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Summary: Hermione discovers she's pregnant after a one-night stand with Fred Weasley and an imposed marriage law forces them to get married. The Burrow goes wedding planning mad as the pair get to know each other while coping with the unexpected pregnancy. Not everyone's on Hermione's' side though. Can they discover who's out to get them before it's too late? FW/HG

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Hermione groaned as the pain radiated throughout her body. She couldn't catch her breath and was breathing heavy. Hermione hadn't experienced many panic attacks, only when she'd been a little girl, and she'd fallen off a swing and broken her arm. That had been her only experience of panic; normally she was cool-headed and a planner. Right now her mind was cloudy with the panic and the pain from falling the stairs. Hermione heard a voice next to her, and she opened her eyes.

A flash of ginger hair filled her vision, and her breath came in more heaved pants, the panic attack getting worse as the details of the fall came back to her. Someone had pushed her down the stairs. She remembered the feel of their hands on her back, and she had seen their ginger hair. Hermione was sure of it, and now they were back to finish off the job.

Hermione tried to struggle to her feet, but her body wouldn't cooperate with her. She was in too much pain from the fall, and her stomach was hurting. She'd lost her babies; she was so sure of it.

Someone had pushed her down the stairs to hurt her children, and now they had finally gotten their way. Everything that had gone over the last couple of months had finally come to a head. This had been their plan all along.

Hermione continued to struggle she heard someone shush her, and a soft voice spoke to her as more, fuzzy red-headed individuals came into view. Hermione's head was pounding, and she just wanted to get up and run away, but she couldn't.

"Shh, Hermione, it's okay dear," Mrs. Weasley told her, her voice a touch high with panic. "We're getting the healers, just try to breathe, nice slow breaths. Breathe in, holds your breath and then breath out. That's it. Lovely."

Mrs. Weasley stroked a hand down Hermione's face, trying to calm her as Ginny ran for a healer. Hermione wasn't listening and kept mumbling and struggling to get away. Her head had a spot of blood on it, and she clutched her stomach in pain.

"Get your brother," Mrs. Weasley ordered George as he appeared in the doorway. George didn't listen and gestured for Angelina to do it for him as he moved to Hermione's terrified side.

"Hermione," George murmured, crouching down and grabbing her hand. "It's George; you know me 'Mione. You've had a fall, but it's going to be alright. We're going to make it okay."

Hermione's struggling stopped, and she gripped his hand tightly. George was safe; George wouldn't hurt her or let anyone hurt her. "Fred..."
George nodded and understanding, shuffling closer and glaring at the empty door for the healer not coming sooner. "He's coming sweetheart; we're finding him. He will be here soon, I promise. Try to stay calm, take some nice deep breaths for me." She was panicking, and George knew it well because of Fred. Shortly after the battle he suffered from terrible panic attacks and nightmares. George had helped him through it each time, and no one in the family knew about it. Fred didn't mention it, and George had just followed his lead.

"Hermione!" Fred shouted as he came bursting into the room with an exhausted Angelina following after him. He raced towards Hermione's side, taking his twins place as George moved out the way. "Baby it's okay," Fred smoothed rubbing a hand over her cheek. His eyes flickered over her blood-covered head and then down to her stomach.

It wasn't good for a pregnant woman to fall the stairs. He knew that, and he knew what that could mean. He loved the twins, but right now he needed to be strong for Hermione. They would deal with everything later, but he couldn't manage without his amazing, beautiful wife. He loved her and couldn't do this without her. "You're going to be alright Hermione; I love you. You're going to be okay." He didn't know what else to say; he couldn't promise her anything because he needed her to be okay. She had no choice. He couldn't go on without her.

"My head," Hermione mumbled squinting at the fuzzy figure of Fred in front of her. "I didn't ... someone pushed me."

"It's going to be okay Hermione; someone's coming," Fred reassured her, dismissing her words.

It only took another minute before Ginny returned with a healer following. The man was young, but from the badge on his robes, he was rather high up for a healer. Fred shuffled over for the Healer as he dropped the floor beside Hermione. He recognized her from the ward but never said anything as Fred continued to reassure Hermione.

The Healer ran his wand over her several times. Orbs of lights shot from his wand each time and the man continued to mutter to himself, taking notes as the Weasley family waited impatiently. Everyone was there now. All of the Weasley's apart from Arthur was gathered at the doorway waiting for an answer.

"The placenta has a large tear in it," the Healer explained as he stood up and summoned a stretcher. "The babies seem fine, but we'll get a muggle scan of them to make sure, and someone will take care of her head. I've done a spell to temporary hold the placenta together, which provides the babies with oxygen and nutrition; but we need to get her to St. Mungo's where we can repair it permanently."

The stretcher went underneath Hermione with a quick spell from the healer, raising up and moving towards the floo. "I'm taking her straight to the maternity ward. You can't come in there so wait in the family room and someone will be there to update you."

"Excuse me?" Fred called walking towards the man. He was about the same age as Fred, and the fate of his wife and children were in this man's hands. "Take care of my wife, Mr..."

"Benson," Healer Benson informed him. "I'll take good care of your wife, I promise. Miss Granger was an incredible student on my ward."
Fred nodded and stepped back out the way watching his wife disappear through the floo.

When Hermione was gone, the Weasley family silently made their way to the waiting room on the maternity ward. No one spoke as they sat around for the first two hours. Fred had paced the family room for two hours waiting for news. A healer had come every half an hour to say no change, but apart from that, they knew nothing.

His pregnant wife was somewhere in this building, and he had no idea if everything was okay.

Everything felt stupid to him now. The hours of arguing, the week spent getting at each other for small things. They had argued over something stupid, something he didn't even give a damn about now. This was all his fault. Fred upset Hermione so much, acted like a child when she wouldn't betray her friend. He'd been so jealous and hadn't trusted his wife. Hermione was pregnant with his children, married to him and loved him.


"Fred," Charlie called sitting up in his seat. "She's going to be alright mate, sit down before you fall..."

"Sit down?" Fred repeated, turning towards his brother. "You don't get it do you? It was all my fault. I wasn't there with her because we weren't speaking. We've been avoiding each other all week!" Fred stepped closer to Charlie his voice the sound of a man getting closer and closer to the very edge.

Fred felt mad at everyone and everything. He was angry at the world for making this happen, from not stopping it. "I should have been there with her. We've been fighting for two weeks, and I've spent the past half of this week overworking.

Ron stepped forward trying to block Fred from Charlie. Fred was getting a bit too close and a bit too angry.
"Fred, Hermione loves you," Ron reasoned. "She's strong, and I'm sure everything..."

"Come here Fred," Mrs. Weasley instructed, patting the seat next to her. Fred couldn't resist following his mother's command, even after all of these years living in his home. As he took a seat, she pulled him closer for a hug, stroking a hand down his back. "The healer said he'd temporary fixed the placenta, as long as that gets fixed the twins will be okay."

"And it'll take more than a fall down the stairs to take your wife down, Freddie," Charlie pointed out. "She's probably in there driving them mad with questions. She's a healer isn't she? Bet you any money she's asking the healer an arm full of questions about the procedure and taking notes."

The boys all laughed at Charlie, all in agreement.

"They wouldn't dare give Hermione anything but the best treatment, she probably scares the living delights out of everyone on the ward," Bill pointed out."

Another hour later the healer, Mr. Benson came into the room searching for Fred. "Mr. Weasley, are you ready to see your wife now?"
Fred jumped from his seat between George and Ron. He walked over to the Healer and nodded; he couldn't find the words to speak and he was so scared for her.

The healer nodded at him and led Fred from the room and down the corridor. He walked towards the private rooms, and when he reached the door right at the end, he paused and turned to Fred.

"Hermione is a very dear friend to everyone on this ward," Mr. Benson explained. "This is the private maternity room, and it can accommodate you both so you may stay the night here with her. Don't worry about the expense; it's on me as a thank you for all the times Hermione helped me out on a late night shift. Are you ready to see her?"

"Is she okay?" Fred finally asked.

Mr. Benson just smiled and pushed the door opened and gestured for Fred to step inside.

When Fred did step inside the room was Huge. An en-suite bathroom and a large room with every medical device anyone could possibly need to be scattered around the room. In the middle of the room was a large double bed, with Hermione lay propped up by pillows. Her bulging stomach exposed as a woman ran a muggle scanner over Hermione's stomach.

Hermione beamed a teary smile at Fred as soon as she spotted him. Her hand reached for him, and he instantly walked over to her.
"Lie with me," Hermione whispered, her voice sore from crying.

Fred followed her instructions and moved around the bed, climbing on and shuffling up next to her as the images of the babies came on the screen.

"Is everyone alright?" Fred asked staring at screen.

"Nice strong heart beats, this fellow is going to be a handful," the healer smiled moving the probe from one baby to the other.

"It's a boy?" Fred asked smiling; Hermione released a happy sob, and the healer turned white.

"I'm so sorry I thought..."

"It's fine; we don't mind, do we love?" Fred said turning towards Hermione. She shook her head and grabbed her husband's hand. "Do you know what the other one is?"

"No, sorry," the healer replied pressing the print button. Fred and Hermione stared at the screen for a few minutes, taking in the image of their growing children. They honestly looked like babies now, and you could see so much more detail on them than before. They still had a few more weeks of growing, but they were getting big enough for their eventual arrival.

The healer moved the probe from Hermione's stomach and passed her some tissues to wipe the gel off. Hermione wiped her stomach down and dropped the tissue on the table. She returned her hand to her stomach and lovingly ran it over her bump.

Fred waited for the nurse to leave before turning to her. "Hermione I'm so..."

"No," Hermione said shaking her head. "I don't care what you're going to say. We argued, and it's normal for a married couple. It was our first big bump in the road. I love you, and I know you love me too. I don't care about those things we said. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and our children, so that's all that matters. I want you to hold me and spend the rest of the night telling me stories about you and George at Hogwarts before I fall asleep. That's all I care about tonight. We'll deal with everything else in the morning. Tonight I just need my husband, and my children need their father."

"I love you so much," Fred said shuffling under the covers of the bed. He pulled the covers over himself and Hermione and draped a hand over her stomach. She grabbed it and moved it further down to where one of their twins were kicking. "I love all three of you."
"I love you too; I've got some bad news for you, though."

Fred frowned and caressed the spot one of his children kicked against his hand. "What?"

"I've got to get a lot of bed rest and no stress. Apparently that includes sex for a little while."

Fred laughed for the first time in weeks and leaned over to kiss her. He kissed her gently on the lips, pulling back he smiled at her and rolled his eyes. "Damn, that is terrible news. I was going to nick you one of those nurses' outfits as well."

"Save it for another day," Hermione smiled leaning up for another kiss.

"Did I tell you about the time George and I set Dumbledore's eyebrows on fire?" Fred asked, smirking as they settled down in bed.
"No!" Hermione gasped, her eyes wide. "Oh, Fred you didn't."

"It wasn't our intention, it was an accident," Fred swore. "George and I had found a spell that meant you could show a picture in flames. We thought it would be rather clever and funny to start a fire on the staff table with the Gryffindor symbol because Slytherin was going to win the house cup that year."

"So they just accidentally caught alight?"

"Well, the flames were a bit big, and we burnt his eyebrows off and a bit of his beard. He just muttered the word 'marvelous' and locked eyes with us two. The rest went ballistic as you can imagine," Fred explained. "Snape was furious, so it's a shame we didn't set him on fire."

Fred spent the next few hours telling her all the things they did at Hogwarts in their first year. The pair fell asleep hours later, lying in each other's arms and happy for the first time in weeks. Someone's life can alter so quickly; a sudden change can have a great impact. But this time, Fred and Hermione were both happy they had managed to overcome it, despite the fear they both had for most of the day.

The next day they woke to the twins kicking inside Hermione's stomach and Fred laughed as his wife told them off for kicking each other. She poked her finger at them, trying to stop them kicking each other. Their family had trailed in that day and spent some time with them. Everyone was happy that Hermione and the babies were going to be okay.

Fred hugged his mother and made up with her, truly forgiving her for the way she had previously treated his wife. Arguments shouldn't be left, and Fred was determined to fix any future arguments with his wife and family before he slept in the future. He couldn't go to bed angry after the nightmare of the day before. Every moment with his family was precious.

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