwing his chair backwards to the ground. He didn't say anything; he left the dining room as fast as he could.

"Huntsman!" Snow White yelled, but the Huntsman closed the door behind him. He was gone.