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*Summer's P.O.V.*

So, my name is Summer Heywood. By looking at me, you can't tell I'm different. I look like a normal 14 year old girl. I have long, curly brown hair, grayish green eyes, I'm about 5'2", and I weigh about 110 lbs. But by looking at me, there is no way you could REALLY know my full story.

First of all, I'm not really human. I've just taken the form of one to blend in. I come from a different place, an unknown planet far away from Earth. Well, we thought we were unknown. But we were wrong. There were others nearby. Another race that wanted to harm us. It all happened so fast that none of us knew what to do. They came, took our people, our gold, destroyed the planet and left. And I was one of only two survivors. The other one is Ella Swanson.

Ella is basically like an older sister to me. I hadn't known her before, but being the only two of our kind left, we bonded pretty quick. Then we saw the "others" again. (I'm just going to call them demons to make it easier). They were going to a different planet, one we knew of, far away called Earth. Ella told me that we needed to stop them from destroying the human's world the way they had destroyed ours. So we took the human form and traveled to Earth. We had NO idea how different it would actually turn out to.

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