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For the next day's William drove back to the castle. The weather was no longer the sunny sky he had been riding under on the way to Duke Hammond, but now it was a little cloudy. The temperature was still nice though. On his way he kept on thinking what his father said. A regent from both castles would make a really bad impression but it was what was necessary for the wedding to be fulfilled.

Snow White had made almost all the preparations. The throne room was finished and in the end it looked like it transformed into a beautiful wedding room. All the food was ordered at the castles kitchen and her beautiful white dress was being made. It all looked amazing. Nothing could go wrong. The guest list was taken care of and all Snow White had to do was wait for William to return. And so he did. After a few days William made his way to the courtyard. His horse was sent to the stables and he made his way to find Snow White. He first went to the dining, but she wasn't there. He did see that even in this room the preparations were done. The table was plated for the entire family and the golden platters gave it a beautiful look. But Snow White wasn't here so he had to move on. When he arrived at the throne room he was flabbergasted. All he could do is stand there and watch. Watch what his wife to be had made. It was fantastic! The walls, the flowers, the balloons. It was just, wow. He really had to find her now because if she didn't agree on the regents, it would mean it was all for nothing. He hurried to his bedroom. Before knocking he went in the room. And there she was, standing on a chair, wearing a white dress with a lot of flowers and... Wait, he wasn't to see this! He turned his head when he noticed what he was doing.

"Snow White, I've returned with news." He started.

"William! Oh my god I didn't expect you back now! I have to change! Hurry up girls let's get this dress off of me!"

The servants working on the dress quickly made their way into the bathroom with Snow White. It all went a lot faster than William imagined. Within a few minutes Snow White was running towards him. When she was almost there she jumped to him, right into his arms.

"You're back home! I'm sooooo happy to see you! I am almost done with all the preparations so we can get married in a few days!"

"Yeah about that" William started, "My dad wasn't all that happy about the two of us getting married. He thinks I'm too young to rule the kingdom with you. He wants a regent from both of our castles to assist us in our decisions."

"Well that was not really what I had in mind... It went all well for the past few months so why would we need regents to rule with us? What did you say to him?"

"I don't know why he wanted it. He insisted on it, or else there would be no wedding... So I had to say yes. I had to agree on it because I really love you! I have to be with you for the rest of our lives! I really don't care what my father wants to do to make it all work out, but I know you are the one for me and I don't want to lose you over something like this! It's just a small thing, think about what we can achieve together!"

"... I see what you mean, and I must say that I'm glad you agreed with him. The wedding is much more important. I love you too and I really hope we can grow old together."

The big day was there. All the wedding plans worked out great and it was all going as planned. The Duke had arrived almost 2 days early, explaining to Snow White why he wanted the regents to assist them. Both agreed and it was now just a matter of time. The high priest made it to the castle just a day before the wedding. He was royally looked after when he arrived. He was given the biggest spare room and he had the possibility to eat and drink all he wanted. Because he was a priest he could not drink any wine so they made a special fruit drink he really liked.

Snow White was really nervous about the wedding. As customs said, the bride and broom were not to see each other the entire day before the wedding. William spend the day with his father, and Snow White had a really relaxed day. But she was so nervous she did put on her dress over 20 times, just to make sure it would still fit. It was a really funny thing to see.

Everything went as planned. The throne room was well filled and the high priest took his place on the created alter. With a lot of cheering and a lot of fine music, the royal guests arrived at the throne room and took their seats at the front of the room. It was time.

Meanwhile Eric was making his way to the castle. Instead of travelling by horse, he went on foot. He didn't want to wake all the people of the village and the horse was used very well as a working horse, so he couldn't even take it without knowing how taking it would destroy the village. The journey was long but he had to go. Stopping the wedding was what he had to do. Travelling over the road on foot made him realise why he wanted to stop the wedding. And it made him realise what he was doing. He was acting like a fool. Why not made sure you travelled by horse, you would be much faster! While thinking this he entered the Dark Forest. He was lucky enough to know his ways around all the traps of the forest. He knew every place. He knew the trees, he knew all the creepy roads, he knew the bushes. He knew it all. All but a very rare statue stated on a unknown opening of the forest grounds. The ground looked a little bit like a crater but there was no object that could have made such a blow. There was only this statue. It was a statue of a man. He was covered in moss and leaves. Eric tried to remove some of the branches and he scratches some moss off the nameplate. "Let The Hunt Begin" was what it said. It was a really weird statue to be honest. The man was holding some sort of bow, he had a quiver on his back and a sword on his belt. Almost all the branches were gone now and only his face was still covered in moss. Removing it was a real difficulty but he had to know who this person was. After removing it all, Eric stepped a few meters back to take a good look. He started to watch at the boots and moved his eyes up. When he reached the head he stopped. He stopped and stared at the face of the man. He knew that face from somewhere, but he couldn't tell who it was. He kept on looking to the statue. The man had a creepy look in his eyes. They were pitch black. There was no way it had any colours in it. A little bit shocked Eric moved a little closer to see who it was. And then he realised it was him! It couldn't be. A stone version of him standing in the middle of the Dark Forest? It was so weird and he had no explanation. Eric slowly moved away from the statue, it's eyes started to glow red. Eric gave it a run. After a few seconds the eyes returned to black.

Eric walked for about half a day inside the Dark Forest. He was out of it by nightfall, so he slept next to the road with an improvised campfire. Because it was such a long day of travelling, he fell asleep almost instantly.

"Dearly beloved," the high priest started, "We are all gathered here on this beautiful morning to share with Snow White and William as they exchange their vows of their everlasting love. Who gives this woman to be married to this man?"

William was standing at the bottom of the altar as he saw the doors of the throne room open. There she was. In a beautiful white silk dress, covered in flowers, Snow White came walking towards the altar. There was a man next to her. It was pretty hard to see who it was, but when you took a better look you could see it was Duke Hammond. They moved together to William. Once there Duke Hammond spoke: "I give away this woman to be married to this man." The church bell began to ring as William and Snow White went up the altar.

Eric woke up. What was that sound he was hearing? ... No ... It couldn't be ... The church was ringing its bells, so the wedding was begun! He flew up and started to run towards the castle.

"Do you, William, take this woman to be your wife in sickness and in health, till death draws you apart?" the priest spoke.

"I do." William answered.

Eric was running, he could see the castle; it was just up the hill. He kept on running.

"And do you, Snow White my Queen, take this man to be your husband in sickness and in health, till death draws you apart?" the priest spoke.

"I do." Snow White answered.

Eric ran, he ran as fast as he could. He had to make it. It could not be that he had done it all for nothing. He was already at the gatehouse, but he had a long way to go.

The voice of the high priest sounded through the throne room. "In all that is holy and with the powers granted to me by God himself..."

Eric made his way through the courtyard. From there it was just a few halls he had to pass.

"I now declare you man and wife", the high priest continued. "You may now kiss the bride"

Eric ran, he ran as if his life depended on it. In some way that was true. He made it through the first hall and made his way around the corridor, almost slipping over the Persian carpet on the floor.

William removed the petal flowers from Snow White's head. He handed them to the ring bearer and turned his head back to her.

The throne room was just around the corner. He dropped his axe and gave it a sprint. He was almost there, he heard absolutely nothing. Only his own breathing and the beating of his heart.

Snow White and William looked at each other. They both closed their eyes and prepared themselves for the kiss that would change it all. Their heads slowly moved forward.

He saw the great doors of the throne room. He pushed his right shoulder forward and closed his eyes. 'Just give it a full sprint and it will burst open' he thought. And so he did.

Their lips were closing in on each other. They could feel each other breathing. It would be a matter of seconds before they would kiss.

He hit the door with his shoulder. As he hit it, he started to yell: "NOOOOOOOOO". The door flew open. He kept on yelling as he ran inside, not yet knowing what he knows now...