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Triple Trouble
Chapter four: The Date

Marty didn't like what he saw. With his hoof he tried forcing it down, but no matter what he did, it just didn't work. Why did everything have to go wrong?

Sighing in frustration, he tried to hold it down with both if it hooves. It actually worked. He just had to do like that throughout the date, and everything would be fine. Right….

Without Marty noticing it, Alex walked into the circus wagon. But the lion stopped in his track when he saw his zebra friend in front of the mirror. "Uhm… Marty? What are you doing?"

"Trying not to look dumb," Marty answered, not looking away from the mirror.

"And how is that going?"

"Not so good, actually."

Alex sighed, and walked over to him. Mart turned around in front of the mirror, trying to look himself over. "Alex, do I need a haircut?"

"Well, you sure got some of a mane there."

"Talk for yourself."

Alex shrugged. "Maybe she'll like your Mohican. I don't know."

"Yeah, maybe."

"It's not like you can do anything about it. You're a zebra after all."

Marty gave up and let go of his mane. Immediately, the hair sprung back up to its normal position. "Ugh… I guess I'll just leave it then." He turned around to face his friend. "So what are you doing here? Or thought you were practicing."

"Well, I was but then I met Esmeralda."

The zebra widened his eyes in surprise. "You did? What did she say?"

"She told me she was really looking forward to it."

"She did? Man, that's great!" Marty exclaimed with a smile.

Alex rested against the wall. "So you think you can handle it?"

"Of course! With all that pep talk Gloria gave me I should be fine!" He glanced curiously at the lion. "Wait a minute! You don't think that I can do this!"

Alex held up his paws. "Me? No…"

"Yes, you are!"

"No! Wait! It's just…" The lion sighed again. "Marty, do you even like this girl?"

Marty was clearly taking back by his friend's question. "Well, sure. She's nice."

"But do you like her?"

"Not yet but… After tonight it's maybe different! Who knows, Alex! Who knows! Maybe tonight I'll go to the lake as a free zebra and when I come back, I'll be having a girlfriend!" Marty exclaimed, standing on two legs while holding out his front hooves. Why wasn't his friend happy for him? Couldn't he see how great this was?

Alex was just looking at him, his eyebrows raised up in a skeptical glance. "Don't you have a little too high thoughts about yourself?"

"Hey, I can get a lady! You got one, so of course I am able to get one too!" the zebra said while pointing at Alex. "And why are you suddenly so negative? Huh? I thought you were the one who was looking forward to see little hebras?"

"Zorses! It's called zorses! It's just… I don't want to lose you, Marty! You know, as a friend. If you get a girlfriend, she might change you! And I want to keep you as that talkative, weird, crazy zebra I know!"

"Thanks, man… I think…" Marty trailed off, but then came back again for full force. "Hey, don't you worry about that! I'm not going anywhere! No girl or anything else in this world can change me!"

"Great to hear that, buddy. I'm just, I don't know… But something just tells me that tonight's just going to be a catastrophe."

"What?! And why that? I can handle a date, you know!"

Alex rolled with his eyes. "You sure can, Marty. Maybe I'm just wrong."

"You better be, man! Like I wasn't nervous enough before you starting giving free prophesies!"

"Relax, buddy. It's probably just rubbish anyway. Since when did I become a fortuneteller?" They both laughed until the door to the wagon suddenly smacked open.

"Marty, your date is going to be a catastrophe!" Gloria said as she walked towards the boys.

Marty waved her off. "And here comes the good news!" the zebra spoke sarcastically. "Come one, Gloria. Tell me something I don't know. Alex just used his creepy skills on me a minute ago. I don't need you repeating him."

"Marty, this isn't a joke!"

"You are totally right, Glo! Because you and Alex are never wrong with your prophesies!" Marty joked, and Alex gave him a high-five.

Gloria put her hands on her hips, definitely not looking happy. "Then tell me why Esperanza told me that she was looking forward to your date?!"

The two males dropped their jaws. "What?!"

"That's what I want to know," the hippo told them.

Marty shook his striped head. "No, no. You just got the wrong name! The one I asked out was Esmeralda! I'm completely sure! She gave me her name…"

"But have you talked with Esperanza?" Gloria asked him.

"No… Well, yes… But I didn't ask her out! She just answered some question about the date… Oh no!"


"I messed up! I messed up pretty bad and now Esperanza has to think that she's the one going on a date with me!"

"Two horses? That's pretty impressive for one zebra!"

Marty glared at him. "This isn't funny, Alex!"

"Of course not! I'm just enjoying my seeing skills."

"What am I going to do?!"

Just as Gloria was about to open her mouth, somebody else entered the wagon. "Marty!"

"Melman! Glad you joined the party. We were just discussing how my life's gonna end tonight!"

"So you know about Ernestina?" Melman asked, standing beside Gloria.

"Wait! Wasn't it Esperanza?"

"No, I talked with Ernestina and she said that you had invited her out. And I just took a hearing-test, and my results were absolutely fine. You can't lose your hearing that fast can you?" Melman said, suddenly acting nervous.

Gloria ignored the last part of Melman's speech. "So you talked with Ernestina? And I talked with Esperanza…"

"And I talked with Esmeralda," Alex finished. "And all three horses are looking forward to the date with you." The lion pointed at Marty, who was looking absolutely terrified.

"But I only invited one!" he whimpered.

"And now you get three ladies, you lucky zebra!"

"Alex, it's still not funny!"

The lion held in a laugh. "You're right," he coughed. "Not funny at all. But how is it that none of the girls knows about her sisters' date?"

"Esperanza told me that she had kept the date as a secret for her sisters, so she could avoid hurting their feelings."

"Hurting their feeling?"

"She thinks that Marty only picked her…"

"Which is a lie," Alex coughed, still with a grin on his face.

Though, the zebra didn't look happy. "It was an accident!"

"So to spare her sisters' feelings," Gloria continued, glaring at them both, "She didn't tell them about the date, so they don't have to think about why it was that Marty didn't pick them."

"Wow, talk about being unlucky…" Alex said, actually feeling bad for a friend.

"So what is he going to do?" Melman asked them all before Marty could do it.

"Go to the date," Gloria declared.

"What?!" the boys yelled, not understanding her at all.

Marty shook his head once again. "I can't do that!"

"If you are not there to explain it all, then they'll jump to conclusions and then you'll be a dead zebra!"

The poor, striped animal gulped. This wasn't what he had expected when he had thought about a date. Not at all! Man, he was going to kill Maurice after this…

"How long to the date?" he asked weakly.

"Ten minutes," Alex answered him. "You better hurry or they'll start talking."

The zebra sent him a dark glance. "You're really enjoying this, aren't you?"

"A tiny bit."

Marty sighed. "Wish me luck."

"Good luck, buddy."

And so they watched the zebra walk out with his head down. When he had disappeared a silence lay among the three friends.

That was until Alex decided to break the silence. "So… How many thinks he'll come back with a black eye?"


"What? We don't know what those horses can do when they get angry!"

"Maybe we should help him then," Melman suggested.

Gloria nodded. "Melman is right! We should be there for Marty when he needs us!"

"Let's do it then," Alex said and walked towards the exit. "No way am I going to miss this!"

It was some painful minutes of waiting that Marty had to go through. The same question echoed in his mind; why was this happening to him?

After what felt like hours, the first horse came into sight. And she looked absolutely beautiful. In her white mane there was a pretty blue flower, and she wore the biggest smile Marty had ever seen from her.

"Good evening, Señor Marty," she told him.

The zebra sighed and looked at the ground. "There's something I gotta tell you…"

"Good evening, Señor Marty," another voice sounded as the next white horse entered the scene. The two sisters stared at each other, obviously confused.

Marty let out an embarrassed chuckle. "I was just getting to it…"

"Good evening, Señor Marty."

All three sisters turned to stare at him. "Why are we three?"

"He… Let's call it luck! No? Okay… It was an accident! I swear!" Marty shrieked and started walking backwards.

"But you asked me."

"And me."

"And me."

"Yeah, that's the funny thing… Or maybe not so funny thing compared to how you look at it." As the triplets started walking towards him, the zebra felt how his own heart rhythm speeded up. "I accidently asked all of you out. I didn't mean to! I'm just being honest here! I started out asking one, but then I must have said some wrong words, 'cause all of you are here now!"

The three horses still looked confused. "But then who of use was it that you really asked?"

"Uh…" Marty thought about what Gloria had told him about people's feelings. The best idea was not telling them the whole truth.


They all turned around to see Alex, Melman and Gloria running towards them. The lion was the first to reach them. "So good evening, ladies." No answer from the horses. Alex rubbed his neck; this obviously hadn't gone well. "I guess my friend Marty here has explained it all."

The horses just gave him blank glances. Marty then stepped forward. "You know I'm really sorry for this. I'm just not good at words, that's it. Hate to say it, but the date is cancelled."


The zebra turned around to see another of his friends coming towards him. "Stefano! Hey, man! Not to be rude, but I don't think this is the time…"

"I got a surprise for you!"

"Yeah, I think I got enough of surprises for today," Marty said while glancing at the three horses who was still standing by the lake.

Stefano ignored him and continued, "When you didn't show up to train with me I thought 'something's wrong with Marty'. And then I realized, that you, my friend, need something else than training! You…."

"Oh no," Marty muttered darkly.

"Need a girlfriend!" Stefano declared happily.

Behind him Melman and Gloria dropped their jaws, while Alex did a face-palm.

"And that's why I did this!" Stefano said excited. "Marty, meet Angelica!"

And sure enough, suddenly another horse was walking towards them. "Hello, Mister Marty." The zebra now dropped his jaw. Coming towards him was a black, smiling, absolutely beautiful horse. "Stefano told me so much about you."

"Gah…" Marty couldn't even say a word. He was way too stunned.

Stefano leaned closer to the zebra. "Angelica is an old friend of mine. And she and I thought it was a good idea, you two spending this evening together!"

Marty finally pulled himself together. "That sounds absolutely crack-a-lacking!"

Angelica smiled and walked beside Marty. The zebra grinned. "Let me show the way!" And so they walked towards the late evening sun.

The others just stared as the happy couple walked away. Alex took place beside the Andalusian Triplets that looked totally stunned. "You know what, ladies? I believe all of you just got dumped."

Everything actually worked out alright. Esmeralda, Ernestina, Esperanza and Marty continued being friends, and could actually look back and laugh at this episode.

Alex and Gia continued being happy as ever, the same for Melman and Gloria.

The four Zoosters continued being friends, even though some of them had gotten a partner.

And for Marty and Angelica… That's a whole other story.

The End