Summary: Hermione discovers she's pregnant after a one night stand with Fred Weasley and an imposed marriage law forces them to get married. The Burrow goes wedding planning mad as the pair get to know each other while coping with the unexpected pregnancy. Not everyone's on Hermione's side though. Can they discover whose out to get them before it's too late? FW/HG

Disclaimer: If I owned Harry Potter Hedwig and Fred would never have died.

Warnings:Mentions of sexual content.

Notes: Edited and Beta'd 12th June 2015


Hermione's head was pounding as she snuggled into the hard pillow. She wasn't normally a drinker, but the amount she had consumed last night was awful. Her head was pounding, mouth dry the soft light of the morning was stinging her closed eyes.

Last night had been the one-year mark since Harry had defeated Voldemort, and the whole wizarding community had decided to celebrate. Not to be outdone by everyone else the Weasley twins had organised a 'Boy-Who-Lived-A-Bunch-Of-Times' party to celebrate. Being the twins the party was the best in town, the most talked about, and everyone was there. Hermione ran into many of her old Hogwarts teachers that night, and it was quite a sight seeing Professor McGonagall drunk.

Hermione hadn't planned on going, but Ginny had dragged her along because she'd had enough of Hermione's Ron induced depression. He'd broken up with her over a month ago because 'things weren't working out'. Hermione assumed the real reason was all of the attention he'd been getting from single witches for being a famous saviour of the wizarding world.

Ginny managed to convince Hermione to come for one drink and decided a makeover was to show Ron what he was missing. Hermione hadn't even planned on drinking, but that plan quickly changed when she caught sight of Ron with his newest girlfriend. Her stomach fluttered as the jealousy overtook her, feeling used and unloved as she watched them. She loved Ron, well she was sure it had been love. She had very little experience when it came to relationships, but deep down she was sure what she felt towards Ron was love, the things you read about in books. During the battle, they shared a kiss and after that, they became a couple. No one was surprised, and it seemed to be expected, even by the media.

Right now, however, Hermione was struggling to remember the night before. After the first few drinks, she couldn't remember much. She recalled dancing with Harry and sharing a kiss with Neville. Hermione could also remember asking Ginny to cover for her with Mrs. Weasley, so she didn't have to come home so early. Mrs. Weasley was like a parent to her and honestly she always had been. The Elder Weasley was the ultimate mother figure and had even taken to Harry from the moment she met him.

Hermione's parents were still in Australia with no recollection of their daughter. When Hermione went to restore their memories, she discovered just how happy they were. Her mother was heavily pregnant, and her father had opened up a coffee shop just next to their house. They were truly happy and were living the dream they had always wanted. Hermione didn't have the heart to destroy it but made sure to check up on them every few months, claiming to be a friend of her mother's sister.

A loud groan very close to her ear pulled Hermione from her thoughts. She opened her eyes to see the pillow she was snuggled into was, in fact, a chest. A male chest with short ginger hairs scattered on it. Hermione sat up, distancing herself from the figure and scooting backwards across the bed she did not recognise. It wasn't until she felt the breeze of the open window behind her hit her chest that she noticed she was naked. Her breasts were bare, and the blanket covered her hips, but she was pretty sure if she checked there wouldn't be any clothes underneath there either.

Hermione grabbed the blanket and pulled it towards herself to cover up before risking a glance at the still sleeping man on the bed. His familiar ginger hair was a mess sticking up in all directions, and he had a distinct pattern of freckles on his face. It was one of the twins. Hermione couldn't believe it! She was naked in bed with one of the Weasley twins.

With another quick glance she realized it was Fred Weasley as both his ears were intact. She was slightly grateful, as George Weasley had recently proposed to his girlfriend Angelina the week before. At least she hadn't spent the night ruining her friend's relationship. She was slightly grateful for that, but only slightly.

Hermione couldn't help, but look back at him and let her eyes linger. He had a well-defined torso showing his six pack nicely. Fred had a good body, firm and toned from years of Quidditch at Hogwarts. Hermione's eyes trailed down the thin line of ginger hair running down his stomach and disappearing under the blanket that covered his hips.

"Bloody hell," Fred groaned rolling over to face Hermione. When he opened his eyes, he looked just as surprised as she felt. "Granger?"

"Fred?" Hermione replied with a nod, eyes wide.

Fred went to sit up, but the blanket slipped further down his torso to reveal a bit more of his treasure trail, so he quickly grabbed the blanket and pulled it further up. The blanket slipped away from Hermione, allowing a pale looking Fred to see her breasts. Fred's gaze lingered on them before snapping up to look at Hermione's face. It had evidently taken a significant amount of effort to look away. Hermione gasped and folded an arm across her chest, pulling some of the blankets back towards her to cover herself up.

"Christ Granger! You're naked!" Fred accused before lifting the blanket and glancing down at himself. "Bloody hell! I am as well!"

"I don't understand what happened," Hermione whispered rubbing temple, her head pounded. The sharp sting of her dehydrated body from too much alcohol was starting to kick in.

"I can explain it to you, actually I can reenact a scene by scene player if you want Granger," Fred offered with a cheeky grin

"I know what happened; I just don't understand we happened. I mean we even speak that much, I can barely remember talking to you." Hermione mumbled.

Fred's rolled his eyes as he took in the blushing girl's embarrassment and the corner of his lips twitched into a smile as he spoke. "It's obvious what happened. You fancied me, so you got me drunk and took advantage of my perfect body."

Hermione snorted, "I think with the amount that you drank last night it didn't take me much to convince you."

"So you agree you wanted me for my body?" Fred laughed. "Never thought I'd be able to say Hermione Granger took advantage of me."

"I should probably get going before your mom gets up to make breakfast," Hermione said, glancing around for her clothes from the previous night. She felt so awkward; she had never had a one-night stand before. Her past lovers came to just two, well now it was three. She hadn't even slept with Krum, just some messing around due to her teenage hormones.

"Yeah you're probably right," Fred agreed, reaching down beside the bed to throw Hermione her red dress. "Don't worry I'll close my eyes."

Fred's eyes snapped closed as Hermione released the blanket from her chest and pulled the dress on over her head. She found her bra, shoes, and purse scattered around the room, but she couldn't find her knickers anywhere. She gave up and finally decided to go commando.

"Alright I'm dressed," Hermione announced as Fred opened his eyes. "I had better get go."

"Hermione about last night..."

"It's alright Fred. We were drunk, and we both got a bit silly. We're both consenting adults aren't we?" Hermione reassured him with a smile. "We're stilling going to be friends right? It's not going to be awkward, is it?"

"We'll always be friends Hermione. I had a great night last night… well, the bits I can remember were fantastic anyway. I'm looking forward to remembering the rest." Fred winked as Hermione blushed.

"I did too Fred; it was nice to let my hair down for one night at least," Hermione said putting her shoes on. "But could we keep this to ourselves?"

"No problem. Don't think Ron would be too happy if he found out. Mom probably wouldn't be all that impressed either."

"Thank you, Fred," Hermione walked over a gave him a quick kiss on his cheek before heading out the door and into the living room towards the Weasley's floo.

Hermione floo'd over to the Burrow and carefully sneaked upstairs into Ginny's bedroom. Hermione was grateful that everyone was still asleep as she quickly got changed into her pyjamas and laid down to sleep. She couldn't help but dream about the beautiful night she'd just spent with Fred Weasley. It was the first time she hadn't cried herself to sleep about Ron. In fact, it had been the first night Ron hadn't appeared in her dreams. She slept soundly.