Okay, this is getting really annoying. I can't tell what Latvia's human name is anymore. Is it Ravis or Raivis? Raivis has something actually come up when I search it on Google, so I'm sticking with it in the meantime.

Don'tDreamBeIt asked why Lithuania had scars even with rapid healing. Here is the letter to him/her.

To Don'tDreamBeIt: No, I don't think you're a Poland fangirl. Thanks for understanding about Poland. As for Liet's scars… I stated that wounds inflicted by another nation don't heal as quickly. Prussia's been hitting Lithuania for centuries since he was formed. That probably counts for most of his wounds on the front. The wounds on the back are from Russia, who beat him.

In this episode, the Zhang tribe's name is mispronounced. In Chinese, the zh- sound is pronounced with a j, like how Zhao's name is pronounced. They pronounce it with a clear Z sound.

Note- I modified the placement of the episodes so that I could mix in some of my own plot.

Have you noticed my image for this fic? Every time a new character joins Team Avatar, I put their picture up there. Estonia was the last to join, so it's his picture.

Chapter 13 (Sokka POV)

"Sokka?" Katara asked while we were gathering wood for the fire. "What are you doing? I thought you were going to train with Eduard and Arthur."

I spat out the sunflower seed I was chewing. "Couldn't. When Eduard tried to train me…"


"Eduard!" I called.

"Yes?" Eduard turned around from his task of pitching the tent.

"Can you train me?"


"Why not?"

Eduard picked up his sickle and effortlessly cut a stalk of wheat without even looking at it. "You are from South Pole, am I correct?"

"Yeah, but what does that have to do with anything?"

"I am a farmer. Raivis and Liet are farmers." Eduard lifted up the sickle again. "This sickle is for farmers. Have you ever used one?"

"No, but what does- Oh, I get it," I said. "The reason why you're good at throwing that is because you've got all these years of getting the feel of it. So should I try using something that I'm already used to? Thanks!" I ran off.

Eduard blinked. "I did not say that but if you say so…"

Flashback end

"Okay… but what about Arthur?" Katara asked.

"Even worse," I said.


"Hold your sword like this," said Arthur.

"Okay," I said, holding it the same way that he showed me.

"Now jump to the left," Arthur demonstrated each of his moves, and I tried to mirror them. "Cartwheel backwards, do a barrel roll, and-"

"Wait, what was that?" I asked, stuck on the fact that I couldn't do a cartwheel."

"DO A BARREL ROLL!" Arthur screeched.

Flashback end.

"So I guess not," said Katara. "What about Raivis?"

"He's too much of a Bender," I said. "Plus, both his legs are broken."

"'Ello, chaps," called Peter, carrying a bushel of apples.

"Peter, do you think that Matthew or Gilbert will train me?" I asked.

"What, you're asking me this right as I say hi?" Peter asked. "But I do believe that Gilbert will be willing to train you. Not too sure about Matthew. Be warned, however: Gilbert's training is apparently very tough."

"Not as hard as being the only non-Bender here," I said.

"Quite true," said Peter.

"And no offense, but when you train me, you talk like you're teaching me how to play a sport," I added. [1]

Peter shrugged. "Well, the only actual combat training that I got from jerk-Arthur was how to work the artillery cannon, and I don't think I can help you there."

"Wait, didn't you say that Arthur trained you?" Katara caught.

"I did, but it wasn't really that important at the time," Arthur stepped in, sword slung over his shoulder and a cask full of water hanging from it. "There wasn't a war going on or anything, so it was more of a just-in-case training session. Besides, it was in hand-to-hand combat, not with a club."

"Just in case?" Katara repeated skeptically. "You taught Peter how to use the… whatever that was, and that was important, right?"

"Yes. Look, there was a war going on!" Arthur snapped.

"And then it stopped? And you're expecting another war, so you taught Peter how to defend himself on an as-needed basis," Katara said. How she managed to get all that, I have no idea.

Arthur looked uncomfortable, but he composed himself in seconds. "No, I wasn't excepting a war. I was expecting a mugging," he said. "By the way," he said, trying to change the subject, "Where are the others?"

"Eduard and Raivis are back at camp," I supplied. "Eduard was supposed to pitch the tent, and Raivis can't do anything right now. Not too sure about Aang."

"Probably back at camp, too," said Peter. "Come on, they're probably waiting.


As Peter predicted, Eduard and Raivis were both still there. Since our gang grew to include more than twice as many people, and Gilbert and Matthew were most likely going to join, we bought five more tents in addition to the one we already had. Aang and I slept in one, Katara in another, Raivis and Eduard shared the next, and Peter and Arthur were in the last. Matthew and Gilbert were expected to share one, but we never pitched it. I don't know why Arthur bought a fifth one, but he did.

Raivis and Eduard were sitting on a log, poking a cook fire with an iron rod. They were talking in yet another unrecognizable language. I heard the name "Lietuva" come up several times.

"You're worried about Liet?" I asked. "Come on! He joined Zuko! He's Fire Nation now!"

Arthur scoffed, and Eduard said, "It is not that simple." Peter and Raivis exchanged knowing looks. [2] Inwardly, I groaned at all the secrecy.

Eduard did catch my expression, and said, "I will tell you what we mean later, but not now."

"Right," I said. "Like that makes it any better."

Katara looked around. "Where's Aang?" she asked.

"He went out to look for herbs to help my legs," said Raivis quietly. He caught sight of Katara's sympathetic expression, and blushed. "N-nē, I'm okay…"

"You broke both of your legs," said Katara.

"I'll be okay," he repeated. "We're flying on Appa today, right? Let's leave as soon as Aang gets back."

"Doesn't it take twelve months for a broken bone to heal?" I burst in. "We don't have time to deal with this! Aang has to learn all four elements-"

Before anyone could stop him, Raivis undid his bandages. I once broke my leg, and mine didn't look like that after only a few days… At least ten months of healing occurred in only five days. "No way…" I gaped.

"I… heal fast?" Raivis said. Embarrassed, he pointed at the sky and said, "Look, Aang's back!"

Aang dropped from his glider holding a bucket of herbs. "I've got some stuff!" he shouted.

"Great, but… I don't think we're going to need those," I said. I gestured towards Raivis's leg.

Aang scanned it. "Well, at least we have something just in case!" he said optimistically.

Katara examined his legs more closely. "They may heal fast, but I'd say that you won't be able to walk for at least another day."

Raivis nodded solemnly. "But we can fly on Appa today, right? Is everyone ready?"

I waited for someone to say no. Aang stood up, and pointed south. "We're heading for the Great Divide, the biggest canyon in the world!"

"A~and that's why we're flying it," I said. Eduard lifted Raivis on board Appa, and the rest of us climbed on. I hopped up on top of the helm, and said, "Yip-yip, Appa!"

Appa roared in response, and we flew.

About an hour later, we stopped at the edge of the canyon just to check the view. Meh… just rocks, rocks, and more rocks.

"Wow… it's beautiful…" Katara gaped.

"It's a canyon," said Arthur.

"I would be much happier if it were filled with water," said Eduard. Raivis nodded in agreement. "Like the Baltic Sea," he added. Peter didn't say anything, but I thought he was agreeing with the others.

"HEYYY!" screamed a young man, who was running towards us. "YOU CAN'T HAVE THE CANYON GUIDE~!"

We exchanged glances. "What canyon guide?" asked Peter.

The man gave him a disdainful look. "You mean you don't know?"

"How should we?" Arthur stepped in front of Peter and grabbed his wrist, preventing his brother from punching the man then and there.

The man looked at Arthur with even more disdain. "When was the last time you bathed, girl?" he asked snottily. "Last week?"

This time, both Peter and Raivis had to grab Arthur's entire body and pin him to the ground to stop him from killing this guy. "You- bloody- w-"

"Shut it!" Peter yelped, using the weight of his entire body to keep his brother's head down. "Nomierināties!" screamed Raivis. (Calm down in Latvian)

"Hmph," the snotty man said.

Katara moved between us and him. "All right, we get that you don't want us to get the canyon guide. But why?"

"Because the Fire Nation burned down our homes!" snapped the man.

Revelation dawned over Katara. "You're a refugee!"

"That's right! And I'm here to save my spot for my clan- the Gan Jins!" he roared. "Before those Zhang tribe thugs get here!"

"Zhang tribe thugs?" I repeated.

"Don't be fooled by that Gan Jin tribe liar!" roared another man, who was leading a group of raggedy dressed people. No, raggedy was an understatement… those were animal skins! "He's a pig-dog of the Gan Jin tribe, infamous for their lies and deceit!"

The Gan Jin man puffed himself up. "I would never have thought that a stupid Zhang could know a word as big as infamous!"

All of the Zhang tribe yelled and argued with the one Gan Jin man, until a bunch of rocks began to shake. With a loud CRACK, an elderly Earthbender emerged from behind the rubble. "Good mornin, everybody!" he said merrily. "Lookin' for a guide t' get ya 'cross the Great Divide?"

Both the Zhang tribe leader and the Gan Jin man shouted, "I WAS HERE FIRST!" at the exact same time and then glared at one another.

"I came here in advance for my tribe!" shouted the Gan Jin man.

The guide gave him an almost sympathetic look. "I can't take people who aren't here!"

"No, they are," Peter pointed. A procession of overdressed people marched down a pathway, noses wrinkled snobbishly as soon as they caught sight of the Zhang tribe.

"So," the head Gan Jin said loftily. "The stink of the Zhang tribe has penetrated even here."

"And the Gan Jins have had their homes burned down by the Fire Nation too, huh?" the Zhang headsman retorted.

"Then why are you here?"

WHAM! Within the span of a second, Arthur slammed his sword down. "I've had just about enough of this," he said, and he looked it. "Next person who says anything bad about someone else-"

"But the Zhang-"

"The Gan Jins-"

Arthur grabbed the wrists of the headmen and slam-flipped them onto the ground. So hard, that the entire cliff face collapsed. Luckily, Arthur's reflexes were quick enough to grab both men, and he was strong enough to drag them both to safety.

"What in tarnation?" the guide glanced down. "It's a cave! Could this be the legendary Cave of Truth?"

"Cave of Truth?" both headsmen repeated.

"Yeah, the Cave of Truth!" said the guide. "It depicts every single important event in the Earth Kingdom. At least, from two hundred to fifty years ago."

The Zhang Tribe leader gave the Gai Jin leader a superior look. "Ha! That cave can prove that our hero, Wei Jin, was innocent!"

"No, it will prove that Wei Jin was a thief who stole the Sacred Orb from Jin Wei one hundred years ago!" argued the Gan Jin leader.

Arthur slapped both of them. "Quit your bickering and get in the cave! We'll find out the truth in there."

Neither of them could argue about this, so they grudgingly entered the cave. Eduard hefted Raivis onto his shoulders and asked, "Well? Are you coming?"

I really was curious, so me and the other members of our merry band climbed down into the cave.

Inside, there was a timeline stretching from this end to the far end. "You said that it happened a hundred years ago, right?" I asked. "Then let's go to that mark."

Under the mark indicating exactly one hundred years ago, several paragraphs were etched into the stone.

"I can't read this!" shouted the Zhang leader.

"Oh, so the Zhang tribe are so stupid that you- no, I can't read it either," admitted the Gai Jin leader.

"Let me read this out to you," said Peter. '"Jin Wei could not go any further to complete his Ritual of Redemption. So he asked Wei Jin, who was passing by, to carry the Sacred Orb.'"

"Hah!" said the Zhang Tribe leader. "So Wei Jin was wrongfully imprisoned!"

"No… he completes his journey, and goes home," said Peter. "But on the same day, a man also called Wei Jin was arrested for two weeks on the charge of petty littering."

"So there were two Wei Jins?" asked the Zhang tribe leader.

"Yes. But their names were written differently, see?" Peter pointed to the names. "Wei Jin, the man whose name means, 'For the gold' (为 金), completed the ritual for Jin Wei. But the other Wei Jin, 'Not gold' (未 金), littered on that same day."

"But the sacred scrolls-" protested both headsmen, bringing out rolls at the same time.

"Let me take a look at those," said Arthur. After careful scrutiny, he said, "I can see where you went wrong. This does say that a man called Wei Jin crossed the village borders, and that a man called Wei Jin was arrested, but it's in katakana. [3] There's no differentiating between the names, so you naturally thought that they were the same person."

He glared at the headsmen. "When you two get out, you will tell your people what happened. And you will shake hands in front of everyone," he said as if he was using a Jedi-mind-trick.

Both leaders nodded, and bowed to one another. "I am so sorry," said the Gai Jin leader.

"No, I am the one who should be sorry," said the Zhang leader.

They marched outside, hand-in-hand, and began to explain to their respective tribes.

Aang looked at us. "Well, that's one problem solved. Now let's fly!"

X (Zuko POV)

It was music night on board the ship. Uncle dragged me back to play the Tsungi Horn, but Liet shied away. "I do not know your music," he said. "I cannot keep up."

Uncle, however, wasn't about to let him go. "But at least watch! And after we finish this piece, you can play a solo!"

"T-taip," said Liet reluctantly, and he sat down and listened to us play.

When it was (finally) over, Uncle encouraged Liet to play. "Come on, we've never heard music from your parts! Play us something!"

Liet blushed. "I-I am not zat good at playing music…"

Uncle gave a hearty laugh. "But it'll be fun! Go on, play!"

Liet sighed, and brought out an instrument that he called a violin. He put the end of it to his neck and breathed.

And then the magic began. A low-pitched sound came out of nowhere, and formed a beat. A strange beeping noise came out of nowhere, and then Liet began singing. "Nee nee Tėtis Samanė wo kudasai. Nee nee Mama nee nee Mama. Ano toki tabeta Cepelinai no, Ano aji ga wasurerarenai 'n desu."

Underneath those lyrics, I could hear Liet's voice in a completely different language. "Ei ei, tėti, prašau duok man samanės. Ei ei mama, ei ei mama. Tų cepelinų, kuriuos praeitą kartą valgiau, Skonio aš negaliu pamiršti."

At the same time, my head supplied a translation: "Hey hey Tėtis, please give me some Samanė. Hey hey Mama, hey hey Mama. The Cepelinai I ate that time, I can't forget that taste."

"Marukaite Chikuyuu, Marukaite Chikuyuu, Marukaite Chikuyuu, Ritoania desu."

"Nupiešk apskritimą ir tai bus Pasaulis. Nupiešk apskritimą ir tai bus Pasaulis, Nupiešk apskritimą ir tai bus Pasaulis. Aš - Lietuva!"

"Draw a circle, that's the earth. Draw a circle, that's the earth. Draw a circle, that's the earth, I'm Lithuania."

Music came out of nowhere, and Liet kept on singing. Something about cultivating the earth… living on the coast of the Baltic Sea… working with someone called Russia and having a hard time… getting over a harsh history… peace is best… And someone named Poland. There was definitely someone called Poland he was singing about. And after the part about Šakotis being a symbol of love, his violin finally began to move. Liet had stopped singing, but the pure expression of that violin… I could hear many more instruments than just Liet's violin, but Liet only had one…

Finally, Liet began singing again. There was the beeping noise out of nowhere again, and he began singing about friends and Poland again…

Liet was reaching a high point, singing louder and louder, finally ending on a powerful note. And it was over.

All of us gaped at the sheer expression of Liet's song. "H-how…?" Uncle said in shock…

"There was a drum… and a beeping noise… and…" the helmsman said.

Liet blushed from the attention. "I… I had a lot of practice…" he said, scratching his head.

"That was… incredible…" I said at last.

"Do you know any other songs?" asked Uncle.

"Vone," said Liet. "But… it needs three people… and zey are not here. It does not vork visout zem."

"Who are they?" I asked.

"Raivis and Eduard," he said.

That hit me. "Raivis… like that kid with Aang?"

Liet nodded. "Taip. The very same."

Before I could say anything, Uncle separated us. "Come on, there's no point crying over spilt milk." He yawned. "It's late, Prince Zuko. Time for bed!"

Little did I know what was to happen that next morning.


I woke up to the sound of someone half-groaning, half-screeching in pain, and the loud and hurried apologies of Liet. I leaned out of my bunk and looked down.

Liet was wrestling with the helmsman, and apologizing profusely in his own language. "I-I am so sorry!" he said at last.

"If you're so sorry, then let go!" shouted John, one of the soldiers. He tried to peel Liet off of the helmsman.

THUD! Quicker than lightning, Liet did a martial arts move that was just a blur to me. What I did see was the result—John was kicked in the face and Liet was on top of him, John on top of the helmsman.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"I-ow! Tried to wake Liet up-" said the helmsman. "But this crazy guy flipped me!"

"All right, Liet, what are you doing?" I asked.

"I-I do not know! One moment he tapped me and the next I flipped him!" he wailed, more desperate than I would have thought for a guy who was beating someone up. "Don't touch me, I think that-"

Too late. I tried to roll Liet over, but the next moment pain shot through no less than nine different parts of my body, and a heavy weight crashed into my back. I was lying on my stomach while Liet kneed me in the spine. "Agh! L-Liet! Let go of me-"

"I am trying!" he wailed.

"Just—relax!" said John thought gritted teeth. "Slowly… let go of Prince Zuko, and get off of him so that he can get off of-"

SLAM! The door opened, revealing the captain. "What's all this ruckus!?" he roared. "Private Lietuva, you're in for some discipline!" He tried to grab Liet, but within a second he was added to the body pile.

"I-I'm sorry! I cannot stop hitting people!" Liet said. He paused, appearing to realize something. "Wait…"

"BREAKFAST!" roared the cook, banging a pot with a wooden spoon. Unable to see where he was going, he bumped into Liet and was whirled around like a dervish, only with less dancing and more groaning. "I-I think I broke my arm… No breakfast for you!"

Uncle entered, and looked at Liet. "What in the name of the Spirits is going on here?" he asked.

"That crazy madman attacked us!" shouted the captain.

"I-my body moved on its own!" Liet defended himself.

Uncle gave him an exploratory tap- and sidestepped out of the way before Liet could flip him too. Luckily, his lack of a target got Liet off of the rest of us, allowing the human cat-dogpile to dissipate. "Ugh…" groaned the cook. "I don't think I can make breakfast today… you all will have to deal."

"I'd say that you are very jumpy today," said Uncle. "What happened?"

"I-I sink zat my reflexes are coming back," said Liet shyly. "A long time ago, I used to be attacked almost daily by Teutonic Knights… and my reflexes sharpened in response. I sought zat zey faded over time, but… I vas wrong."

"Maybe it was all this stress," said Uncle.

"Taip," said Liet. "But I do not sink zat zey vill go avay if I am no longer stressed."

I didn't know what to say about that. Was I supposed to say that that was a good thing, or not?

Liet sighed. "Vell, in any case… I vill make breakfast since Adam is injured. Borscht, anyone?"

I said yes noncommittally. "What's borscht?" John asked when Liet left the kitchen.

"No idea," I said.

John regarded me with interest. "You know, Prince Zuko… you've really changed since Liet came here. Less snobby, and you don't yell nearly as much."

"I don't?" I said.

"No. In fact, I don't think that we would be having this conversation at all if Liet didn't come here."


"Yeah… hey, do you mind if I call you Zuko?"

"Sure," I said.

"See! That's what I mean!" said John triumphantly.

"Wait, what?"

"Never mind…"

A little while later, Liet brought us all piping hot soup to the table. It was a dark red color, and it tasted… interesting. [4] "Why's it red?" I asked.

"It's beet soup," said Liet, pulling out a red root from nowhere.

"Interesting…" said Uncle.

Five minutes later, we were interrupted by a ship horn honking. It was Zhao!

"What does he want…?" I asked myself.

The helmsman, whose name must have been Mark, peered at the signaler. "He wants us to go to the nearest island to talk."

"Then let's go."

"That, or he wants to seize and occupy your Silesia."

"I think he meant the first one."


"I have captured the Avatar," said Zhao loftily. I took Uncle, Liet, and John to talk to Zhao, while he took an entire squadron. Talk about overkill…

"Vait, vot!?" Liet yelped.

"I said, I have captured the Avatar and I am holding him at Bian Pao Fortr—do I know you from somewhere?" Zhao asked suspiciously. I gulped. Liet did attack his soldiers back at the Crescent Island, but then again, so did I… [5]

"I-I do not know if you know me, I am not you," said Liet quickly.

Zhao looked at him. "But do you know me?"

"No," said Liet with complete honesty. Well, Uncle did tell him who Zhao was, but he didn't know Zhao personally.

Zhao was still looking at him as if he wanted to execute him, but he decided to drop the matter. "No matter," he said. "You're going to be reassigned anyway."

Liet gaped. "Ką?!" he shouted, losing himself and speaking in his own language again. (What!?)

"Now that Zuko has failed to capture the Avatar, you are no longer needed in-"

Liet raised a shaky hand. "Can I say something? I… never actually joined the Fire Nation army, you see… I followed Zuko, but legally speaking, I'm-"

Zhao made a motion to attack Liet, but was thwarted by Liet's rapid reflexes. Liet grabbed his wrist, stifling the fire that Zhao Bent. He let go in moments. I noticed that he didn't apologize.

Zhao glared at Liet for a moment. "You would make a great addition to our ranks," he said. "Will you-"

"No." Liet said. For the first time, I saw exactly how tall Liet was: very. I never saw it, since he always made himself small, but I could now see clearly that he towered over Zhao.

Zhao folded. "Fine then. But remember, you picked the losing side," he said. He turned around and walked off. "Move out, men! I already had a horrible day yesterday when a man with yellow hair flew down from the sky and gave me a lump of fossilized plant matter, so I'm in a very bad mood today!"

After Zhao's men cleared off and boarded their ship again, Liet collapsed from the stress. "Phew… I'm worried about Raivis and Peter," he said. "If Aang was kidnapped, then they must be there, too."

I looked at him. "You're not worried about Arthur?"

"Not really… he is vay too strong for me to vorry," he said. "But still…"

And then it hit me. "Liet? Zhao said Bian Pao Fortress, right?"

"He did. But vy?"

"No reason," I said quickly. "Hey, maybe we can stay on this island for one day… we need to restock our supplies, right?"

"I guess…?" Liet said.

"Great. I'll tell Mark; we'll just stay here and relax until tomorrow, okay?"

Liet nodded, confused. As much as I hated lying, it had to be done. My plan was coming together; all I had to do was wait until nightfall and slip out. Inwardly, I wondered if Liet was right, Raivis and Peter were caught with Aang, too. Nah… there's no way they'd be THAT stupid.

X (Sokka POV)

"Hey, look! A completely unsuspicious clearing that would be perfect for camping!" I shouted.

"Great, let's set up our tents without any fear of getting kidnapped in the night!" said Peter.

"And there's absolutely no chance of us, say, getting caught in a fire," I added.

"Or being suspended upside down!"

"Or being dropped into a pool of sharks with lasers attached to their fins! What?" I said as everyone stopped to stare. "There's no chance of it… sheesh."

X Later

Ugh… my head hurt… My eyes opened slightly, but the world was just a blur… "Where am I?" I muttered.

"You're in the Fire Nation's special fortress, Bian Pao!" snapped a loud male voice.

Fire Nation!? My vision sharpened, and the soldier facing me was—upside down!? No… I was the one who was upside down! "What did you do to me?!" I roared.

"You are being suspended upside down," said the soldier simply.

"Oh. That explains a lot." I spun my body around to look around. I was in a large room… and, well, that was it. It was big, it had a door, it was painted the usual Fire Nation colors, and I was hanging by my ankles from a rope. My hands were free. Hmmm…

I started to swing backwards, and the antimotion made me swing forwards. Like a pendulum, my movement became wider and wider…

WHAM! The door slammed open, and someone wearing a blue Opera-like mask leapt into the room. The soldier seemed to recognize him. "Y-you're the Blue Sp-"

Whoever he was, the person in the mask pinched him in the neck, and the soldier crumpled. The Blue guy regarded me with an invisible expression, and cut me loose.

After the initial discomfort of falling and having my world oriented again, Blue made the universal motion for 'follow me'. It's not like I had a choice… I scurried after his lead, stopping when he stopped and moving when he did. We encountered few guards, but all were dispatched by Blue's sword.

Eventually, we came to another door. Blue broke the padlock with one of his swords, and kicked it open. Inside were all of our weapons: Aang's staff, Katara's cask, Arthur's sword, Eduard's chain sickles, and my equipment. Raivis kept his knife in his shoe and they probably couldn't get Peter's gauntlet off, so those were absent. I selected my spear, and packed everything but Aang's staff into my backpack.

Next, Blue led us to another large room, identical to the one I was in. In the center was a figure shackled in what seemed to be rubber, chained to a large rock.

"Eduard!" I called, smashing his guard's head in with the butt of my spear.

He jerked awake. "Sokka! Wh-who…?"

Blue remained silent. "I don't know, but he saved me," I supplied. I turned to Blue. "Are you going to rescue our friends?" Blue was silent, but gave a jerky nod. "Well, that's settled, then. I'm coming with him."

Eduard looked at Blue analytically. "Can I have my chain back?" he asked me. I passed the deadly weapon/farming implement to him. "Aitäh." (Thank you)

Again, Blue brought the two of us to another room. As soon as Blue opened it-

CRASH! Someone from the inside kicked the guard out the door. Arthur emerged, small knife in hand. Somehow, he cut the ropes. "Took you blokes long enough," he said. I handed him his sword, and he snatched it out of my hands. "Quick, we need to find Peter!"

"Why him?" Eduard asked.

Arthur gestured to the guard he knocked out. "I took the liberty of interrogating him beforehand. He told me that since Peter can Metalbend, they put him in a special containment room! And since there are so many elements that are metals, they got smart and stuck him in a wooden cage next to the magma lake!"

"They built a castle over a magma lake?" asked Eduard. "That does not sound very smart."

"Who cares?! We still need to find Katara!"

Blue tapped me on the shoulder, and indicated us to follow. This time, he took us up a flight of stairs, where Katara was being held. She was glaring daggers at her guard. For her, being handcuffed to a pole seemed to suffice for a suitable imprisonment.

Eduard zapped the guard with ease, seeming to surprise Blue. Arthur picked Katara's handcuff lock. "Who are you?" she asked Blue.

"What, so you're more interested in him than your own brother?" I asked playfully.

"You are more interested in the person who did not do anything?" said Eduard.


"You did not do anything, Sokka."

"Shut up, Eduard."

Blue seemed to react to that name, but was still annoyingly silent.

Our next stop was another large room. Aang was in the center, tied to a pole. "Guys!" he shouted. "Help!"

"What do you think we were doing?" Arthur muttered to himself. With a roundhouse kick, he incapacitated the guard. Katara cut the ropes with Waterbending.

"Where to next?" she asked Blue. Blue seemed to be stumped.

"Let's see… all of our prisons were based off of our skills," I said. "Eduard had to have his electricity stopped. I was hung upside down. All of you had prisons that stopped your Bending…"

"But Raivis has remote control over his Bending!" exclaimed Katara. "He doesn't have to move his arms!"

"So it has to be in a place where he can't Icebend!" shouted Arthur. "Follow me, I have a good idea where. I managed to acquire a map a little while ago."

Arthur led us down several flights of stairs, until I began to feel an intense heat radiating from the stones…

"Magma," said Eduard. "Of course. They are holding Raivis where he cannot form ice."

"No time to admire! We've got to move!" I snapped. This heat was making me edgy…

"Here!" Arthur slammed open a door, and slapped the guard with his sword without even looking. Cool…

"Guys!" Raivis called from the back of the room. Like Aang, he was tied to a simple post.

"Raivis!" Eduard called, and cut him free. Raivis hugged him.

"Quit dilly-dallying. We've got to find Peter!" shouted Arthur.

"Wait," said Katara. "Raivis's legs are still broken. We've got to get him out of here!"

"Can't we carry him?" I asked.

"Not if we want to get out of here quickly," said Eduard, to whom the delightful task of carrying Raivis was normally delegated to.

Arthur stepped up to plate. "Fine. We'll do it like this. Eduard is going to carry Raivis out. Katara and I will cover him, since we can fight long-range. Aang, Sokka, and… whatever your name is, you're going to find Peter. Meet us at the big tree next to the rock that looks like a rabbit." He gave me a look. "I trust you with my little brother's life. If any of you dies…"

I could have gotten the idea without the gun and the throat-slashing motion. Either way, Arthur gave us the map, and the three of us ran to the section where Peter was kept.

Peter's prison was a dungeon completely lined with wood. Peter was clearly resisting. He kept on shouting at the guard, who had put on earplugs. We dispatched him easily enough. "Thanks," said Peter once Blue cut up the cage.

SLAM! The door opened, revealing a disgruntled man… what was his name? "So, the rats have escaped," he said. "Well, no matter. After all, I still have the Avatar…"

"Uh… you do realize that he's not tied up or anything?" said Peter.

"Shut up! No one talks like that to Commander Zhao!" said… Zhao. He was mad. I could almost see fire coming out of his head… no, wait… That was real fire!

Zhao ignited his hand and shot a jet of flame towards us. Aang blocked it with a gust of air—

"No!" I shouted. All Aang did was make the flame stronger! The fire, instead of going out, latched itself onto the wooden floor…


I grabbed Aang and Peter and shoved my way past Zhao. Blue was running on the walls next to us, swords still out. From what I could see, the sparks from the fire spread to the corridor, and a fire was raging behind us.

"GET THEM!" Zhao raged, adding more fuel to the fire. Guards from either side came, but Aang was more than a match for them. A whirlwind of air crashed into any unfortunate enough to come into close enough contact.

FWWISH! Some Firebender leapt in front of us and bravely shot a blast of fire at us, but Aang dispatched him soon enough…

"Your mask! It's on fire!" Peter yelped. I saw out of the corners of my eyes, but it was true. Blue's mask was on fire. I had to give him credit. He was silent the whole time, even though a part of his clothing was on fire. Agh, why am I thinking of that at a time like this?!

"There's the door!" Peter yelled. There! Ten more paces… Nine… seven… five… three… one…

FREE! I couldn't see, but I heard Peter seal the entrance behind us. Panting heavily, he pointed west. "I think that's where the rock and tree are," he said between gasps, "but I don't think we can get there with our current stamina. Zhao and his men will get past their own door soon enough, but we'll have just enough time to get to the nearest… cave."

Peter staggered, but I caught him just in time. He fainted… Peter was a good fighter, but his stamina was nowhere near mine. I hunted for the entire Southern Water Tribe ever since Dad and the other men left for the war, so even if I had trouble with human opponents compared to Benders, my physical stamina was much higher than them. Except for Arthur, maybe, since he managed to break an entire cliff just by smashing two people against it. And Zuko, if he managed to do all those martial-arts tricks. Not too sure about Eduard and Raivis, but farming must be easy. Liet did complain about scaling the side of a temple, but he managed to do it without any equipment or getting out of breath.

I scanned the surrounding area. "There!" I pointed. "A cave! We can cover the entrance with leaves while we rest!"

"Good idea," said Aang. He turned to Blue. "We owe you our lives. Won't you at least stay with us?"

Blue was unconscious. Part of his clothing was scorched and I could see burn marks on his exposed skin. I knelt down and heaved him off of the ground, and dragged him and Peter into the cave. Aang gathered heavily leaved branches and threw them over the entrance after him.

There was just enough light for me to make a 'be quiet' gesture to Aang. Just as Peter predicted, Zhao got past Peter's barrier within half an hour. He stormed out of his fortress and barked orders to his men, flashing fire every ten seconds. "FIND THEM!" he roared, blasting random trees with fire. We were lucky that he never thought to look down.

At last, Zhao's men stomped off. Aang let out a sigh of relief. "Are you… okay?" he asked Blue. By this time, the mask was practically ashes. It crumbled at Aang's touch…

I stared at Blue's exposed face—and jumped back. "Z-Zuko…?"

Aang rifled through his pack. "His ankle is twisted. I still have the herbs that I gathered for Peter." He deftly applied the healing herbs to Zuko's leg.

"Are you crazy!? He's a Firebender!" I roared, and immediately regretted it. Never before had I noticed, but I realized how much I hated Firebenders. The war made me think of fire only as a tool for destruction, but Aang knew better. Fire was a part of the balance.

Aang just gave me a sad look. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Peter stir. "You know, Sokka," Aang began. "A hundred years ago, one of my best friends was a Firebender. Do you think…? Do you think that Zuko could be friends with us?"

I turned to Peter to ask- but he was still out cold. If he's out, then who did I see-?!

Zuko was awake. His eyes were wide with an emotion that wasn't quite fear… was it shame? Guilt of being rescued by his enemy? He scurried backwards, edging towards the mouth of the cave.

"Wait!" Aang called. Zuko stopped, and turned around. "Thank you for rescuing us~!"

I may have imagined it, but I thought Zuko gave us a slight nod.

X (Latvia POV)

England leaned against the tree trunk. "I'm worried about Peter," he said, and he whipped out a stick of chalk. "Maybe I can summon some help…"

Estonia gave Katara a 'just-go-with-it' look, and she decided not to ask.

England chalked a pentagram onto the tree, and began to chant. "Santa Rita Meta Maeta, Ringo Jonah Tito Marlin… Jack Latoya Janet Michel, Dumbledoa the Explor-"


"AAH!" England screamed. Sealand was right behind him, along with Sokka and Aang. "Where were you!?" England shouted, mainly at Sealand. "We've been waiting here for hours!"

"Well, we couldn't get all the way here!" Sealand snapped back.

"Oh? And why not?"

"Peter passed out," said Sokka. "So we had to rest for a while."

England seemed to accept this excuse, and gave Sealand one final look. "Just don't make me worry about you ever again," he said finally.

Aww… brotherly love…


Or not.


After we passed that area by, little did we know what the consequences of England's actions were…


[1] Sealand training Sokka like a sport: That's the impression I got.

[2] The knowing looks about Lithuania being Fire Nation- what do you think? Lithuania is Lithuania; he can't change his nationality at a drop of a hat… Sokka's choice of words were pretty ironic, weren't they?

[3] About katakana- Katakana is one of the Japanese alphabets. From my limited understanding of Japanese, katakana shows how kanji, or Chinese characters, are pronounced, and I think that it can replace kanji sometimes.

Yeah, that was Lithuania's Marukaite Chikuyuu he was singing. Let's say that nations can actually sing their character songs and have all the instruments from out of nowhere and stuff. The song he is talking about is 'Peace sounds nice', the Baltic character song.

[4] Borscht- I have never had it… at least I don't think I have. So I can't describe the taste.

[5] Bian Pao Fortress- Bian Pao is one word for Fireworks in Chinese.

Note- The reason why Latvia's legs healed in a few days instead of two weeks like I said was because the injury was so severe that it actually healed faster.

Sokka thinks that farming is easy, since he never had to. His worries were the cold and animals back in the South Pole, so he never really saw the hardships of sustenance farming. Still, I'm glad to give him an edge over the Benders.

First person who gets all the references gets a request! No… within reason, of course. No plot-changers. Actually, requests are gladly accepted! Don't be shy.

What did England do wrong? What are Zuko's feelings towards Team Avatar? And what will Iroh say when Zuko comes back late?